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Aya is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Aya can be seen sitting on a small wooden bench at the East Akkala Stable. She spends her entire time at the stable, day and night, sitting on the bench and starting out in the distance. She is a bit out of it, just daydreaming about a Blue Flame. There is initially an unlit torch found right beside her.

She says that life has been quite dull ever since she married into this family.[1][2] She used to spend her time, staring at torch that use to be lit with a blue flame.[3] She seems a bit worried the director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, as he is getting up there in age and maybe doesn't get out enough. He used to come by to keep the torch lit, but she's now a tad bit concerned as to why he has not been around.[4][5]

Aya explains that the Ancient Tech Lab was once a lighthouse, but it was remodeled sometime ago.[6]



  1. Hello! *sigh...* - Aya
  2. The blue flame... - Aya
  3. Oh, sorry! Guess I was daydreaming. Life has been so dull since I married into this family. I used to pass the time by staring at the lantern's blue flame... But the director at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab hasn't lit the fire in so long. - Aya
  4. Yes... Its director used to light the lanterns with a blue flame for his experiments. But he's getting up there in age now, so maybe he can't get out as often as he used to. - Aya
  5. What's wrong with the director? Why won't he light the lanterns with that beautiful blue flame again? - Aya
  6. I'm talking about the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab right up this road, if you haven't been. They remodeled it from an old lighthouse, so it's easy to spot. - Aya