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L2 Challenge — Defeat 800 enemies in 10 minutes![edit]
  • Details
  • Search
"A" rank
  • 7 minutes or less
  • 4,000 or less damage taken
"A" rank victory
Heart Container (Sheik)
  • See the four columns of trees in the center? Use a candle on the lower tree in the third column.
Battle victory
Access Goddess's Harp on the batsTreasure
StageTemple of the Sacred Sword
ElementHyrule Warriors Element Fire.png Fire
Special Rule
After 100 KOs
After 200 KOs
After 300 KOs
After 400 KOs
After 500 KOs
After 600 KOs
After 700 KOs
  • Defeat 800 enemies within 10 minutes
  • When going for A Rank, try to avoid encountering any of the Manhandlas, as well as any of the enemy warriors. They are fairly slow, so running away to a new group of enemies isn't that difficult.
  • Take advantage of arrow or bomb upgrades from the keeps. Quick way to defeat many small enemies at once.
  • This is one of the best missions to farm dark materials.