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A8 Challenge — Defeat 1000 enemies in 10 minutes![edit]
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Hyrule Warriors Adventure Map A8 Details.jpg
"A" rank
  • 7 minutes or less
  • 10,000 or less damage taken
"A" rank victory
Battle victory
Heart Container (Agitha)
Access Treasure
StageGanon's Tower
ElementHyrule Warriors Element Water.png Water
Special Rule
After 100 KOs
After 200 KOs
After 300 KOs
After 400 KOs
After 500 KOs
After 600 KOs
After 700 KOs
After 800 KOs
  • Defeat 1000 enemies in 10 minutes
  • Due to the short time limit, focus on the regular minions instead of the warriors.
  • If going for Agitha's Heart Container, spam her Y + Y + X combo.