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Bulu is one of the Anouki in Anouki Village in Spirit Tracks.

Bulu is no different in appearance from an average Anouki, with no facial hair, and medium-sized horns. When Link first enters Anouki Village, he is requested by Honcho, the village elder, to pair the Anoukis together to form a village watch. The Anoukis must be paired with specific partners based on their preferences. Bulu dislikes Anoukis with facial hair, and considers them arrogant.[1]Due to these preferences, he must be paired with Yeko.


  1. "Hey there, pal. Name's Bulu! Whazzat? No, not Boohoo. Ugh. That gag's as old as the village honcho! Hmm? So you're the guy makin' pairs? You must be really bored--I mean, really nice to help us out with this! Just remember this! I can't stand Anoukis who grow out their facial hair. They think they're so great! I mean, who do they think they are! Bah!" — Bulu, Spirit Tracks.