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H11 Adventure — Defend the allied keeps! — lv.2[edit]
  • Details
  • Search
"A" rank
  • 1,200 or more KOs
  • 15 minutes or less
  • 4,000 or less damage taken
"A" rank victory
Sorceress Tome (Lana)
  • Use Digging Mitts on the green patch.
Battle victory
Access Hookshot the target at G11Treasure
Heart Container (Lana)
  • Capture Southwest Keep
StageSealed Grounds
Special Rule
  • Defend allied keeps and defeat the Enemy Forces.
  • Defeat the enemy commander.
  • Take out the Bombchu in the northwest first, followed by the one in the northeast, and finally the one in the southeast.
  • When the Rogue Stalmaster appears in the northwest, quickly run up to him to have him join your forces.