Bubbling Lava

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This name is conjectural, decided by fans in lieu of an official source.
Bubbling Lava
Bubbling Lava.png
Bubbling Lava as it appears in Four Swords





Bubbling Lava is an enemy from Four Swords.


Four Swords

Bubbling Lava is an enemy that live in the depths of Death Mountain. It is a lava-like creature with face that will burst out from a pool of lava and try to attack Link. Link cannot harm it in any way, and the only effective manner of dealing with it is avoiding it at all costs. Making contact with it will harm Link, but he cannot counter it.

The Minish Cap

Bubbling Lava is an unused enemy that can be found in the game data of The Minish Cap that is similar to its Four Swords counterpart. Bubbling Lava's appearance is like its predecessor with no big distinctions between the two besides its flame being thinner. Unlike its predecessor, Bubbling Lava has its own smaller version called Small Bubbling Lava. This version is also unused, found in the game data. However, there is only one key difference between the two being their size.[1]