Armos Knight (A Link to the Past)

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Armos Knight


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"Armos Knights
Link discovers the Armos Knights in the last room of the Eastern Palace. Luckily, the wooden Arrows which he carries will pierce their armor. If he runs out of Arrows, the Sword is the only weapon he'll have to rely on. The last Knight will be more difficult to beat than the first five. Anticipate where the last Armos Knight will land and launch an Arrow in that direction. The Pendant of Courage will be Link's reward for overcoming the Armos Knights.

The Armos Knights are the Boss of the Eastern Palace, the first Dungeon in A Link to the Past. Later, the Armos Knights appear in Ganon's Tower as one of the three Mini-Bosses.

Boss Strategy

""Oh, no! Armos Knights!" Equip Link with his Bow and Arrows. Three carefully placed shots will take care of each of the first five Knights."

Once Link enters the room, the six Armos Knights start to jump around the room in many different formations. Link can attack the Armos Knights with his sword. However, it takes many hits for Link to destroy the Armos Knights due to sixteen hits or eight spin attacks with his sword required to defeat one Knight. Link can also defeat the Armos Knights by using the dungeon item obtained in the Eastern Palace, the Bow, which only takes three arrows to defeat a single Knight.

"The last Knight will not like the fact that you have defeated his cohorts. He's extremely angry. It will take more than three hits to fend off his attack."

Once Link defeats the fifth Armos Knight, the last Armos Knight turns red and starts jumping aggressively, trying to stomp on Link. Once Link defeats the last Armos Knight, he is rewarded with a Heart Container and the Pendant of Courage.