Astral Observatory (Breath of the Wild)

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This article is about the final boss room from Breath of the Wild. For Professor Shikashi's location in Majora's Mask, see Astral Observatory.
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Astral Observatory

"This underground room is located directly beneath the throne room. It is said that the ancient Sheikah researched celestial bodies here. The half-dome walls are covered in constellations, with the lower portion painted with silhouettes of locations from across Hyrule."

Creating a Champion, page 254

The Astral Observatory is a room located deep within Hyrule Castle, under the Sanctum, in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Astral Observatory (Breath of the Wild) is where Link fights Calamity Ganon after the latter breaks free of the pod in the Sanctum where Zelda held him in near-stasis for a hundred years. It is covered with red dome walls and a black floor.