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1-2 Heart.png Energy Ball
1-4 Heart.png Contact


"Can you see through my power?!?"

— Agunima

Agunima is a mysterious wizard that appears in Oracle of Seasons as the mini-boss of the Dancing Dragon Dungeon, the fourth dungeon in Oracle of Seasons. Due to Agunima not being named in the English version of Oracle of Seasons, it is very common for him to be confused with Agahnim the Dark Sorcerer as both have similar appearances.

Agunima attacks by summoning copies of himself which send magic balls hurling at Link. These cannot be deflected. Agunima and his copies cannot be damaged, so in order to defeat Agunima, Link must light the torch in the middle of the room using Ember Seeds. This will reveal the real Agunima--the only one who has a shadow beneath him. Slashing at Agunima with the Sword and repeating the process outlined above defeats him and earns Link a Fairy, as well as a warp point that teleports Link to the beginning of the dungeon.