Burger King: Shield Spin Link Toy

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Burger King: Shield Spin Link Toy
Burger King Shield Spin Link Toy.jpg




Release Date

USA Flag 2002





Burger King



Fast Food Toys


  • This is one of the toys given away with kid's meals as part of a Nintendo promotion in Burger King in America back in 2002.
  • This toy featuring Link zooming across a platform, and spinning around to knock down the Business Scrub stands.
  • The complete set of these toy featuring Nintendo's best known characters such as Donkey Kong, Kirby, Link, Luigi, Mario, Peach, Wario, and Yoshi. Each toy is an interactive "game" that imitates scenes based on Nintendo video games.[1]
  • The complete set (10 toys) of these toys include:-
  1. Donkey Kong Time Racer
  2. Coin Collector Mario Sunshine
  3. Kirby Ball Toss
  4. Kirby Maze Adventures
  5. Shield Spin Link
  6. Hop & Slide Diddy Kong
  7. Soar & Chase Luigi
  8. Egg Hunter Yoshi
  9. Water Whirl Wario
  10. Race Around Peach & Bowser.
  • Each fast food toy comes packaged inside an opaque polybag to hide over 10,000 randomly-seeded GOLD toys. If a GOLD colored toy is found, fill out and send in the in-package confirmation form to win one of Nintendo's Game Cartridges for Game Boy Advance![2]
  • Individual Burger King Toys sell for $2.99, and complete set of 10 Burger King Toys sell for $19.99.