Ancient Sages

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Ancient Sages

The Ancient Sages are a group of mystical characters found in Twilight Princess. There are six of them; each represents a different element, including light, forest, fire, water, shadow, and spirit.[1]

First Encounter

They are first encountered immediately after Link has defeated Stallord, in the Mirror Chamber. They talk about how a "dark entity" lurks in the twilight,[2] and proceed to explain who they are; ancient sages who have guarded the Mirror of Twilight since ancient times at the command of the goddesses.[3] They continue by telling Link the Mirror of Twilight has been fragmented by Ganondorf.[4][5][6][7] They reveal a short history of Ganondorf: he was the leader of a band of thieves who attempted to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm,[8] but was subdued and brought to justice.[9] They then show Link a scene from when they attempted to execute him, but failed, do to the fact he had been blessed with the chosen power of the gods.[10] They show a scene of Ganondorf killing one of the Ancient Sages,[11] which, according to the broken symbol, was the Sage of Water. They conclude their speech by telling Link that each fragment lies hidden across Hyrule,[12] and then tells Link the locations of each fragment.[13][14][15]

Second Encounter

The second encounter of the Ancient Sages comes once Link has collected the final Mirror Shard from the City in the Sky. Once Link has warped to the Mirror Chamber, the Sages apologize to Midna for allowing Ganondorf to enter the Twilight Realm,[16] and further revealing Midna's status as the Twilight Princess.[17] This gets a lengthy explanation from Midna, which starts with her being surprised the Sages knew.[18] She continues by saying that because she fled her people she is not qualified to forgive the Sages for their wrong-doing.[19] She shows Link a scene of Zant placing a curse on her, changing her from her normal form to her current one. Also in this scene, she shows her placing the first part of the Fused Shadow on her head, along with a foul smile. She continues by explaining her motives in befriending Link: it was because in her world they believed the Hero would appear as a divine beast,[20] exactly as Link looked. She only cared about returning her world to normal.[21] She continues by telling Link that her motives changed once she saw the sacrifices Link and Zelda made.[22] She now understands that both worlds must be saved, not just hers.[23] She concludes by motivating Link to continue, not for her, but for Zelda and all of the Realm of Light.[24] The cutscene concludes with the Sages vanishing into thin air, which is also the last time they are seen.


  • The Ancient Sage that was killed by Ganondorf can be identified using the cracked symbol on its former pedestal. According to it, the Sage was the Sage of Water.



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