A Link Between Worlds Text Dump

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This is not an official text dump, but rather a collection of text as played through the game until an official one becomes available.


Hey, Link!

Huh. Still Sleeping.


Come on! How long are you going to sleep, Link?

Do I have to wake you up every morning? I have chores to do!

I’ll be waiting outside, so get up-and let’s get going!

Papa was really angry. He said that you can’t be a blacksmith if you don’t get up at the crack of dawn!

Papa is steaming mad that you’re late again. C’mon, let’s get to his shop.

Oh, almost forgot! Don’t forget to check in here.

What do you mean, where?

With the weather vane here!

Always give that a spin when you pass by. That’ll let you save. Papa says you should always do that.

…Hmm. Not real sure what saving is.

I’m just a kid. Nobody tells me anything.

Anyway, I’m going to run on ahead. Catch up after you spin that vane, Link.

Sorry-you’ve gotta spin the vane! You don’t want my papa finding out that you didn’t save properly!

What are you doing? This is no time to go off on an adventure!

Where are you going? This is no time for wandering off!

Not that way, silly! What, you still half-asleep or something?

You’d better head inside. My papa’s waiting, Link!

Come on! There’s no time for wandering off now!

I think Papa might really have it in for you now, Link!

He really blew his stack! Maybe he’s cooled down by now. But, uh, I sorta doubt it!

Huh. You done already? You get off easy or something?

Hey, you’ve come to play with me, Link?

So did all those animals! They always come running when I show up.

They run off if anyone else comes along… I wonder why. The more the merrier-that’s what I think!

What? There are monsters on the prowl, so I should head home quickly? Oh, I’m not worried about that.

I’m sure I’ll be able to make friends with them too!

H-h-hey, is that really you, Link?

Wh-where am I? Wh-where’s my mama and papa?

Pffft…hahaha! Did you fall for it? I’m not scared! Why would I be? I’m a Sevensage!

Um, did I say that right? Whatever it is though, it sounds like a big deal!

So you’d better make sure you rescue all seven of us Sevensages. Wow, that’s really a mouthful!

If I’m a Sevensage and I’m stuck here, who’s gonna wake you up when you sleep late?

I guess you’d better save all seven of us Sevensages. Then maybe I can get out of here.

I don’t want my papa to yell at you for coming in to work late!

Wow, I just can’t believe it, Link!

You saved every Sevensage! My papa can’t call you lazy anymore.

But I bet he will anyway.


All right. So tell me, how’s that shield suit you, Captain?

I do what I can, Captain. Also helps that I have a good source of ore. That shield’s tougher than ever now.

Late again?!

Well, come on, get over here. Time to get to work, Link!


He’s gone off unarmed?

Lucky you. Instead of getting an earful, you’ve got an errand, Link.

Take that sword and hurry after the captain.

I put a lot of work into that sword. Get it to the captain, and make darn sure there’s not a scratch on it!

Come on, get with it! Take the sword!

Hurry-run after the captain. What now? Don’t know where to go?

Where else? He’s got to be headed back to Hyrule Castle!

You still groggy?

Fine, look, I marked it on your map, so get a move on!

Don’t think you’re off the hook for showing up late either. For now, just hurry after the captain.

Hey! You get that sword to the captain yet, Link?

What? He and Seres were turned into paintings?! You still asleep and dreaming or something?

Get it together!

Well, whatever. I’ve got something else on my mind. Have you seen Gulley anywhere?

Reason I ask is that people have been seeing monsters around here.

Gulley’s a chip off the ol’ block, so I’m not all that concerned. But the wife is. So, I’m worried for HER.

Yeah, there’s no reason to worry about Gulley. He’s just out playing, that’s all. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.

But you! Don’t just stand there. Get that sword to the captain. We don’t have all day!

Hey, Link!

You just going to stroll around the kingdom? We’ve got work to do!

C’mon…! Huh? What’s this about Sahasrahla and Princess Zelda? Wait, you met with the princess?!

You’d better not be pulling my leg. But if that’s true…? Then you’d better do what’s right by the princess.

Don’t worry about your work here. Just get to whatever business you’re involved in.

Oh, one more thing! Did you see Gulley anywhere? The wife is getting a bit frantic.

I’m sure she’s fussing over nothing. She’s pretty sensitive about stuff. Uh, just like Gulley, I guess.

Ever hear how animals really like him? Strange, that. But I bet that’s where he is now…out playing with critters.

Just do your duty for the princess, all right? Also, if you see Gulley, send him home.

That boy has always been a little different somehow. Animals love him to pieces.

He must’ve gotten that from his mother. Critters run when I come around.

Oh, Link.

The wife and I-we’ve searched everywhere for Gulley.

But he’s nowhere to be found… What if monsters got-? No, there’s no way. Not our little boy.

Tell me he’s going to be all right, Link!

S-sorry. Give me a second here, Link...

That sword! Where did you…?

Ah, I understand. I can tell just by the look of you. So, just know I’ll do anything to help.

Not that there’s much that I… Wait, I know exactly what I can do. That sword’s sharp, but I can sharpen it up MORE.

I’ll temper it for you if you bring me two chunks of Master Ore.

The only thing is that Master Ore is extremely rare. It’s not going to be easy finding some.

If you find two chunks of Master Ore, I’ll temper that sword of yours. Its blade will be even better.

Hey, did you find yourself a piece of Master Ore? How’d you manage that?

If you had one more piece, I could temper your sword. Its blade would be even MORE incredible.

I’ll need another chunk of Master Ore to temper your sword.

If you ever happen upon one, you bring it straight here, understood? I’ll make your blade sing.

Hey, just where have you been, Link?

Huh, you found my little guy? You rescued Gulley?! So, where did you find him?

I gotcha. Uh-huh. That poor guy. Well, as long as he’s safe and sound, I can finally breathe easy.

I can’t tell you how much-! Oh, never mind. Just thanks.

I’m real proud of how you’re shaping up here, Link.

All right then. Sorry about that, Link…

Hey there. You have two pieces of Master Ore, don’t you?

How about I temper that sword?


Right, let’s get started.

Not now

WHAT? Come on-a tempered sword is a BETTER sword. Well, all right. Suit yourself.

That Gulley…

He worried us so much… So much…

One moment.

Hmm. Impressive, if I say so myself. I doubt I’ll ever temper a blade so fine again in my life.

I know there are lots of things you’ve gotta do. Maybe this will help you out some?

That blade is a masterpiece. Don’t let that good sword go to waste.

That sword is my masterpiece! That blade couldn’t get any sharper. No way, no how.

Well, maybe if there was someone better at this than me. But I’m the best blacksmith in the world.

So that’s that.


What happened to that blade, Link?!

I’ve never seen the like! That blade looks like it could cut through just about anything!

I could never make such a blade. Not in my wildest dreams.

You’ll be unstoppable with that sword, and I know you’ll set things right here in Hyrule.

You’re the spitting image of the hero of legend!

Good luck, Link!

Hmm. So the master blacksmith is humbled by another’s work? I’ve gotta say that feels…

well, pretty great, actually.

Gives me something to shoot for. Yeah, I’m not going to try to be as good as whoever did that for you.

Someday I’m gonna be better.


Superb work as always. But I’d expect nothing less from a master.

I wouldn’t trust my gear with anyone else. No one can bring the best out of a sword quite like you.

So, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time that I forge ahead. Busy day.

Oh, who’s this? Well, well! If it isn’t Link.

Slept late again? You sure you’re cut out to be a blacksmith?

It’s not my business to say, but you’d better mend your ways, lad. There’s no future in being a layabout.

This is the painting of the captain that Yuga left on the wall!

Blacksmith’s Wife:

Oh my!

The captain left without taking his new sword.

Did you even have breakfast yet? Soon as you come back, I’ll make sure you eat before work!

Oh…and don’t fret about that sourpuss. I’m sure he’ll forget all about your sleeping late by the time you get back.

Now just be safe out there, and give our best to the captain.

Have you seen my little Gulley anywhere, Link?

I’m sure he’s just playing somewhere nearby. But people have been talking about…monsters.

If you happen to find him, tell him to hurry home, all right?

Yoo-hoooo! Gulley? It’s time to come home…!

He must not be able to hear me. Oh, I hope he hasn’t gotten himself lost in those woods down south…

What, he’s not here? He must be playing somewhere nearby.

Have you seen Gulley? I think he’s playing around here somewhere.

But I have the strangest feeling…like…oh, I don’t know. Call it a mother’s instinct.

Just keep an eye out for my little guy, OK, Link?

My little Gulley must be playing in the woods around here somewhere.

Oh, Link!

Have you seen Gulley in here?

W-wait! Did you just find that pouch?

Oh, my stars! Gulley had that!

I made it for you so you could carry more items. But he insisted on being the one who gave it to you.

If you found it here, then where is my Gulley? Oh, how awful!

I had better tell my husband. I’m sure we can find him somehow. We HAVE to!

But please-you should use that pouch so I won’t have to worry about YOU quite as much!


Where are you?!

My son’s got to be all right. He’s just GOT to be, Link!

I’m still terribly worried about Gulley, Link.

Wh-what did you say?

Oh… That’s good…! I’m so relieved…!

But he can’t come back yet? Well, that’s all right. So long as he’s fine.

I can’t let him see me like this, that I almost lost all-! But of course I knew he’d come back.

I’ll make his favorite dessert. I’ll have something so yummy waiting for him that he’ll know everything’s OK!

Next time you see him, let my boy know I’ll have his favorite dessert waiting for him when he comes home!


(music note) My hammer never misses whenever I work for the missus!

(music note) But my hammer’s always faster whenever it’s for the master!

The master makes me tack on that second verse there…

(music note) But my hammer rings so jolly whenever it’s for Gulley!

  • sigh* I’m worried about the boy. I hope he turns up soon…

Strange. We haven’t heard from the miner, Rosso, in a while.

We could get some good work done if we only had some of that nifty ore of his…

I wonder why we haven’t seen that ol’ Rosso in a while.

I hope that quake didn’t drop a bunch of ore on his head. Hey, you ever go to Death Mountain?

If you do, you should check out Rosso’s ore mine. You know, just in case.

What?! You saved little Gulley?

Maybe the missus will smile again and the master will go back to being…well, quiet. Hmm. Like his is now.

That’s just how I like it. But, uh, don’t go blabbing that, OK?

By the way, if you’re ever headed up Death Mountain, could you check on Rosso for me?

Hopefully he’ll be working away in his ore mine.

Can’t wait to see how this beauty’s going to turn out!

You’re really something! You saved Gulley AND Rosso? Seems like you’re a natural-born hero!

Hmm. The master was right all along. Diamond in the rough, I guess.

But don’t forget I’m still a smithy step above you!


I see…! I see…!

Ah, yes! I see that you’re here too early, Link…

I’ve got something to give you. But as a fortune-teller, you’ve got to trust me when I say this.

Come back when you’ve…bumped into the bunny.

Hmm. I hope that makes sense? If not, I’m sure it soon will!

How may I be of help?



You don’t seem to have enough Rupees. Come back when you do, and then I’ll be glad to tell your fortune.

Higgledy-piggledy! Porkety-florkety! Choppity…floppity…kerplop!

Oh, a sign from on high! I see it. All right, I’ll state it plainly…

I can see a man guarding the gate in front of Hyrule Castle…

You would do well to pay him a visit.

That concludes our session. Were you able to see the path you’ll take?

OK, that’ll be 20 Rupees.

Are you saying you have no interest in having your fortune told?

My fortunes can be worth their weight in gold. Especially when you’re feeling particularly stuck in your adventures.

Have you…bumped into the bunny yet? It’s in your future. Come back after that for a gift, OK?


Oh, you’re here already?

It’s fate that we have this little chat. But you’re a whole TWO seconds early, Link.

I can see the future in my crystal ball. And I have seen that there is a gift in your near future.

Very near. As in…NOW!

Those are the Hint Glasses. Don’t be fooled by the slightly silly appearance, Link.

Those glasses allow the wearer to behold things amazing and strange!

For if you’re in a place where you feel hopeless and stuck, look at the world through those glasses.

You may just catch a glimpse of the Hint Ghost.

Such ghosts give you tips and tricks from the great beyond. They can put you back on the right path.

So when in doubt, look to the other side with those glasses.

Would you like to see the power of the Hint Glasses in action?

There’s a cave near my shop. Put on the Hint Glasses there!

I am a reader of fortunes, and I see your future. I’ll tell you what’s to come for 20 Rupees.

Tell me

No, thanks

I see a courtyard at Hyrule Castle…Ah, and a soldier guarding the passage that leads inside.

I suggest that you speak with him.

Ah! I see Kakariko Village, just south of my house! You should visit the house on the hill above the village.

I saw ruins east of Hyrule Castle. Why don’t you try heading there?

What’s this? The crystal ball has shown me a symbol. Ah, it’s Bow-Icon.png.

Remember it, for that symbol will be useful to you.

I see a palace slightly northeast of a passage opened using a bow.

I’d suggest you go through that passage to the palace.

I see two paths before you…Which would you like to ask about?

Tower of Hera

I see a house in the foothills of the mountain, north of the Blacksmith. Why not visit that house?

I see a cave blocked by rocks near the house of Rosso the miner. I’d suggest that you investigate that spot.

You must make your way to the other side of a long tunnel that had been blocked by rock.

I see that if you make your way through it, you will be able to climb high atop the mountain.

Do I see…a tower? Yes, yes…I do! It’s high atop the mountain. Try to reach it.

And I see boulders making that very difficult. You may need to use your special ability to avoid them.

House of Gales

I see those who live surrounded by water… Ah, the Zoras, of course. To reach them, you must first pass by the Witch’s House far to the northeast of Hyrule Castle.

And I see also…That your unique ability will be essential for going the final distance to reach them.

I see a waterfall far north of the Witch’s House…

Ah, and I see a cave hidden behind that waterfall…and there live the Zoras. Pay them a visit.

Searching for something? I don’ t need to consult the crystal to figure that out. Where is it, you ask?

For that, we will need to ask our friend here.



I see a merchant in Kakariko Village… Ah, the one who sells his wares out in the square!

He has… Hmm, what do I see…? Oh, a strange stone! I’d say you should go speak with him about that.

I see someone in dire need of the stone the village merchant was selling…

Oh, I see who it is! The queen of the Zoras! I suggest you go see her.

I see an island on the lake in the southeast…and on it, a house with a windmill.

I’d suggest that you attempt swimming to that house.

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

I see the woods due north of Kakariko Village… I’d suggest that you explore there.

I see… I see…? Wait. I see that you haven’t yet gone to Hyrule Castle to slash through that evil barrier!

Please-you have the sword you need, so make your way there to do that!

I see that our princess has been transformed into a portrait…! And I see the fiend who did it…!

He awaits you in Hyrule Castle, so fight your way through all his soldiers to the very top!

Hint Ghost:

The Hint Ghost is studying its book.

Hint Ghosts and Play Coins

Your system will give you a Play Coin for every 100 steps you take.

You can get 10 Play Coins a day, and you can hold a maximum of 300.

If you find yourself stuck on a puzzle, a Hint Ghost will give you a hint in exchange for a Play Coin.

But you probably won’t ever need to do that…right?

Would you like to offer 1 Play Coin? Remember, once you give it up, you can’t get it back.


Never mind

Looks like you don’t have any Play Coins!

If you’d like a hint, you’ll need to walk around with your system to save up Play Coins.

Hmm. What does my book say about this large boulder here…?

Aha! Here’s the tip! To move it, you will need the Titan’s Mitt!

The Hint Ghost goes back to its book.

If you summon the courage to plunge into the well, you will find a piece of heart.

In order to clear away the rocks that are blocking the path to the mountain, you will need the Power Glove.

To get into the area surrounded by trees, go around the north side and then merge with the wall.

You can drive the stakes into the ground with the hammer.

In order to lift large rocks, you will need the Titan’s Mitt.

A piece of heart is hidden under the Graveyard.

To find it, you’ll have to shove a grave aside to get down there… Wait, have you done that already?

Anyway, once you’re down there, you can reach that piece of heart if you merge into a certain wall.

With the bow, you can hit the switches that are on pedestals.

You can get a bottle from the bird lover who lives under this bridge.

You can damage the wall up ahead with a bomb. Go through the opening to collect a piece of heart.

Take the letter in a bottle to the Milk Bar, and then head to the east side of Death Mountain.

You can get a bottle from someone on the upper slopes there.

Win the Hyrule Hotfoot race to receive a piece of heart.

If you complete the Rooster level in Dodge the Cuccos, you’ll get a piece of heart.

If you aim for a high score and give it your best shot, you just might obtain a piece of heart.

Use the Power Glove to move the rocks out of the way. You might just find a piece of heart.

Use the hammer to drive the stakes into the ground.

Ah yes…Use your bow and aim for the switch!

Let’s see… It says here to take aim with your bow and go for the switch on the opposite path…

Oh, right! If you step on this here hidden switch, the door will open!

Here you’ll need to look left when the platform is down! When the platform is up, look to the right!

Aim for the switches with your trusty bow.

The floor sections stay down for as long as the switches are active!

Hmm. When the platform is down, you should be able to enter the room to the south!

Oh, right! The path to the room to the south is under the raised platform!

That’s right! If you step on the switch, you’ll see a new way up! You’ll need to take it in a hurry, though!

Ah yes, yes… Simply step on this switch to make the stairs slide into the wall. So crafty!

There’s another switch hidden under the stairs! Don’t miss that!

Got it! Just aim for the far switches from in front of the large door with the bow!

Aim for the other switches from the top of the platforms!

Let’s see, let’s see… Corner enemies that dodge your sword attacks against the wall, and then slash them!

Or you could just shoot them with your bow and make your life so much easier.

OK, so use your bow, and take aim at the lower switches.

Aim for the higher ones from the platforms!

It says here that one of the keys to protecting yourself from arrows is good shield technique!

A treasure chest will appear in this room if you defeat all the enemies… But you didn’t hear that from me.

Hm… Ah, here it is! If you go around the outer walls to the other side, you can get to the lower floor!

Oh yes, this is good! If you can’t walk on a floor, try merging with a wall!

If you find yourself standing on air…hurry to the other side!

It says here that when revolving walls connect, you can merge into one wall to move to the other wall!

You’ll be able to reach the far side if you become a painting and merge with the wall.

If you enter the waterfall up ahead, you will find a piece of heart.

Zora’s Domain is located behind the waterfall up ahead.

It looks like you’ll need the Tornado Rod to ride the windmill’s air current here.

It says if there is a gap in the floor, you may have to use the wall to find a way around.

Oh, yes! Remember that Fire Bubbles can’t float once they’ve lost their flames.

Don’t forget you can enter and move along walls that are in motion too.

Apparently, it’s OK to hit far switches with projectiles.

Aha! It looks like you can use the Tornado Rod to continue on.

Apparently there is a switch that will stop the wind. It’s just north of here.

Remember that flames can be put out with the Tornado Rod.

Yes, yes… You’ll be able to reach the platform to the west if you merge with the wall here.

Aha! If the wind is blocking you, try moving along the walls!

Hmm. What’s this? Light all the sconces. Well, that’s that.

Hmm. Looks like you should use the Tornado Rod to transfer between platforms.

If you aim for a high score and give it your best shot, you just might obtain a piece of heart.

Merge into the wall to move on from here. Reach the depths of the lower cave for a piece of heart.

Use the hammer to bash the stakes in front of you.

Deep in the depths of the cave, there is a raised platform. You can find a piece of heart there.

Hm… If you were to smash those snickering faces with a hammer, you might be smiling yourself!

If you smash those laughing faces and then hop on top of them, you could fly to higher ground!

If you merge into a wall and go along the blue pillars, you can hit the switch and continue on!

OK, when the red pillars are in the floor, stand on top of them and hit the blue switch!

If a wall is in the way, try merging and becoming a wall painting to continue onward!

Ah yes! Stand on top of the blue pillars, and move along the wall. You’ll be able to sneak through that window!

It says: use your hammer to smash the floor in the upper-left corner to get to the floor below…

Of course! If you just hit each of the four switches, the round face will descend, allowing you to elevate!

Oh, that’s right! Just smack the red part of the tail.

You can also use a hammer to knock him silly for a second… But don’t tell anyone I told you that one.

Aha! Well, it says here that you can beat soldiers throwing spears from above by merging with the wall.

Even if the Hylian Shield gets eaten by a monster, it won’t be destroyed.

Try setting a bomb at the back door of this house. You should find a bottle back there.

Bring the Big Bomb Flower here. The boomerang might prove useful too.

If you can break the large rock, water around the entrance will drain away. Then use the Hookshot!

Aim to score 100 Rupees or more at Octoball Derby. You’ll get a piece of heart if you manage that!

If you aim for a high score and give it your best shot, you might get a piece of heart.

Follow the narrow path up ahead carefully for a piece of heart.

You will need bombs to progress beyond this point.

If you go south from here, there’s a building shaped like the letter “n.” Merge there to get a piece of heart!

Use a Cucco to fly from high places!

His shield looks like a wall doesn’t it? Maybe you could treat it like a wall…

Just lower the bars, why don’t ya! Then you could move the statue, yah?

All right, so right switch first. Then put a bomb on the conveyor belt, and BOOM! Get the left one. I think…?

If you take a swipe at this guy, he’ll turn into a bomb! Then you could use him to blow a hole in the wall! BOOM.

Well…hm. You can merge into walls? Then you can knock this over, right?

Ya know what? I think maybe there’s a huge treasure chest up this way…

You can reach the top of the bridge via Hyrule.

If you use the Sand Rod in Hyrule, you may be able to reach a piece of heart.

If you’re trying to get to Desert Palace, then head west and use the Sand Rod.

To get to Desert Palace, just enter the fissure west of here.

The Desert Palace is farther north. If you fall, you will have to go back to the start, so be careful!

Remember that you can always merge into the sand pillars made with the Sand Rod.

I guess I should point out that the beams won’t hit you if you merge into a wall.

Ah. Have you tried raising that statue with the Sand Rod?

So…it looks like you can dig that guy out of the ground by using the Sand Rod.

Yes, yes… So if you’re wearing the Titan’s Mitt, you can lift large rocks, you know?

Head left, create a sand pillar, merge with it, and then move behind the sand spout…

Let’s see… Can you make a couple of pillars with the Sand Rod that those iron balls could roll over?

Oh, of course! Have you tried lifting him up with the Sand Rod?

Well, it says here that you can use his own beam to activate the switches!

Once you defeat the enemies, hurry across before the pillars you made with the Sand Rod crumble.

Ah, yes… Since you can’t be in two places at once, maybe you can use a bomb as a stand-in!

Ah, that’s right. You are looking for a bright idea… Go to the window and throw a bomb!

This one gives me the chills! If you’re afraid of the dark, just light the sconces with a lamp.

Sometimes the most direct path between two points is actually a two-dimensional line!

Heh heh. Let’s see. Have you thought about using a bomb to make that next breakthrough?

Ah yes… You know, sometimes the floor falling out from beneath you can led to a real breakthrough?

Ah, right. This was a fun one! Throw bombs to activate the two switches! Be quick, though!

The wall to the south of the moving platform may need a well-placed bomb!

It says here that a net can get you a net gain of a fairy!

Net gain! Ha! Hey, do me a favor. Leave the lights on when you go. This place is scary, even to ghosts!

Yes, this one was quite difficult. It says that the key to getting what you want is in taking a fall from above…

Oooh, heh heh! You can see the white ones when the room is bright and the dark ones when the room is not!

Careful with the lamp, though. You can still only see half of what you need to…

Ah, right! Only if you darken the room will you be able to see the walls.

And if you look closely, you can see something in those walls that will help you slip in and out freely…

Heh heh, yes. A good one. Try a bomb to activate the trio of switches!

Ooh, yes! That’s right! In order to open the path, you must be bright enough to blind all four eyes.

Right, now I remember. If these things want to mimic your movements, see if there’s a way to get rid of them!

Well, this seems simple enough. Merge and make your way along the wall to get close to that eye.

Well, according to this, you’ll need to darken the room to see where you’re going. How does that work…?

Oooh, yes! I remember this one. Isn’t it weird to feel like every move of yours is being mirrored?

Your sword won’t work on the red ones, though. Hmm. I’m sure other weapons could work. Try bombs?

Oh yes, yes… There was something a bit strange about that wall to the south. Try a bomb!

You can melt ice using the Fire Rod.

Heh heh. This is one of my favorites. If you pull the tongue, something will happen. That’s it!

Oh yes! It says here that you need to melt the icicles! Melt them all! Just go for it!

OK, so… Hmm. Have you tried lighting all the lanterns? Just a thought.

Heh heh. This is a fun one. If there is no floor, all you can do is fall. Think about that!

Yes…here it is. Light the lantern. That’s all it says.

Right, right! That’s it. See if you can melt the ice from an elevated spot using the Fire Rod.

Apparently you need to light this lantern from an elevated place using a Fire Rod. Do you have one of those?

Oh, actually I didn’t need to look up this one. See, even if the thin ice cracks, it will reappear shortly.

Of course! If you can somehow fill in the hole, you can find a way to light the lantern!

Aw, are you afraid of the dark…? Why not try lighting the sconces with your lamp?

Well, if you don’t wanna get caught, why not merge into the wall?

OK, I got an idea. How about you put those stone statues on the switches, and then move along the wall?

Lemme see… Have you thought about using something or someone else to activate that other switch?

Well, let’s see… Try fitting the eyeball onto the pedestal. See what that does.

Aha! So, you need to get your hands on that eyeball!

Try heading back outside and dropping down through that hole.

So…if you want to get to that big chest, go out, drop back in, and see if merging into a wall does the trick!

The piece of heart that you can see over there can be picked up on your way through the dungeon.

There is a baby turtle up ahead who is afraid of heights.

You can temporarily freeze lava using the Ice Rod.

Let’s see. It looks like you harden the lava with an Ice Rod. And then maybe you can cross!

Aha! Aim for the middle of the seesaw with an Ice Rod! Once it’s frozen, go for a walk! A careful one!

Oh, that’s right! You can freeze lava jets with an Ice Rod. Then try doing a wall crawl!

So…if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned! Cool them off with an Ice Rod, and then attack!

Use the switch in the western room to open a route to the eastern room!

Use the switch in the eastern room to open a route to the south room!

The flames those things put out can be blocked by a Hylian Shield. You can also harden them up with an Ice Rod!

It says here that you’ll need an Ice Rod to take out those jiggly things. Fire them up and attack!

It says here that if you defeat the Wizzrobes, pillars will rise from out of the lava!

I got it! If you ride up the pillars, you might be able to reach the door by going along the wall!

Aha! It looks like you can pull that switch over there with your Hookshot!

Oh yes… If you’re looking for a way to get to that big treasure chest, maybe you should raise the water level!

OK, I remember this one. Just get on the raft and aim your Hookshot!

Lo and behold, there are switches in here! …Hm. That’s all it says.

I see… You should be able to reach the switch with a Hookshot!

Well, I hope this is helpful. There’s a big treasure chest in the room north of here.

Apparently you can turn the valve by pulling on either side of it.

That’s right. Remember you can use your Hookshot anytime you see a wooden wall!

Ah, this is an interesting one… Have faith, and just jump. Easier said than done, right?!

Let’s see… Get the iron ball from the north to follow you! If you pull the statue to the side, it’ll move!

OK, just enter the pillar that pops up and go around. Does that make sense?

Lead the iron balls that come out from the north wall over here.

From the passage on the right, keep raising the neighboring pillars on the left.

You’ll be able to lead it all the way here if you merge into the wall at one point.

It says: leave a bomb at the base of the switch, and then…RUN!

Oh yes… Throw a bomb up on the platform. Hurry over to the red block on the left… and cover your ears!

Throw a bomb to the right. Then just go around along the wall!

Oh, that’s right. You need to destroy it with a big bomb.

Heh heh, right. Extinguish the flames and memorize the path. Then light them back up and go!

OK, so…have you thought about using the Hookshot to flip the switch? Just a thought.

Ooh, this is a fun one! All you need to do is lure a Wallmaster over the switch!

Place a statue on one switch. When the Wallmaster hits the other one, you step on the third!

Oh, of course! The Hookshot can grab that eyeball from the right platform.

Street Merchant:

Oh, please forgive me, but I’m still getting everything ready for my new outdoor shop. Please stop by later!

I’m still quite busy setting up shop. Please come back later.

Oh, a customer! Don’t be shy. Come on over.

Welcome, welcome! If you would like something, just stand next to it and press (A button).

That’s a heart. If you’re feeling weak, that’ll get you up and running again. How about 10 Rupees for one?



Thank you! Come back soon.

All right. Another time then.

But you don’t have a scratch on you! I think I’ll save these precious hearts for someone who needs them.

That’s a bottle. Useful for storing a bunch of things. How about 100 Rupees for it?



Oh, I’m sorry, but you don’t have enough Rupees for that.

Just browsing? Of course.

A bottle doesn’t look like much, but it’s handy to get as many as you can.

Wish I had more to sell you. Sorry to say that’s all I had in stock.

Good news! I have some new stock that may interest you. Please come take a look.

Have you seen this rare stone? Smoother than silk! Go on! Feel it!

Just touching such a treasure will make your skin happy all over!

Ah, yes! A gemstone of remarkable quality. Smooth as silk!

And for you? Only 200 Rupees! Interested, my friend?



Sorry to see it go, actually. I just couldn’t stop touching that smooth, smooth stone.

Oh, it’s so VERY smooth! I shouldn’t have let it go at such a bargain.

Just let me know if you see something you like by standing next to it and pressing (A button).

Shady Guy:

Listen, kid. I didn’t do it. Whatever it was. So just leave me alone, OK?

Youch! Watch where you’re going!

Wait a second. You’re that kid who was giving me the evil eye back in the village!

What are you doing in a place like this?

Outta my way!

What? YOU again?! You banged into me at the Zora cave!

Who’s there?!

Y-y-you! Where’d you come from?


Huh? I had no idea that stone was that precious.

I knew that gemstone would fetch a high price.

I-I’m sorry. I already sold it. To that guy over there.

I already spent all the money I got from selling that darn stone.

I couldn’t help taking it. My boots help me run so fast that I’ve been stealing everything that isn’t nailed down!

But here, you take these boots. I can tell that you won’t abuse their power. I hope they fit.

Press (L button) for a little while, and you’ll be able to break out into a mad dash.

Those boots take some getting used to, but you’ll figure it out.

Man, did that stone ever feel smooth. I tell you, smooth as a-! Ugh, I gotta forget about that thing!


Why, hello! Lovely day, isn’t it, Link?

Did you oversleep again? I head your master shouting about it way over here!

So… I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately. I’ve been hearing the strangest little cries from my roof.

I’ve never heard anything like it before. It’s keeping me up all night.

Have you heard those strange little sounds coming from my roof? I wonder what’s making that noise.

The village is really bustling today, don’t you think? I think I’ll stay inside where it’s nice and quiet!

Remember those strange little cries I was hearing from my roof?

Well, can you believe it? Those sounds stopped!

What? You took some creature off of it? Thanks, Link!

Now I can get a good night’s rest again. Please take this reward.

How strange… I miss those little cries coming from my roof. It was a sweet sound, now that I think of it.

Young Woman:

Some naughty child grabbed one of my Cuccos. He probably wanted to jump off a roof with it.

Gliding with a Cucco is fun, but I can’t stand it when kids take MY Cuccos!

If you jump from a really high place while holding a Cucco, it’s almost like you can fly!

I can’t believe how that quake shook everything…! I hope my Cuccos aren’t too stressed by all this!

Oh! Don’t forget to eat a good breakfast. Cucco eggs are the best way to start a day!

It's awful–just AWFUL. People are going missing across the kingdom! Oh, I can’t bear to think of it!

What if my Cuccos vanished? Now that would be truly dreadful!

Cucco Girl:

Well, I’ll be. A customer! Sorry, but we’re still setting up for the day.

The Cuccos are still waking up. How about you come back later?

Welcome to the Cucco Ranch!

Come to play with our cutesy little Cuccos? Sure you have! Want to play right away?

       Of course

I just knew you wanted to play! The Cuccos will be pleased as punch. Now, the rules are simple.

You go into that enclosure up there, and then try to dodge the Cuccos that come flying at you for 30 seconds.

Since you’re still wet behind the ears, let’s start you at Egg level.

Since you’re a Cucco novice, let’s start you out at Egg level, shall we?

If you can dodge all of the Cuccos for 30 seconds, I'll give you a special prize!

Which level do you want to try?

You ready? In that case…

Whoa, nicely done! Here’s your prize-40 Rupees!

Aww, that’s a shame! Another (x) seconds and you would have won! I’ll hold on to that prize.

Try again?

One more time

All right, try your best!

No more

The Cuccos say thank you for playing! Come again sometime.

Wanna try again?


Since you’re a Cucco novice, let’s start you out at Egg level, shall we?


Oh, that’s a darn shame… The Cuccos and I will be waiting!

You’re no fledgling, that’s for sure! The Cuccos are hopping happy! Here’s your prize-60 Rupees!

Which level do you wanna play on?


Endless level? The one where you keep dodging and dodging to see how long you can keep it up for?

Got 10 Rupees to spare?


All right, try your best!



Rooster level is much trickier! Wanna play? Just 50 Rupees.




Chick level is 30 Rupees. Wanna play?



Egg level is 20 Rupees. Wanna play?


All right, try your best!


Oh, that’s a darn shame… The Cuccos and I will be waiting!

       Another time

Oh, that’s a darn shame… The Cuccos and I will be waiting!

Good gosh! That sure was some serious dodging there! I guess even Rooster level was too easy.

Well then, I’ll prepare a special challenge for you next time.

Oh, before I forget, here’s your prize. A whole 150 Rupees!

And since you made the Cuccos SO happy by playing with them, here’s a special thank-you gift!

Oh, you don’t have enough Rupees…The Cuccos will be upset to hear it!

Stop right there!

The clock shows (x) seconds! Your best so far was (x) seconds!

That was a powerful display there! Still, until you can go for 100 seconds, I’ll be keeping the prize.

Whooie! That was some spectacular footwork!

By the looks of it, you can take on bigger challenges than that. Your prize is 100 Rupees!

Wow, oh, wowie-wow! You dodged every single Cucco? You know what that makes you?

The Cuccomaster!

Rupee Rush Gal:

Ready to rush?

Aw, sorry. Actually, we’re not open yet, you cute li’l thing, you.

But don’t you worry. Rupee Rush will be open quicker than two shakes of a Cucco’s tail feathers!

Welcome to Rupee Rush!

You have 30 seconds from the start to grab as many Rupees as you can!

If your time exceeds 30 seconds, you forfeit all the Rupees you collected, so speak to me before then, OK?

But here’s the twist…

There’s no timer!

Do you want to play Rupee Rush?

It’s 50 Rupees for one go!


Talk to me within 30 seconds, or I’ll take back all the Rupees you pick up. Good luck rushing for Rupees!


Come play whenever you feel like it. I’ll be waiting.

Huh? You forget to grab some Rupees or something?

Come back sometime! I’ll be waiting!

Hold on just a second there. You didn’t really push it out there. No risk, no reward.

I’ll be taking back those Rupees you collected. Next time, try to rush for at least 20 seconds, OK?

And the results are in! Drumroll, please…

That was so ultra out there! That’s the first time I’ve seen someone cut it that close.

It was great watching you at work. So I got you a super-special bonus!

Wait a second… Isn’t that a new record?

Hey, you got such a high score! Take this piece of heart as a prize!

Your best score so far is (x) Rupees, OK?

You’re pretty good! You’re close to the end there, so I’m giving you a bonus!

I think maybe you rushed too much. You could have taken more time!



Hey, guy. You seem like you get around a lot. Don’t forget to do your stretches, OK?

What, it’s not your stretches that are troubling you? Then it must be that building over there, right?

Huh, whaddya mean, which one? The one with the windmill. You can see it if you use (d-pad)!

Say again? You can't see it? Then you'd better get to stretchin'! I mean with your thumb. Stretch it to the left, then the right, and when it's good and limber... then press + both > and v at once.

There's no way to get to that windmill place by land. So that's why I learned to swim. Now I can get there anytime—as long as I keep up with my stretching.

You can swim across to reach that building, but you can't get in. Ah, but don't give up now! Maybe you just need to stretch some more?

Hey, have you been swimming around? Well done, guy! But have you tried diving yet? Just keep up with your stretching, and you'll be ready for anything in the water!

Great Fairy:

I will soothe your wounds and provide comfort. Close your eyes and relax…

Great Rupee Fairy:

Throw Rupees into the fountain?

Throw 50

Throw 200

Don’t throw any

May good fortune find you…

Your thoughts are still appreciated.

I thank you for your small kindness.

A small token of gratitude.

Thank you for all you’ve done.

Your generosity fills my heart.

You have done a lot for my fountain. Thank you… Please, do not stop now!

I have grown much. Thanks to you.

Let me give you this bottle. May it prove useful in your travels.


Aha! A customer? Tell me what I can do for you, child.

Anything else you need?

Just a hello

I want to buy

Selling stuff


What a polite young man you are! And to a witch as old as I am? You don’t see that much these days.

Here-have a sip of this potion I’m brewing up if you’d like.

I keep myself busy with my potions, or else I find myself fussing over my granddaughter Irene too much.

So I end up making more potion than I could ever possibly sell. Why don’t you have some, you nice boy?

Welcome! Why don’t you have some of my potion?

These are my deluxe potions. But I’ve been having trouble getting the right ingredients lately…

I can only make you red potion for now. That is, unless you bring me the necessary bits and pieces.

Press (A button) in front of the potion you’d like to by to find out which ingredient it uses.

Kee hee hee!

I only buy some potion ingredients. Have you any monster guts or monster horns? It seems not.

What would you like to sell to me?


Ah, interested in some of my red potion, are you?

It’ll cost 50 Rupees. Want some?


There. Lovely!


Sorry. I can’t give you any unless you have a bottle.

Well now, you’d like some of my blue potion?

To make that potion, I’ll need 10 monster tails.

Once you have that, I’ll be glad to brew you some blue potion.

Ah, you’d like a little of my yellow potion?

To brew up that potion, I’ll need 10 monster horns.

Once you have that, I’ll be glad to make you some yellow potion.

Oh, so you’d like some of my purple potion?

Well, to make that potion, I require 10 monster guts.

Once you have that, I’ll be glad to stir up some purple potion.

You don’t have enough Rupees, dear. Come again when you do.

Sorry, but you don’t have an empty bottle for my potion.

I filled your bottle as full as full gets!

Oh, heavens! My dear grandchild Irene was snatched!

It happened so fast! Some awful man came through, very full of himself and transformed her into…a painting!

I-I-I was flummoxed! I just stood there helpless! Oh, my dear granddaughter-GONE!

And she’d just been saying how she’d made a new friend of late…

I know, I know… This isn’t the time to be mixing potions like nothing’s wrong…

But I just can’t calm down if I’m not keeping busy…

Heh hee hee! Have you something to tell me?

What! You saved my Irene? Wonder of wonders, is it possible?

That dear girl. No matter what trouble she gets herself into, she always bounces back with a smirk on her face.

My granddaughter and I will be forever indebted to you.

Speaking of bouncing back, don’t forget about my potions. I’d hate for you to fall in battle out there!


Ever stop to think how many times we just pass right on by people on the street? You know, all our life?

Well, I know a secret that will make passing by people a lot more fun.

Because I am in the business of introducing people such as yourself to StreetPass!

Hm… It looks like you don’t have a sword of your own yet.

You need a sword for StreetPass. Sorry. I don’t make the rules. Come back once you get your own sword.

You haven’t tagged any Shadow Links via StreetPass, so I didn’t put any signs in the field.

Your Shadow Link is currently being sent out like this.

Change your settings?


Keep as is

You’ve changed your settings a bit. Want to save those changes?

Want me to tell you all about StreetPass battles?



You can battle players you’ve tagged with StreetPass!

Their characters become Shadow Link characters in this world. Once they appear, you can then battle them.

The only items you can use are those you have selected before you begin battle with the Shadow Link.

Don’t worry-your hearts will be fully restored before and after battle.

And no matter whether you win or lose the fight, you’ll leave with the items you battled with.

So in battling Shadow Links, you have nothing to lose…and EVERYTHING to gain.

Select Setup to create your own Shadow Link character that will be sent out to others in StreetPass.

Oh-there’s one more thing to know. The name you chose will be shown to others via StreetPass.

Keep that in mind if you choose to send your Shadow Link to others.

Any other StreetPass tasks I can help you with?


I’ll need to save your game first… Is it okay to save now?


All right. I’ve saved your settings.

Even if you stop playing this game, StreetPass will continue to function automatically.

Just make sure to push the wireless switch to enable wireless communication.

And with that, your StreetPass is all set up.

When you tag someone via StreetPass, I’ll put a sign up here in this field. Come take a look from time to time.

Today is a day for the history books.

Why? Because you are making your StreetPass debut!

I’d like to commemorate this special occasion with a gift.

That gift is…an apple tree!

I’ll plant it in the garden near your house. Go take a look at it when you get a chance.


All right, we won’t do that then.


1. Win your first battle!

2. Win 5 times!

3. Win 10 times!

4. Win 20 times!

5. Use the lamp to deal the final blow!

6. Use the super lamp to deal the final blow!

7. Use the bow to deal the final blow!

8. Use the nice bow to deal the final blow!

9. Win while using the boomerang!

10. Win while using the nice boomerang!

11. Win while using the Hookshot!

12. Use the Nice Hookshot to deal the final blow!

13. Use the hammer to deal the final blow!

14. Use the nice hammer to deal the final blow!

15. Use a bomb to deal the final blow!

16. Use a nice bomb to deal the final blow!

17. Use the Fire Rod to deal the final blow!

18. Use the Nice Fire Rod to deal the final blow!

19. Use the Ice Rod to deal the final blow!

20. Use the Nice Ice Rod to deal the final blow!

21. Win while using the Tornado Rod!

22. Use the Nice Tornado Rod to deal the final blow!

23. Win while using the Sand Rod!

24. Win while using the Nice Sand Rod!

25. Use the net to deal the final blow!

26. Use the super net to deal the final blow!

27. Win while wearing the Hint Glasses!

28. Win after drinking a red potion!

29. Win after drinking a blue potion!

30. Win while under the effect of a yellow potion!

31. Use a purple potion to deal the final blow!

32. Win after drinking some milk!

33. Win after using a fairy!

34. Use a bee to deal the final blow!

35. Use a golden bee to deal the final blow!

36. Win after eating an apple!

37. Win after eating a green apple!

38. Win while using a Foul Fruit!

39. Win while using a shield!

40. Win while using a Hylian Shield!

41. Use the Pegasus Boots to deal a dash attack final blow!

42. Use a spin attack to deal the final blow!

43. Use a sword beam to deal the final blow!

44. Use the level 3 Master Sword to deal the final blow!

45. Win after using Ravio’s bracelet!

46. Win without taking damage!

47. Win without taking a single step!

48. Win within 10 seconds!

49. Win without using (X button) or (Y button)!

50. Win without using (B button), (X button), or (Y button)!



I see…That’s a shame.

If you ever feel like hearing about StreetPass, come back and talk to me again.

Looks like there’s a sign up for a new Shadow Link you tagged via StreetPass. It’s blinking green.

It has information about the Shadow Links you tagged, so you should go look at it sometime.

Well done. It looks like you've finally completed all the challenges.

You're only the second person who's ever done that.

Want to know who the first person to do it was?

       I do

You do, do you?

Well then. Want to try your hand at battling that Shadow Link?


I see... Then I'm going to give this everything I've got!

       Not Really

I lost...

I'm glad to know there are still heroes as strong as you in this world.

By the way, do you want to know why the reward for defeating me is so...modest?


Well, you see...the Rupee reward you receive for defeating a Shadow Link comes out of my own pocket.

Yep, I started offering a prize because I wanted to meet someone stronger than myself.

I thought if a powerful Shadow Link yielded a hefty reward, worthy challengers would appear.

But I had a hard time deciding how many Rupees to give to fighters who defeated me...

Ha! I'm not so bold as to put a high price on my head. That's why the reward is so meager.

Now, putting that aside...

Would you like to battle again?


I see... That's a shame.

If you ever feel like fighting, come talk to me again.


No ordinary fellow could've completed all of those challenges.

Do you want to try battling me again?



Oh, it’s you, Link!

Here at the Graveyard to pay your respects? This early? You’re a strange one, Dampe thinks.

Coming and going! Going and coming! The captain stops by here more than anyone…

You think he wants to yak with the priest? No, sir-just makin’ excuses to see Seres there.

She hasn’t got a clue, either. But I s’pose that’s what’s so lovely about Seres. Carefree as a bird…

But ol’ Dampe sees more’n people think. Like those paintings on the castle walls this morning.

There’s trouble brew-

Wh-what’s happening in there?

Th-th-the doors are shut tight. Can’t get them open!

Wh-what can we do? That was Seres crying out!

Dampe doesn’t have a key! Dampe just digs the graves around-!

Wait. Dampe remembers!

Dampe once heard the priest talking about a secret way into the Sanctuary, hidden right in my Graveyard.

Bad luck, Dampe thinks, messing around with graves. Worse luck, going under the ground…

But YOU! You do it. If you get scared, just swing that sword around!

What sword?

That sword you’ve got there! Dampe heard you say it belongs to the captain, but who cares?


It’s for delivery!

You’re right!

But I can’t…

What? Saving Seres is way more important than some delivery.

You’re USING that sword-even if Dampe has to tie it to your hand!

OK, fine!

If I have to…

I’m scared!

Forget that. Get to swinging that sword!

       You’re right!

But I can’t…

Use that sword if you run into trouble.

Dampe would help, but these old bones are falling apart as it is. So go find the secret passage.

It’s got to be hidden somewhere in the Graveyard!

Whaddya doin’? Seres is in trouble! So’s the captain! And the priest! Who knows WHAT’S going on in there!

C’mon, hurry. The secret passage into the Sanctuary is hidden somewhere in the Graveyard.

Watch out. Some of those gravestones are so old, you can shove ‘em right over if you’re not careful!

Where do you think you’re going Link?!

You gotta hurry and help Seres!

C’mon! That’s not the way to the Graveyard!

Dampe can’t believe his eyes. This painting of the captain-!

Is that the end of him? And poor, lovely Seres too…!

You’ll tell Dampe if you find out what happened to Seres, right?

Dampe’s never seen the priest so worried. Do what you can to help, Link!

Is there something wrong at the castle, Link?

First Seres, not this…? Dampe doesn’t know WHAT to do!

Since that quake, seen some odd characters coming and going…

Until Seres comes back, Dampe’s going to stay right here and protect this Graveyard!

People are up and vanishing, Dampe heard. Take care you don’t get caught up in all this.

Oh, it’s you, Link!

What?! You found Seres? Dampe knew she would be all right. When’s she coming back?

What, you don’t know? Well, Dampe gives his deepest thanks anyway. Just happy Seres is alive…somewhere.


Oh, hello, Link.

Up bright and early, aren’t you? My father is busy now, so come back later if you have something to ask him.

Oh, look who’s here! Welcome to the Sanctuary, Link.

Eager as ever, aren’t you? Is there something I can help you with?

I see, I see… You’re looking for the captain.

We’ll, you’re at the right place. He’s come to see my father.

The captain forgot his sword? Oh, how unlike him to be so careless?

Just a moment. I’ll fetch him for you.


…Ah, I see…my little friend from the Sanctuary… You’ve come to my rescue, have you?

Bless your goodness. How strong you must have gotten since then!

But it seems you have further yet to go. You must save all seven of the Seven Sages.

Please, I beg of you, save all of us, or peace will never return to Hyrule.

Once you find all of us Sages, then you will surely battle Yuga himself!

I can only hope that if you defeat him, then the captain will change back from being a painting.

So please defeat that awful Yuga and save all of Hyrule!

You are Hyrule’s greatest hero! So I have begged the gods to favor you, Link!


A good morning to you, young Link.

Sorry, but I’m in the middle of my morning preparations. How about we talk later?

What do you want with Seres? I swear, if you hurt my daughter…!

And what sort of fiend dares to defile the Sanctuary in this manner?

H-how did you get in the Sanctuary, Link?

Run, child!

Wh-why do you just stand there? RUN! Not even the captain stood a chance against him!

N-no, Link!

N-n-no! Don’t take my Seres…

We must…warn…Princess Zelda…

I’m relieved to see that you’re all right, Link!

But my poor Seres. I can only guess why that fiend has taken her. All that nonsense about perfection!

Of course, my daughter IS perfect, but if only I could have taken her place…! Oh, what a nightmare this is!

What a tragedy for the captain here… Turned into a painting while trying to protect Seres!

I must stay here for those seeking solace. This may have been the first tragedy, but it won’t be the last.

After the second quake, strange cracks appeared. It must have some connection to what has happened!

I can do nothing, I’m afraid, but hope for peace to be restored to us.

I have faith that Seres will be returned to me safe and sound.

What did you say? You saw my Seres?

I see… Then my daughter lives. And I have faith I will see her again!

I can only imagine how you came to find her. You have my deepest thanks, Link.

I have faith that peace will be restored to us-somehow.

Hyrule Soldier:

I scrub and scrub-and STILL this paint won’t come off!

We’ve been up since dawn washing these paintings off the walls. Crummy joke, if you ask me.

Morning, Link.

What brings you here so early? Delivery for the captain?

He’s not at the castle. I know he was headed to your master’s shop… Oh, you bumped into him there?

Well, I know he was planning on visiting the Sanctuary. He probably got hung up there.

I hope he comes back soon. We’ve had an outbreak of vandalism. All over the walls-paintings everywhere!

Anyway, if you need to find him, I’d say head north of the castle. That’s where the Sanctuary is.

Thataway is a shortcut.

What, don’t know where the Sanctuary is? Should be marked on your map.

To get to the Sanctuary, head along the castle’s moat. That’s the fastest way there. It’s north of the castle.

Man, I just can’t believe how good this milk tastes.

And with the musicians here too? This place is the best!

Huh? Say what now? I’m not slacking off. I’m on a break from my patrols.

Come to mention it, the child who plays the flute there is real shy… Won’t speak to anyone.

Well, except his fellow musician there. Strange kid, but at least he has a good time playing!

Don’t be making trouble. I keep the peace in Kakariko Village.

Want to master your sword? Then get your (B button) technique down pat. That’s how you swing.

Sure, it sounds basic, but just try it when you’re staring down a monster. Or a nasty hedge.

I am forbidden to engage in personal conversation while in training!

Ugh, this spear is so heavy, it’s doing my back in. I wish I had a sword, like you…




Can’t help but wonder… What’s the point of all these drills when our kingdom’s always so quiet?

What do you think? My spin attack is pretty good, right? The trick is to hold (B button) to build power and then…release!

It’s indispensable if you’re being swarmed by enemies. Or if you just want to cut the grass in a jiffy.

There’s more vandalism every day. Nasty trick to play.


Better watch out there, kid!

Look at your map, so new and clean.

Mine’s had so many pins stuck in it over the years, now it’s full of holes.

But I’m such a scatterbrain that I forget where I’m going unless I use a pin to mark it!

That guy in the back… He’s slacking off, for sure…


Uh, nothing to report, sir!

Oh? It’s just you. Don’t startle me like that! I’m not slacking, I swear!

After work, I’ll probably head off to the Milk Bar. I’m a regular!

I went to see the fortune-teller this morning, and he said I’d have the worst day of my life today.

Darn. His fortunes usually come true. I’d better be prepared for anything!

Whoa, hold your horses there! Not just anyone gets into the palace.

You say the captain was turned into WHAT now? A painting? And Seres was too?

And Princess Zelda needs to know right away, huh?

Waa-ha-ha! Look, I get you want to see the princess, but that’s a real WHOPPER of a story there!

I’m sorry, Lady Impa!

But this lad here has a message for Princess Zelda, and it’s as far as far fetched gets!

You’re taking this boy at this word, Lady Impa?

Hmm. That’s that. Head on in.

Lucky you. Not just anyone can go into the castle.

Stay in here. Lady Impa said to wait.

Lady Impa is waiting.

Princess Zelda is waiting.

You get to meet with the princess face to face? I’m so jealous.

So was the princess looking as lovely as usual today?

It’s quite rare for a villager to be admitted to the castle.

Did you see the paintings here in the hall? They tell you of Hyrule’s oldest legend.

But all that happened so long ago. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the past to see if it’s true!

The princess runs the whole country all by herself. Can you imagine, and at her age too?

When I was that young, I spent my days doing nothing but chasing Cuccos.

Oh, I know those green clothes! You’re that boy who reported the incident in the Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, I can’t let even you pass through here right now. Orders, you know…

I can’t wait until dinner. I’m going to have a nice, big roast. With lots of gravy.

Don’t worry if Lady Impa comes across a little stern.

She’s the royal nursemaid, so she’s always concerned for the welfare of Her Royal Highness.

Ah, what a lovely fragrance lingers after the princess walks by! It makes guard duty all worthwhile.

Thanks to you, we’re coming up with a strategy for how to tackle the…situation.

We’ve got to tie up some loose ends first before we fill in all the soldiers. But don’t worry. We’re on it.

I heard all about it. Sounds like Seres is in serious trouble. We’re putting together a search party.

There have been reports of strange monsters about. So we’ve gotta get trained up!

We-! We ran from the castle to fight another day, that’s all! We were outnumbered!

Curse whoever’s behind all the evildoing at Hyrule Castle! How did this happen?

Don’t be making trouble. I keep the peace in Kakariko Village. Even after such an awful quake!

It’s odd, though, how I haven’t heard from the castle in a long time.


A fiend? How easily you stoop to petty insults.

My name is Yuga. And I have come here seeking nothing less than…perfection.

And you, my dear, are perfection.

How can you stand being so lovely, surrounded by these filthy fools?

I will put you on a pedestal. Or rather, upon a wall-perfect forever.


As I suspected, you’re even lovelier as a painting. I think that Her Grace will be most pleased.

Oh? What have we here? Another worm comes wriggling in?

I believe this worm here wishes to tangle with me. Come on then. Wriggle, wriggle, little worm!

You think you can challenge ME? Why, I am the portrait of perfection!

While all of you…? Merely scribbles and squiggles. The very sight of you offends my eyes!

Still, I’ll be leaving this ugly world soon enough.

Gah! Out of my way.

Not even that captain of yours could stand against my might.

For all his spit and polish, he made for but a crude doodle on the wall. A waste of my magic.

Farewell, fools. I’m off to acquire what little perfection I can find in this gaudy world of yours.

Ha! After all your posing, all your preening…just look at you now!

Now, my fine fellow, prepare to be made into my latest work of art!

You’ll have a privileged place in my collection of Sages!

Aha! An excellent painting! What a knack I have for capturing the smallest details JUST so.

Oh? Who-?

You’re that wriggling worm I saw at the Sanctuary!

What, have you come to challenge me again? I don’t have time to coddle would-be heroes.

But since you insist…

I will oblige.

Enough of this! You’re going to spoil everything!

You’ve forced my hand. I must brush you aside!

What a sad, drab painting you make. You can rot there for all I care.

Now, onward. My collection requires even more perfect paintings.

Oh, how I long to hang that exquisite Princess Zelda on my wall…

My little acquisition tour of Hyrule is nearly over, Princess.

It really was quite a spree. A Sage here, a Sage there. And now your Impa too.

I’ve already got all seven Sages.

Never you mind. For I have one more painting to make. So please, rid your mind of all concern.

I don’t want your portrait to feature any unsightly worry lines.

I wish to preserve you at your very best. I daresay you’re a match even for Her Grace.

Ah, what golden hair you have… Such bright locks are normally far too sunny for my tastes.

But for you, I’ll make an exception.

I find your protests inelegant. Not to mention irrelevant.

I wish only to possess your beauty, Princess Zelda of Hyrule, not all these ugly words of yours!

Oh, you are going to make for a spectacular painting, my dear!

Haha! My lovely masterpiece! How utterly scrumptious!

Dare I say, it’s my best work ever!

…What’s that?

YOU! Didn’t I splash you on some wall somewhere? How did you get out?

How impudent! Emerging? Foisting your inferior form upon my eyes? I will not tolerate this!

You should have remained nothing but a stain on that wall.

But I will be glad to leave you HEERE, once and for all!


What a beautiful masterpiece. My talent is almost frightening.

And then there’s you, worm.

I can barely bring myself to look at such an inferior creature.

And yet, it seems there’s more to you than meets the eye. How DID you manage to escape that wall?

Never mind. I don’t have time to listen to your prattle.

I have what I’ve come to Hyrule for, so I refuse to let you delay my departure any further.

Farewell-for the LAST time!

Gah! I bore of this fight.

Once I have released Ganon, lowly creatures like you won’t be worth my time.

You’ve arrived just in time!

A splendid collection, don’t you think? All Seven Sages, and Zelda herself…

But even they pale in comparison to my NEXT artful creation.


I will use the Sages to reach the one who shall help me attain true beauty.

I mean, of course…


Behold! The Triforce of Power!

Join with me! Let us destroy all ugliness in this world or any other. We shall be TRULY superior!

Ha ha ha ha…

My dear, sweet, deluded Hilda…!

What care have I to save your crumbling kingdom? It’s no better than that hideous Hyrule.

When the Triforce is mine, I plan to remake Lorule in MY image.

Now you, my dark beauty, must serve your purpose.

I can hardly decide which of my princess portraits is prettier.

But I do know which of you foolish royal girls has what I need. And now it will be mine.

Ha ha ha! I shall soon take my rightful place among the gods!

And then the beauty of destruction will rain down upon this world!

Now, I’ll be taking that last piece of the Triforce from you, worm!

How far you’ve wriggled! But at last you know your true destiny-to give me what’s MINE.


Ooooh, you’re waking up. Good, I was starting to worry about you, buddy.

The name’s Ravio. Hey, you listening to me? What, the rug tastes really good or something?

I’m a traveling merchant. I found you in the Sanctuary. Passed out. Alone. Strange, if you ask me.

It looked like you needed a pal, so I took the liberty of lugging you here to this vacant house.

Seemed like the perfect place for you to shake off the snores.

Say what? This is your house? Looked empty-ish to me.

Wait, so tell me…What happened to you, buddy?

You don’t say? Some strange man turned a girl into a painting?

So you got done in trying to stop him, huh?

That makes you a hero, buddy! A real, live, genuine hero!

But why are you standing around talking to me then?

You’ve gotta report this to the castle!

Oh! Hey! Wait a minute.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been looking for a place to stay.

It’s been hard to find somewhere good. So,uh. This is awkward…

Mind if I stay here for a while? Just a couple of days, I promise!

Of course

Really?! Thanks a million!

Finally, no more sleeping in the wild. Tough world out there, you know?

No way

What? Say it’s not so!

But-! But-! But aren’t we buddies? You’d kick me out? Into that cruel, cruel world out there?

Please? You don’t know what it’s like trying to get some shut-eye with all those creepy-crawlies!

I know it’s your place, but I feel so at home here! Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

All right

Get out

What? R…really?

Please let me stay! I know it’s your house, so super-duper please?

Of course

If you insist

Here-take this. I can’t pay rent yet. But it’s something, at least.

I know it looks like a hunk of junk, but it’s older than old. A real treasure, that thing-! Uh, what?

What odor? You don’t want it because it SMELLS funny?

That’s the smell of history, buddy! Musty leather! Moldy aromas! The rich fragrance of a relic!

OK, fine. I’ll admit that it smells like a wet dog. But you gotta know, that’s a GOOD smell.

Besides…it’s a gift. So the least you could do is wear it, buddy!

Now, pronto, buddy. To the castle!


What’s that? Was the priest all right? I don’t know. Maybe? Probably?

All I know is that you’ve got to get news of all this to Hyrule Castle!

Now, pronto, buddy. To the castle!


What, you think I should go? Have you SEEN what I’m wearing? They’d never believe me.

Anyway, stop wasting time and just make haste to the castle!

Bye now! See ya, Mr. Hero!

Welcome back, Mr. Hero!

So you met with Princess Zelda? Lucky you, getting to meet her. She as pretty as they say?

Me, I’m just happy to have a roof over my head. First time in a while-thanks to you, Mr. Hero!

You said it was all right to stay here, so I’ve made myself at-!

What happened?!

What’s that? Saw my signs at the Eastern Palace, did you?

I was going to open a store near the palace, but when I saw all the monsters, I hightailed it out of there!

Way too many monsters around there for my liking, you get me?

But I seem to recall some stone pedestals near my signs. Did you see a symbol on them?

Oh, you did? Well, do you remember what the symbol was?

So what was the symbol shown on the pedestals at the entrance of the Eastern Palace?

Uh…really? That’s not what I recall seeing there.

That’s right! It was Ravio's-Icon.png, wasn’t it?

No, let’s stop horsing around here… That’s my face. Why would someone mark the pillars with that?

That’s right! It was Bow-Icon.png.

Remind you of anything? Like maybe…THIS?

Normally I’d charge you a rental fee, but I’ll lend it to you for free. This time, anyway.

But I’ll be taking that back if anything happens to you out there.

I hope my items will prove useful to you, Mr. Hero!

Hey, welcome back, little hero!

Sorry, buddy. I’ll be taking back what’s mine now.

Oh dear… Look at you. Does this happen a lot? The hero business seems like awfully tough work.

I’m not cut out for that kind of life. But I guess you just gotta get up off the floor and start again!

You’ll be needing the bow again?


All right then!

But this time, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask for my rental fee. It’s 10 Rupees, OK?


Good doing business with you!

       No way


What? You think you can survive out there without the right gear?

Well, best of luck with that. I’ll be right there if you need anything.

What happened, buddy?

My bracelet did what now?

Huh. Who knew? Pretty neat that you can turn into a painting. Wowie-wow. I wish I was you!

I wonder if I could steal that power from this weird Yuga guy too…

No, what am I thinking…? I’m not cut out for that sort of stuff!

I’d probably screw it all up somehow and get stuck on some dungeon wall!

I couldn’t bear it! Stuck there forever and ever?!

Oh yeah, I should leave that kind of tough work to heroes. For sure.

I would have never guessed that bracelet I gave you would have turned out to do something like that.

That bow there belongs to me. Glad to lend it to you as a freebie, but take good care of it, you hear!

Welcome back!

Everything OK?

Oh, by the way…

I still haven’t found anywhere else to stay. So I spruced things up in here.

I’ve made it into a nice little shop for myself. Pretty great, isn’t it?

So…I take it things didn’t go as planned?

But the item I lent you came in handy, right?

You know…there’s actually plenty more where that came from! Ravio is ALL about helping heroes.

And the way things are going, I think you’re going to need my help.

You know what they say-you wash my ears, I’ll wash yours?

How about you rent me your house… and I’ll rent you lots of items?

Then it’s a deal! I mean, it’s not like you ever come here, right?

All right, then. Here’s how my shop works. I rent a wide range of items and weapons to you.

And the rental period? That’s the best part. You keep rentals for a LONG time.

Specifically, until the next time you fall in battle. Which might never happen, right?

Sure, you look tough.

But if you do fall in battle, my pal Sheerow here will swoop in to collect my property.

Right, just like that. Swoop right in. Collect my stuff. While you…er…just lie there.

So see anything you want? I’ve got plenty of gear besides the bow.

If you find anything you like, just walk up to it and press (A button).

Stand in front of an item you’re interested in and press (A button), if you’d be so kind.

See something you like? Stand in front of it and press (A button).

Switching out gear to match the task at hand is the mark of a true adventurer.

I have two specials today. I’m renting the Tornado Rod and the hammer at a discount.

Today’s special is the hammer. I’m renting it out at a bargain!

Today’s special is the Tornado Rod. I’m renting it out at a bargain!

Huh? Not interested?

A warm welcome to you, Mr. Hero!

You interested in the Ice Rod?

The rental price is 100 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off it you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 600 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the Ice Rod?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my Ice Rod, all right?

You’re already renting the Ice Rod, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the Ice Rod.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 1600 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the Ice Rod, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 600 Rupees.



You interested in the Fire Rod?

The rental price is 100 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 600 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the Fire Rod?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you! Ha, hey! You know what this means?

Now that you own the Fire Rod, you can keel over all you want!

Just kidding, buddy.

You know that Sheerow and I are both rooting for you!

Good luck, Mr. Hero!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my Fire Rod, all right?

You’re already renting the Fire Rod, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the Fire Rod.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 1600 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the Fire Rod, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 600 Rupees.



You interested in the boomerang?

The rental price is 50 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the Boomerang?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my boomerang, all right?

You’re already renting the boomerang, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the boomerang.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 800 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the boomerang, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



You interested in the Hookshot?

The rental price is 50 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the Hookshot?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my Hookshot, all right?

You’re already renting the Hookshot, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the Hookshot.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 800 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the Hookshot, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



You interested in the Tornado Rod? We’ve got a special going today!

The rental price is 20 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the Tornado Rod?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my Tornado Rod, all right?

You’re already renting the Tornado Rod, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the Tornado Rod.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 800 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the Tornado Rod, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



You interested in the bombs?

The rental price is 50 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the bombs?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my bombs, all right?

You’re already renting the bombs, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the bombs.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 800 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the bombs, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



You interested in the bow?

The rental price is 50 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the bow?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my bow, all right?

You’re already renting the bow, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the bow.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 800 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the bow, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



You interested in the hammer? We’ve got a special going today!

The rental price is 20 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the hammer?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


No (or) Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my hammer, all right?

You’re already renting the hammer, buddy.

What? You’re already renting the hammer.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 400 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the hammer, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



Someone else is already renting the Sand Rod.

He rented it when I was in the village seeing if that was a good place to set up my shop.

He was in such a rush that I didn’t get his name. Said he had important business somewhere.

Anyway, I’ve got only one of each item, so you’ll have to wait for that item to come home to roost.

Oh, Mr. Hero! One of my other customers finally returned his rental item. And here it is!

The Sand Rod!

Wondering what it does? Well, you’d better snatch it up quickly then. Before someone else gets it first!

You interested in the Sand Rod?

The rental price is 50 Rupees.

But I’ll tell you what-I’ll give you half off if you buy it. Just this once! Let’s see… That’d be 400 Rupees.



So you’re going to buy the Sand Rod?

You buy it, done deal. No returns. You sure you want that?


Thank you for being such a great customer!


Forget it

Make sure you take good care of my Sand Rod, all right?

You’re already renting the Sand Rod.

What? You’re already renting the Sand Rod.

But if you want to buy that, it’ll be 800 Rupees.



Hold on. You already have the Sand Rod, don’t you?

But if you really like it, you can buy it too.

And right now, if you act fast, I’ll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin’. But just this once!

Just for you it’s 400 Rupees.



See you next time!

Eh, you got done in, huh? That’s all right. Happens to the best of us.

You’re going out adventuring again, though, right? Sure you are. So… be sure to rent items before you go!

Welcome, Mr. Great Hero!

I have some big news for you. You may know me as the rental guy. But now I’m in the sales biz too!

Great, right?

Starting today, you can buy my items too-and at really good prices!

If you act now, your first purchase is HALF-price.

Only once per customer though…

Just to give you a taste of sweet, delicious ownership!

Hey, hold up, Mr. Big-Deal Hero!

I’ve got more big news for you. Top secret. Kind of thing only ol’ Ravio knows.

Want to hear it?

Don’t know why I’m asking. Just going to keep talking anyway. It’s a little something I like to call…

Quick Equip!

You know, for swapping items out on the fly?

Press your equipped items to use Quick Equip. Easy enough to do, even while you’re running around.

Of course, you can always take your sweet time thinking about each and every item you want to use.

In that case, it’s better to just keep using the Items button.

Here endeth the lesson! So take Quick Equip for a spin sometime.

Hey, it’s Mr. Hero! Welcome!

So you been using that Quick Equip technique I told you about a ways back?


Well, keep it up. I actually got another Quick Equip tip for you.


Well, then maybe this tip will hook you on the whole Quick Equip thing.

See the slider on the item-selection screen?

You guessed it-you can sliiiide the slider left and right. Mind taking a look at the lower screen?

See how the size of the blue frame is changing? That shows how many items you have ready for Quick Equip.

For example, let’s say you want only the items you use the most to show up in Quick Equip.

In that case, set the slider to the far right to highlight just four items, and then put your fave four there!

But if you want to have more than four items in Quick Equip, just move the slider toward the left.

Be sure to try it out. See what works best for you!

All right. That’s all the information I’ve got for ya today!

Did that all make sense?


Good. It’s tricky stuff, but it could make all the difference out there. So don’t forget to give the slider a try.


No worries-it’s a chunk of info. Let’s take it from the top.

My deepest thanks for being the best customer ever!

At last! I’ve sold all of my items!

Yay for me!

Thanks to your efforts, Mr. Hero, I’ve made a great prof-!

I mean, I’ve made a great FRIEND.

And there’s just one more thing.

I’m closing down my shop! I mean, I sold you everything, so I can finally retire and live the good life!

(eighth note) Whoop whoop boopie wooo!

(eighth note) Whoopie doopie dooooo!

Sorry. I just had to get that out of my system.

I think I’m going to kick my feet up for a bit while I figure out what I’m going to do next.

Anyway, I just gotta bow down to you, Mr. Hero. I can’t believe that you found so many Rupees for me!

Now, best of luck out there. Me and ol’ Sheerow here will keep rooting for you!

When I look at you, Mr. Hero, I now realize that just about anything is possible if you put heart into it.

Ha! Seems like it’s about time for me to decide where to put MY heart!

It’s a lot of fun, trying to imagine what the future holds.

Ha! I’ve got a new outlook on life, and it’s all thanks to you, Mr. Hero!

I’m so happy I’ve discovered my true calling in life-retirement! And it’s all thanks to you, buddy.

You know, whenever I used to just lounge around…

I would think how I’m just a tiny speck in a great, big world.

And I still believe that I’m a teeny, tiny, little speck in a world that’s SO much bigger than I ever thought!

But even a speck can change the world if he puts his heart into it.

You got done in, eh?

(eighth note) Maybe by tomorrow, the sun is gonna glow!

(eighth note) And maybe by tomorrow, not gonna stub my toe!

(eighth note) Or maybe by tomorrow, the snow is gonna blow!

…You know, it’s been WAY too long since I’ve been in a singing mood.

But I’ve got a new outlook on life, and it’s all thanks to you, Mr. Hero!

I’ve never really had the time to take a lot of naps before. The world looks so different from here!

Sometimes just changing your perspective is the key to… well, to everything!

I’ve got a new outlook on life, and it’s all thanks to you, Mr. Hero!

I always thought sleeping all day would be fun. But now I think I’d miss breakfast and lunch, right?

For a long time, I believe that if you put your ear to the ground, you’d hear the world’s heart beating.

That the world just goes on living, whether you were there or not. Weird, right? And sorta sad.

So I’ve been listening here for a while, and you know the only heart I’ve heard? Mine! I couldn’t be happier.

Please! This has to stop!

Well, funny story there. Your hero and I have gotten to know each other pretty well.

But not long ago, I served Princess Hilda here in Lorule.

So, begging your pardon, Princess Zelda, but would you mind if I intervene here?

Your Royal Highness…

Forgive me, Your Highness. I’m a coward at heart.

There was no way that I had the courage to stand up to you and Yuga.

But I was smart enough to go to Hyrule. I knew they’d have a hero who could help me.

I-I’m sorry, my princess. But it was with the best of intentions.

I wish the best for our kingdom. But by ruining Hyrule…?

You’d bring out the absolute worst in Lorule.

No, no… Of course not, Princess. But there must be some other way.

Don’t you realize? The reason your noble ancestors destroyed our Triforce…

Was to STOP such chaos!

Look around you…

This is EXACTLY what happened with our Triforce…!

Princess Hilda, I…

I just wanted to save you from all this-you, who’ve worried endlessly about the fate of Lorule.

Please, Princess Hilda, let’s do the right thing.

Lorule may be doomed, but at least our kingdom won’t be condemned for stealing their Triforce.

Lakeside Item Seller:

What? If you’re not buying, not sure I have much else to say, guy.

Huh-you again?

That sporty fellow out there, that weird creature in the cave! Not sure I’m cut out for this line of work.

That thing’s 50 Rupees. Want it?


You got a Scoot Fruit! Use it if you get lost in a dungeon.

Sorry – only one per customer.

Don’t buy

C’mon. Buy somethin’?

That thing’s 30 Rupees. Want it?


You got a Foul Fruit! Try using it if you get surrounded by monsters.

Sorry – only one per customer.

       Don’t buy

C’mon. Buy somethin’?

That’s 50 Rupees. Want it or not?


You got the shield! Press and hold (R button) to raise it.


Carryin’ two might be too much.

Don’t buy

C’mon. Buy somethin’?

C’mon. Buy something’, at least.


Hey there. Uh, did your master give you permission to play around with swords, Link?

Wait… I bet you heard that the old man over there is calling for people with swords to come talk to him.

Did you? Uh, no? Well, he is. He’s talking about how fun something called StreetPass is.

When I took my daughter there to play, he said only people with swords can get in on the action.

I don’t know what this StreetPass thing is all about. But it sounds like a crazy-good time!

That ol’ Gramps in our village keeps talking about StreetPass. It must be fun. He gets so excited about it!

All right then…but with that quake that’s shaken everything up, is it safe to be outside?

I bet you’ve heard what Gramps is saying about StreetPass, huh? If only I had a sword so I could play too.

Monsters are roaming around outside the village? If things get any worse, how will I protect my daughter?

I’ll have to get your master to make me a sword.

Milk Bar Owner:

Welcome! How about a glass of cold milk fresh from Lon Lon Ranch?

It’s 20 Rupees a glass. Fancy a drink?


Oh, sorry. You have to get yourself a bottle first.

I think I saw one for sale somewhere in the village, though. Come back once you have one, OK?

Ice-cold milk… Deelish, right?

Thanks for your business!


A shame. Tasty stuff. Well, let me know if you change your mind.

Hold on. You don’t have an empty bottle. Sorry, but I can’t sell you any milk.

Ask me again once you have an empty bottle, OK?

Everyone in the village is talking about the castle, you know.

And how the elder left his house for the first time in forever! Who knew Sahasrahla could walk so far!

Strange days, people are saying. And they’re probably about to get even stranger!

Welcome! We just got some fresh milk, already chilled!

Welcome! Care for an icy-cold glass of-! Whuh? You heard about premium milk?

How’d you find out about the good stuff? I see… A message in a bottle.

And from someone stranded up on the mountain? Could only be one guy. He’s a tricky customer.

Sorry to ask, but could you take this premium milk to him? I bet it would help him heal up in no time.

He’s a regular at my establishment who loves exploring the mountain.

Last time he was in here, I think he said his next expedition would take him east of the Tower of Hera.

I can’t afford to lose his business. Get that to him, OK? I’m really counting on you, friend.

That customer of mine who likes going up the mountain… I can’t believe how far he’s pushing himself.

I wonder if he’ll actually make it past the Tower of Hera…

Best of luck to you getting that premium milk to him.

Before you go, remember that I’ve always got a glass of the cold stuff ready for you.

You delivered it safe and sound? Thanks a bunch. I don’t know how I can ever repay you…

How about this? From now on, you only need to pay half price for milk. You’re my favorite customer now!

Welcome, young sir! Care for a glass of milk? Special deal, only 10 Rupees.




Whaddya want? Can’t a guy just drink his milk in peace?

Ah, sorry. Don’t mean to be a grump. I’m just thinking about magnifying glasses-how I’d read maps with ‘em.

But my eyesight’s going, and now not even a magnifying glass helps!

Ever tried looking at a map with a magnifying glass? It’s sort of dizzy fun, going all (+)(-)(+)(-) with ‘em.

Flute Boy:



Sorry, little man. My pal here, he’s pretty shy. He flat-out refuses to talk in front of people.

Hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but would you mind leaving him be? Much obliged!

It’s like I told you, pal. He doesn’t like strangers. Just the way it is.

How about a song to go with your milk? Just 10 Rupees.



Thanks, my lad.

Well then, here we go. Ready to play, little friend…?

Is that so? Give me a shout if you change your mind.

Another song? Just 10 Rupees.

Another, please!

This one’s good.

Well then, we’ve got another tune for you.

Ready to play another one, my little friend…?

Easy there. You haven’t got enough Rupees. Sorry. We gotta eat too.

Heard the news? People being kidnapped. Scary stuff. But there's nothing like music to ease the mood.

In these dark days, you’ve got to keep your spirits up. A song will do you a world of good.

Bee Guy:

Buzz, buzz, Link! Long time no see!

Huh. Don’t you remember me? I’ve been catching bees since way back in the day.

Well, I guess I’ve changed a bit. Takes a bee to see a bee. So I’ve bee-come a different person.

Now every-buzzy calls me the Bee Guy!

So just bee-tween us, I wonder if you’ll do me a favor.

But I see you don’t have a bottle on you, so it’ll have to bee another time, OK?

Bees are a man’s best friend! Buzz, buzz now! Buzz, buzz!

Once you get hold a bottle, come back and see me-buzz, buzz!

I want you to catch bees for me! You can keep ‘em nice and safe in bottles.

What, you don’t have a net? Bee-cause you’re helping me out, I’ll give you one of mine!

You got the net! Now you can catch bees-and more!

Spending my days surrounded by a buzzy swarm of bees has always been my fondest dream.

So use that net to gather up some bees, if you please. Of course, I’ll reward you for bee-ing so helpful.

Bees love grass and bushes. If you cut the grass, they’ll come buzzing out. Buzz, buzz!

At first they’ll get startled and attack you, but stick them inside a bottle. Then they’ll bee-friend you!

Wasp’s that? You’ve found one? I couldn’t bee more delighted!

Wow, look at that bee’s sheen! She’s the bee’s knees!

Here’s my way of saying thanks. Take this-buzz, buzz!

You’re a real pro at catching bees, Link.

But I wonder if you can find the most bee-coming of bees. The golden bee!

I’ve never seen one before! If you can bring me one of those, I’d…! Well, I’d bee very generous.

That quake earlier got all my little bee friends abuzz.

I-I was a bit scared myself.

You’ve found another bee? Here’s a little something to say thanks. Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Oh, thank you from the very bottom of my buzz!

Let’s have a look inside that bottle of yours… WHAT? Is this some new breed of bee?

Oh, please…it’s just a plain, old, run-of-the-mill-fairy.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re cute. But I’ve bee-n there, done that. No, no. Only bees for me.

Sorry, buzz. Just bees for me, if you please.

Oh, bee still my beating heart! Is THIS-? Oh my. It IS! It’s a golden bee!

Thank you! She’s very bee-witching, don’t you think?

That golden glow? That sweet note of honey that lingers in the air? And so regal-a queen of bees!

She’s perfect!

You have outdone yourself. So please take this as thanks. Buzz.

That’s the Bee Badge. As long as you have that with you, bees will be friendly. No more stings.

Of course, you know what that means. You can find me even MORE bees. It should be a breeze!

Keep up the good work-buzz, buzz!

Just to think-a golden bee! I never thought I’d see another.

Buzz, buzz! Come back anytime, Link!

Fortune’s Choice Guy:

Welcome to Fortune’s Choice! First time here? The rules are simple.

I’ll reveal two treasure chests. You open one of them.

It’s 50 Rupees for one try, and if you’re lucky, you’ll win 100! If you’re not, you’ll get only one…

What do you say? Try your luck for 50 Rupees?



All right then. Wait a second while I set it up.

OK then. Open a chest!

You can always give it another try. I’ll be waiting.

What? You don’t have enough Rupees. Well, feel free to come back anytime.

All right, just ask if you ever want to play.

Welcome to Fortune’s Choice, the only game in Kakariko Village!

Care to play? Only 50 Rupees!



All right, just ask if you ever want to play!

I heard things are getting ugly out there. Well, no better time than the present for a little fun!


Hey, you ever seen one of those little fairies, Link?

They’re so small, I bet you could catch one with a net!

It’d be real neat if you could put a fairy in a bottle…

Hey, Papa. Can you take me somewhere fun?

The sky over the castle is a weird color. Why’s that?

Have you seen any of those fairies, Link?

You know, I bet you could nab one with a net!

I haven’t seen the elder’s pupil lately. He comes around to play now and then. But I wonder…

Where’s Osfala gone to?


You know that fortune-teller up near the woods? I saw him put on some freaky glasses!

Then he started chatting away, even though no one was there! Weird. Does he see something we can’t?

I bet that fortune-teller can see something we can’t when he’s got those freaky glasses on!

Heard about the guy who lives with a bunch of little birds? It’s true! He’s hidden away somewhere.

I wish I could make friends with little birds like that.

Come to think of it, I heard that bird guy lives somewhere along the river. Wish I could see his birds.

Hey, what are you doing? Looking for sahasrahla maybe?

The elder should be inside his house. Er, I think?

I don’t know an awful lot about Sahasrahla…

Seems like the elder has been around since, I dunno, maybe forever?

The elder doesn’t get out of the house much these days. Yep, don’t see old Sahasrahla much at all.

But his student, Osfala, stops by to play with me now and then!

Have you seen that guy near Sahasrahla’s house?

He runs away if you get too close. He’s super fast, so he must be a professional tag player or something!

The guy just stands there with this back to the wall though, just watching everyone in the village!

Hey, there’s a weird haze around the castle! Know anything about that, Link?

Hey, are you going to the castle too, Link?

Sahasrahla just headed off in that direction. Some kind of trouble happening there?

I wonder why Sahasrahla hurried off to the castle like that. Something awful must be going on there.

I haven’t seen the elder’s pupil lately. He comes around to play now and then. But I wonder…

Where’s Osfala gone to?

Item Seller:

Lend me your ear for a moment, won’t you? You know that street merchant outside?

He’s selling hearts. Can you believe that? Hearts! I mean, you can just scoop them off the ground with a net.

The nerve of that man! Might as well sell the leaves off trees! Don’t buy them, whatever you do.

You know, this is actually my husband’s store. But he and I…well, we had a little argument.

He bought an apple from the merchant outside for a ridiculous amount of Rupees.

So I scolded him. You can’t blame me. My husband hasn’t the slightest sense of what things are worth.

Anyway, he wandered off and hasn’t come back. He’s SO sensitive, that man. Where he is, I have no idea!

That, my friend, is a Scoot Fruit. Just 50 Rupees. Want to buy it?


Oh, I’m sorry, but it looks like you have one.

These are fairly rare, so we can sell you one only after you’ve used what you have.

Don’t buy

All right then.

That, my friend, is a Foul Fruit. Just 30 Rupees. Want to buy it?


Oh, I’m sorry, but it looks like you have one.

These are fairly rare, so we can sell you one only after you’ve used what you have.

Don’t buy

Oh, you’re interested in a shield?

That makes perfect sense what with all those monsters outside the village. They sprang up so suddenly!

I’ll sell it to you for 50 Rupees. How about it?


Thank you very much! Shields are easy to use. Just press (R button) to hold it up and protect yourself.

That’s it. Defense is important when you’re fighting monsters. Now watch yourself out there, OK?

But you’ve got one! No one needs more than one shield.

I have heard, though, that there are monsters out there that eat shields. So come back if that happens!

Don’t buy

Well then, be extra careful out there.


My word! What in Hyrule is all the shouting about , guard?

Is that so? What is this message?

Indeed? Seres was transformed into a painting? But that’s-? Well, frankly it’s beyond belief.

Then again, strange paintings are popping up all over the castle. There may be something to all this.

Hmm, yes. I wonder…

Quickly come with me. You’ve got to tell Princess Zelda what you saw at the Sanctuary.

Wait here while I announce you to the princess. Feel Free to take a close look at our gallery here.

Princess Zelda is ready to see you now. Right this way, please.

Fret not, Princess. I’d advise that we consult Sahasrahla for help.

The elder’s knowledge of the past…Well, it’s more than vast.

Are you sure about this, Princess? The royal family has kept that safe for untold generations!

The princess gave you that charm because she sensed something in you, Link.

Don’t let her down.

Ah, yes, Link… Here you are.

I shouldn’t have doubted the princess for a moment. You ARE the hero of our time.

And what a splendid hero you make. You’ve endured so much to get this far.

Yet as Hyrule is facing the same threat as in the legend of old, you have so much more to endure.

You must find the remaining Sages.

Once we have been united, then we will help you do what that hero of legend did so long ago.

So please, rescue the rest of us, Link.

You must ensure that this crisis ends as it did in the legend of old.

Please, we’re counting on you, Link.

Ah, yes, Link… Here you are.

I shouldn’t have doubted the princess for a moment. You ARE the hero of our time.

And what a splendid hero you make. You’ve endured so much to get this far.

Hyrule is facing the same threat as in the legend of old, and you have so much more to endure.

Yet we can help, now that you have united the Seven Sages. We can summon the Triforce of Courage.

You must do what that hero of legend did so long ago. So take our gift, young hero…

Take it now!

We have placed our full trust in you. Now, onward and upward. Save the princess-and save Hyrule!

You have claimed the power of the gods, Link.

With it, you can stop the return of the Demon King-and thwart his evil ambitions!

Now, hero, you must take the battle to Lorule Castle! There awaits the Demon King.

May you and Princess Zelda survive the terrible trails ahead. Go now. Defeat this evil once and for all.


The paintings here are spectacular. But they also tell of our legendary past-and of the Seven Sages.

Look at the (black diamond) symbols on the floor to tell the order of events.

The descendants of the Seven Sages live among us today. It’s no secret that Lady Impa is one of them!

Painting I: The Golden Triforce

This gift from the gods, Hyrule’s greatest treasure, will grant the wish of any mortal who touches it.

The Triforce once stoked greed in the hearts of men. A legendary war was fought to keep it out of evil hands.

Painting II: The Sealed Triforce

To end the war for the Triforce, the royal family decided to hide it in the Sacred Realm.

They summoned the Seven Sages of legend, who used their power to seal the Triforce away.

Painting III: The Demon King

The Demon King Ganon was once just a thief-until the man broke into the Sacred Realm.

There he stole the Triforce and transformed himself. Then he took his evil campaign back to Hyrule.

Painting IV: The Hero Awakens

A hero of legend arose from humble beginnings, awoken to his purpose by a princess of Hyrule.

With the Master Sword, the blade of evil’s bane, he sought the descendants of the Seven Sages.

Together they defeated the Demon King Ganon-and sealed him away in darkness.

Painting V: The Triforce, Split Apart

The Triforce was split into three pieces, separated forever. One piece remains with the royal family.

Another piece has fallen into the hands of Ganon, sealed away with him.

The third piece of the Triforce has vanished, though legend says it is hidden in the spirit of a true hero.

It slumbers now somewhere in Hyrule-waiting for the time when the world needs a new hero.


I bid you fondest welcome to Hyrule Castle, stranger.

I hear you have something to-? Wait… It’s you…!

Forgive me, but might I ask your name?

Ah, while your name is unfamiliar to me, Link…

I’ve seen your face in my dreams of late. For I’ve dreamt of a hero locked in battle with a terrible evil.

What, you’ve had the same dream, Link?

Surely fate has sent you here! Please then, tell me what you saw at the Sanctuary.

Seres has been transformed into a painting? The captain as well?

I sense a terrible darkness behind these events…

Oh, Impa, I fear that evil is awakening once more in our fair land.

Yes, of course. That’s just where to start. So, Link…

Would you please find Sahasrahla? The elder should be at home in Kakariko Village.

I am certain he will be able to help!

Now, there’s just one more thing.

I would like to send you off with my most treasured possession.

It’s a rather special charm.

Quite sure, Lady Impa.

This has been in my safekeeping since the day I was born. Now I will entrust it to you.

Please, tell Sahasrahla everything that you saw.

Oh? You say that now Osfala is in danger? Then please, in all haste, Link…

Please find Osfala!

Your rampage through my kingdom must stop, Yuga! How many more of my people do you intend to take?

What do you plan to do with them?

Confess it, monster! You plan to use our Seven Sages to revive Ganon, don’t you?

You’re not even listening to me!


Hear me, Link…! It is I, Princess Zelda…

Your current weapons will be useless while Yuga is a painting.

So I bestow upon you, my hero, one more gift.

This bow is imbued with the light of the Triforce and can be fired only while you are merged into a wall.

Yuga cannot escape its radiance, not even in his painted form.

Now, for the sake of our worlds, let fly these arrows. And may your aim be true, Link!

So it was you who had me imprisoned in that painting, Princess Hilda?

Please, Princess Hilda…

No one understands the sacred duty a princess has to her people more than I, but you can’t-

But that’s…!


Please, Princess Hilda, there is no need to-

Can you hear me? Please, open your eyes, Link…

Oh, I’m so glad you’re all right!

And look, Link!

How wonderful… We’re back home!

You know, I’ve never seen the Triforce whole. Let’s go take a closer look, Link!

Come on, Link. The Triforce!

How rare to visit our Sacred Realm!

I’m so very grateful for all that you’ve done, Link.

How terribly sad for Princess Hilda… to be driven to such desperation! Her kingdom was in such a sorry state.

She and I aren’t as different as she thought. I really do understand why she needed our Triforce.

Thanks to your heroic efforts, our Triforce and Hyrule itself have been made whole again.

There is just one thing left to do, Link.

You restored the Triforce. Now, just reach out and touch it. Whatever your wish, it will be granted.

Yet, after all that we’ve seen, do we not share the same wish?

Let’s make the wish together, Link.


…Zzz…zzz…zzz…ess Zelda…zzz……zzz…Master…zzz…Sword…


Oh dear. Dozed off again…

It’s you, Link!

But the look on your face! So grim, child. What’s the matter?

Seres was turned into a what? A painting? And then she was stolen away?

And Princess Zelda sent you here to tell me… Ah, I see. This can mean only one thing.

I’m sure you’ve heard the legends of old. About the Seven Sages? And the hero who saved Hyrule?

Of course

Tell me

Tell you? Of course! But surely, you have heard this. Every child of Hyrule grows up hearing of that hero… and fearing Ganon.

Just when Hyrule was on the brink of ruin, the hero of legend appeared.

He gathered the descendants of the Seven Sages, who had once sealed Ganon in darkness…and together they defeated the Demon King and sealed him away once more. Hyrule was saved.

But, oh-! This talk of legends must stop. There’s no time to waste!

Seres is a descendant of the original Seven Sages who sealed Ganon in darkness all those years ago.

This Yuga you speak of, he must be after the Seven Sages of our day. He surely intends to free Ganon.

Oh no!

When I heard rumors of a strange man lurking near the Eastern Palace. I sent my pupil Osfala to investigate.

I’ve put him in danger, for he’s also a descendant of the Seven Sages! I’m sure Yuga will be waiting for him!

I’ll never make it in time to warn him! But you, Link…

Could you hurry to Osfala and tell him everything? Please!

I’ve made note of the location of the Eastern Palace on your map.

You can zoom in and out by using (+) and (-). But you may know that already.

There’s no time to lose. Go now, quickly!

Hurry on ahead! I’ll join you there just as soon as I can.

Ah, my lad! You’ve finally found your way back out of the Eastern Palace!

But what of Osfala?

No…! Yuga has taken Osfala too?

Worse still, he now has two of our Sages!

And that fiend said he was going after Princess Zelda next? We mustn’t let that happen!

My word! What was THAT?!

Are we too late? Something dire is happening at Hyrule Castle! There’s no time to waste!

Wh-what is going on here?!

That barrier! I’ve never seen such magic! I daren’t approach it.

But we must break through somehow. Princess Zelda and Lady Impa are trapped inside the castle!

Listen well, Link. We must turn again to the legend of old for our solution.

These abominable events are an echo of what happened all those years ago.

Then, when the castle was in the grip of evil, the hero of that day found the Master Sword.

The hero first had to claim the three Pendants of Virtue to prove himself worth of the blade.

But there we are already thwarted. For one of those pendants is INSIDE the castle with Princess Zelda!

Oh, what a quandary. We need her pendant, but there’s no way to get it.

Wh-what’s that?

It can’t be! You’re waring-! That’s the Pendant of Courage!

What in Hyrule are you doing with it, Link?

She gave it to you? A special charm?

How right she was. She must have sensed the evil in Hyrule-and the rise of a new hero to meet it.

So is it you? It must be. Why else would the princess have given you the Pendant of Courage?

She knew you would need to get the Master Sword!

Well then, my young hero, you’ve got quite a quest ahead of you. You have to find the other two pendants.

One pendant has been enshrined in the House of Gales.

And the other pendant, in the Tower of Hera.

I will mark those spots on your map, Link.

But first, it seems prudent to save before taking up such a quest. Care to do that, young hero?



Well…it was just a thought. It’s the wisdom of the ages to save every now and then.

I shall head home to search my library for clues to who the other Seven Sages of our day might be.

So for now, it’s all up to you, Link!

Ah, tell me, how are things going? Do you have the pendants yet, Link?

I see… Well, I’m certain you will succeed. The princess had faith in you, after all!

The fate of our kingdom rests in your hands, Link!

Ah, tell me, how are things going? Do you have the pendants yet, Link?

Well done! You’ve secured the Pendant of Wisdom, haven’t you?!

Now you must brave the Tower of Hera and get that pendant too! I wish you luck, Link!

Hear me, Link…

You have done well, my young hero!

You acquired the Pendant of Wisdom and the Pendant of Power.

Now that you have all three Pendants of Virtue, you have proven yourself worthy of the Master Sword.

You will find the blade deep within the Lost Woods! Go now. Claim what is rightfully yours!

Ah, have you found the Master Sword yet, Link?

I see… Well, then you must brave the depths of the woods to the north. It can be a fiendish forest.

But I’m certain you have it in you to find your way to that blade.

You’re so close now. Keep going, Link!

Hear me, Link…

The sword you hold in your hand is the one and only Master Sword!

Now that you possess that blade, you can break the barrier at the castle.

So make haste. We don’t have much time left. Get to Hyrule Castle!

Aha! No doubt-that is the very blade of evil’s bane. You have found the Master Sword!

Well done, Link.

Now there’s no time to waste. Strike down this nefarious barrier!

Please now, Link! Time is of the essence! Strike this evil barrier with your blade!

Why, that’s incredible! How easily it cuts through such dark magic!

Come now, to action! You must find Princess Zelda at once.

But it seems wise before such a fateful moment to save. Shall I do that for you now?



Well…it was just a thought. It’s the wisdom of the ages to save every now and then.

Then please, in all haste, rescue the princess, Link!

Yuga said he was going after the princess, didn’t he? And he’ll surely go after Lady Impa too.

Then he’ll have yet another Sage. So head into Hyrule Castle and put a stop to this tragedy!

Oh, my lad! You’re alive? I thought that…!

No matter. I am just glad to see you alive and well. Please tell me, is Princess Zelda safe?

I see… So Yuga has become evil itself in a kingdom of shadow… Curse him for all eternity!

His evil has spread even here, for just after you vanished into Hyrule Castle, a quake shook the kingdom!

It left fissures like this all through Hyrule! And when there are cracks, can shattering be far behind?

Oh, Link…

With Princess Zelda in our enemy’s hands, Hyrule is on the brink of disaster.

But you…! You at least wield the sacred blade of legend, the Master Sword!

Hope lives still, as long as you hold that sword, and your courage will surely see us through.

The future of Hyrule Kingdom is in your hands, Link.

These cracks are all over Hyrule, even in the back of my house!

Where can I go? Where will I sleep? I fear getting too close to such vicious fissures!

Oh, hear an old man’s pleas. Restore Hyrule Kingdom to what it was, Link!

You must have seen how many of those fissures have appeared throughout our kingdom.

Sinister as they seem, they may lead your closer to Hyrule’s salvation. Search far and wide for all of them!

You’re our kingdom’s last hope, Link…

Stylish Woman:

Eeeeee! How…how in Hyrule did you get in here? My door is locked, Link!

Well, never mind. I’m actually glad you popped in. I was just admiring my new dress.

What do you think of it? Glamorous, isn’t it? Oh, you’re too kind.

Very sweet of you. So here. Take this as thanks, Link.

I’ll leave the door open, so you’re welcome to pop in and out as you please.

This dress really is delightful, don’t you think? It’s more beautiful than even Lake Hylia.

Which reminds me…last time I was on the east shore of the lake, I saw something gleaming in the shallows.

I wonder if it’s still there.

Of course, I couldn’t get it. I simply wasn’t dressed for swimming!

Oh, you came back. Here’s a little token of my affection. Go on-take it. Don’t be shy!

Come back whenever you like!


How curious! I haven’t seen Osfala today. Hmm. I do wonder…

He’s probably out somewhere trying to prove himself a great hero, and all for Princess Zelda’s sake too.

  • sigh* There was a time when I thought Osfala would be MY hero. I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be.

You know, Osfala once made a gift of this robe to me. I thought he might have meant something by it.

But sometimes, a gift is just a gift.


You, stop where you are! What are you doing here at the Eastern Palace?

Oh, my apologies. I thought you were someone I’m looking for. Aren’t you Link?

You’re the blacksmith’s apprentice, right? But what brings you all the way to the Eastern Palace?

Vile deeds at the Sanctuary?

My master sent you to fetch me back to safety?


This Yuga you speak of… Surely he’s cause for grave concern.

But why should Sahasrahla be worried about me? I’m a descendant of the original Seven Sages.

I’m just as powerful as they were.

I even got myself a Sand Rod, so I’m more or less invincible. Bold talk, you might say, but it’s simply the truth.

I’ll get to the bottom of all this Yuga nonsense. Now, farewell to you, Link.

…Wh-where am I…?

You-the blacksmith’s apprentice! What are you doing here?

And with the Master Sword, no less!

That can only mean that you…have rescued…ME?

But I always thought that I was the hero of our day. That I was the one who’d be there for Princess Zelda!

It seems that I am only a Sage and not the hero. How very odd. Yet now I know my place in all of this.

So I pledge my support to your quest, little hero. Thank you for saving me, Link.

Now please, find the rest of the Seven Sages before it is too late.

Ah, and I suppose if you’re the hero, then you have more need of this Sand Rod than have I.

I wish I could give it to you as a gift, but truth be told, it’s not mine. It belongs to a merchant named Ravio.

I rented it, and the deal was that if I fell in battle… Well, never mind.

I need to get it back to him, but I seem to be…stuck here.

So, return this for me, would you?

Who could have guessed that this would be my fate-to stand here while you save the world?

Still, I have my place. You have yours. You must rescue the Seven Sages, Link!

Well done. Given all that you’ve accomplished, it’s obvious why fate chose you to be our hero.

Hmm. Honestly, as a Sage, I should have seen the greatness within you the very first time we met.


Whoa! Hold up a second, greenie!

Yeah, I’m talking to you! Someone else wearing the green hat?

Who am I? Haven’t heard of me? I’m Irene, best witch of my generation!

Still a junior witch, but whatever.

All right. Get this, I had my fortune told this morning, right?

And I was told I’d soon be visited by disaster. DISASTER!

But if I want to change my future, I should take care of…green. I was like, GREEN?

What, I should take care of the grass? I’m not mowing every lawn in Hyrule! Forget that. I’m a witch on the rise!

And then you came along-and then it all made sense. I’ve got to take care of you, greenie.

So here. Take this thing.

Been seeing those weather vanes all over the place? Just ring that bell, and I’ll fly you to any ones you’ve found.

Normally I don’t take passengers, but I’d rather haul you all over Hyrule than face disaster.

Anyway, gotta fly. I have errands to run for my gram. Later!

Oh, right. One more thing. My gram’s a world-class potion brewer. Her shop is behind the Eastern Palace.

I’d strongly suggest you go look her up. Her potions can’t be beat.

See? I’m looking out for you already, greenie.

Hey, you’re roaming around here, huh? Been to the fortune-teller over there yet?

He’s always got good info about what’s to come. So if you’re lost or stuck…? Go chat with him.

If you find yourself stuck, don’t forget to have your fortune told. See, I just can’t HELP helping you!

Hey, nice bell-ringing there. You’re a natural!

Hold tight so you don’t fall. See? I’m looking out for you big time!

Yeah, yeah. I heard you. Clang, clang. I was busy helping my gram!

Ever confused about where to go next? My gram isn’t big on it, but I swear by fortune-telling.

Had yours done? It works-really! So stop by the fortune-teller near the forest.

I know my fortune said to take care of green, but that bell is doing a job on my noggin.

Are you REALLY the green thing I’m supposed to be taking care of? Cuz you look like you’re doing just fine.

Well, whatever. Nice to see you now and then.

I hope you appreciate this. You know I’ve got a life of my own, right?

Things to do? Places to fly? But it looks like you’re having a rough slog, so no problem.

H-hey! You came to rescue me? Well, I…I don’t know what to say, Link!

But, uh, HEY! My fortune came true after all!

You took your sweet time getting here, didn’t you?! I was in big trouble! And I’ve got to get back to my gram!

That’s all right. I forgive you. Just don’t take that long to rescue me next time.

And don’t make any of the other Sages wait that long either. C’mon get to saving the rest!

What…? Want more thanks? Tell you what, Link.

Save all seven of us Sages, then I’ll write a big, long thank-you letter. But for now…? Just be careful, OK?

Hey, Irene here! Did I scare ya?

So, uh…thanks for helping me.

And this whole thing about me being a Sage? Some kind of special girl? Wow, big surprise.

Wish I could leave where I am now, but I’ll have to keep sending my broom.

You know, I really miss my gram. Can’t wait to see her again.

I am REALLY fired up right now just thinking about how this weird jerk Yuga caused all this!

You’d better hold on tight!

Did you get those eerie glasses from the fortune-teller? They let you see ghosts!

Neat. And creepy. But mostly neat.

Hey! Have you met Mother Maiamai yet? I hope so. I’ve heard that if you help her, she’ll do nice things for you.

I’m a li’l jealous how much she can help you out. She’s got POWER.

My broom will have to do. Off you go!

Aren’t you tired? Look, I’m delighted to give you a lift, but don’t forget to rest sometimes.

Hey, you lost? Confused about where to go next? Here’s a suggestion: head to the fortune-teller.

He knows ALL.

Listen, I know you saved me and all, but think you might be overusing the ol’ broom here?

All right, Irene’s Taxi here. That’ll be 9,999 Rupees.

Nah, just messing with your head. I couldn’t take money from you. So buckle up.

That BELL-! Why didn’t I give you something easier on the ears?

Hey, speaking of flying, did you know there are some places you can only reach with a Cucco?

You’re really waring out my poor li’l broom. You’d better buy me a new one once I’m out of here.

Otherwise, uh…how will I give you more rides?

You getting tired? Maybe you should get my gram to brew you a potion. I recommend the yellow stuff.

Isn’t your sword that legendary Master Sword or something?

I’ve heard it shoots out a beam when you’re at full health. That right?

Sounds more like a wand to me. Well, whatever gets the job done.

You’re lucky getting to go to so many different places. I hate being stuck. You know, just in general.

You look like you’re used to battle. But don’t let your guard down. And, hey, here’s a tip about bottles.

You know you can keep more than just potions and fairies in them? Yeah, apples and hearts too.

So do that. It’ll keep you from keeling over. No one wants to see you get hurt.

Uh, you know what my gram says? It’s good to walk. Stop to smell the roses. Pick up monster parts.

I wonder how she’s doing… Miss my gram.

I’ve been worried about how Princess Zelda is doing… Let’s get flying!

Is it just me, or are there TONS of monsters around right now?

Probably a good idea to pack some purple potion. My gram can brew up some for you.

All right, Link…

Come back safely, OK?

Treasure Hunter:

…Now, how’s all this going to work?

This place has so many levels… Time for some three-dimensional thinking.

So once that’s done, sure, that treasure will be mine!

There seem to be lots of empty chests around the kingdom.

I’m starting to think I’m not the only treasure hunter hereabouts.

Maybe jump off the ledge. Oh, better be holding a Cucco too! Right. That part’s important.

Yeah, then that treasure will be mine!

That block’s moving between there…and there… Gotta time it right.

Step on the floor switch, then hit the two round switches…

Well, that seems simple. Just need a bit of a breather first.

Dang. If I only had a sense of timing, that treasure would have been mine!

Use the Hookshot to fly at that wall. Uh, then press (A button) the moment I reach it? Right. That’s it.

Well, I worked it out. But it’s too bad my stomach gets all oogie when it comes to heights.

Yes, yes, I’m a professional treasure hunter. I can’t go anywhere without being recognized.

Having a tough time here, though. If only I could manipulate sand and wind, then I…

Well, let’s just say I’d be able to secure myself a nice little piece of treasure here…

Don’t you worry about it, though, kid. Just leave it to the professionals. I’ll figure this one out soon enough!

Get a boomerang. Right. I’ll have to do that. And then…what?

Oh, RIGHT. Flick it at that switch! Yeah, that treasure’s going to be all mine!

Dang. If only I could swim. Then that treasure would have been mine!

Zora Underling:

The bridge is broken. Some guy just dashed by and jumped it, though. Me, I could never do that.

I suppose there’s nothing to do but swim to Zora’s Domain.

What’d you say? You can’t swim? Hey, just like me. We’re like brothers, swimless friend!

And you know what? We both can’t get to Zora’s Domain either.

If only we had some kind of, er, what’s it called? A special ability…? Then we could get to Zora’s Domain.

It wouldn’t matter that we can’t swim!

Our queen is so wondrous! I couldn’t bear it if I never saw her smile again…

What a special ability! That’s about as special as they come!

Oh, looks like you have one of those-whaddya call it-special abilities. Hmm.

You’re a surprise, aren’t you?

The queen, the queen! Please help, somebody! HELP!

The queen is in a sea of trouble! We’ve got to do something!

But what? That guy doesn’t even KNOW all the trouble he just caused!

It’s getting worse by the second!

I can’t believe that guy came in and stole the smooth gem right out from under our gills!

That finless jerk probably though it was just some sparkly thing! But the queen needs it to contain her power!

Without that smooth gem, our queen will keep-!

She’ll keep bloating up!

But our poor queen…

We’ve got to get that smooth gem back, or else!

You must have seen that guy run out with the queen’s smooth gem, right?

We’ve GOT to get it back! Stranger, if you see a big, gleaming, golden gemstone, bring it back here.

I’m sure you’d get a nice reward!

Please, stranger! Can you get the queen’s smooth gem back?

We’ve got to get it back in her poor before all is lost!

The smooth gem is rarer than rare! Someone could get a high price for that.

Hmm… If anyone was going to make off with that stone, WE should’ve done it first.

Gah-what am I thinking? I can’t let the queen hear that sort of talk!

She’s just plain stuck until we get her smooth gem back somehow. Our poor queen…

Wait, stranger! Do you have the queen’s smooth gem?!

Throw it in the pool-hurry!

That’s not very funny, stranger!

Th-the queen!

The bloating has stopped!

What a relief!

The queen’s bloating stopped.

I wish the queen would do away with the poor and that magical gem.

Oooh, the smooth gem is back!

If I could only touch it… Just once!

Nice weather today, so I swam here with the queen. But she swims so fast…and I got left behind.

I’m hurt, to be honest. The queen left me behind…

I feel abandoned.

My queen… My queen…

The queen and her attendants have gone out for a swim in the lake.

I could get used to this guard-duty thing. There’s not much to do! The queen swims so fast…`

It’s impossible to keep up with her!

The queen’s been gone a long time. She should have come back from her swim by now.

They’re late. Too late.

Just follow the river down to the lake. Swim around for a bit, see what’s what, and then come back.

I shudder to think that something awful’s happened to the queen…


Urggh! These rocks! Real pain in the neck!

Huh? A customer?

Hey, you’re that kid who works for the blacksmith, right?

Decided you’ve had enough of that place, huh? Here to be MY apprentice, maybe?

Grah-ha-ha! Just joking! I wouldn’t do that to your master.

I was on the mountain mining ore when, all of a sudden, the earth started shaking!

When I got home, the place was a wreck. Rocks everywhere.

You seen outside? I’ll be bustin’ my back for days to clean up that mess.

At least pickin’ up rocks and smashin’ the things feels pretty good. Wish they were full of good ore, though.

What? You want to try too? Rah! Feels good smashin’ stuff!

Huh? Can’t do it?

Sorry to hear it. Can’t stand to see a nice kid like you not be able to throw your weight around…

Here-take this. It’s a hand-me-down from yours truly.

You’ll feel tough with that on your mitt-oughta be able to pick up rocks! Smaller ones, anyway.

And if you get to smashin’ and just can’t stop yourself, well, there’s a whole bunch of them outside!

Grah-ha-ha! Just a joke, that’s all. I wouldn’t REALLY tell ya to do all my work out there.

Still, if you do…who am I to stop ya?

Now, these rocks aren’t gonna clean themselves up. Back to it!

And tell that ol’ smithy master of yours I said hello.

Guys like us just gotta smash rocks now and then, right?

Wh-where have all those darned rocks got to?


You went ahead and did the job for me! I gotta thank you for all that.

Come on in, OK?

Glad to share what’s in that chest with you. You earned it, kid!

Well, just look at this. Who would have thought I’d see YOU here, Link?

Not all that surprised to see me here though. I’ve known for a long time that I was a Sage.

Never told anyone though. It wasn’t really a secret. I was just too busy mining all the time to mention it.

Speaking of busy-you’ve still got some work to do here. Find the rest of the Seven Sages, OK?

If you do, you’ll be all the stronger, Link.

Hmm, the Master Sword looks different somehow.

Oh, I get it. The blacksmith tempered it for you, huh? Where’d he scare up such fine ore to do that?

Well, just be glad he did that for you. Say hi to him for me the next time you see him, OK?

Can’t say I care much about all this Demon King business. I just want to get home and crack some rocks.

So find the rest of the Seven Sages already. I’m going to go nuts if I’m cooped up here for much longer.

Hmm, the Master Sword looks… I dunno, really different.

Oh, I get it. The blacksmith in Lorule tempered it for you, huh?

Gotta say his work puts your master’s to shame. But it’s good to get knocked down a peg now and then, you know?

You’re lookin’ more and more like a hero every step of the way! I couldn’t be prouder of you, kid.


Get me-! Get me OUT of here!

Are you the one who helped me?

Thanks to you, I’m free of my pool. That was all rather undignified.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Oren, Queen of the Zoras.

I don’t know how I came to rely on that troublesome smooth gem. But I do need it, so I thank you deeply.

I am filled with gratitude. Please take these, won’t you?

They will allow you to swim and dive so you may travel the rivers and roam the lakes.

But my Zoras do consider that their territory, and while I tell them to get along with people…

I have to admit, they just don’t listen. So be careful out there.

I’m sorry you had to hear us in such an uproar.

Once more you have come to my rescue, Link.

How I wish I could again reward you with a gift—something that would calm the troubled waters of your journey.

I can offer you only my deepest gratitude...and yet another task, I'm afraid.

You must rescue every one of the Seven Sages. Only together can we help you defeat this great evil.

I will be glad to be eternally in your debt, if only we all survive this flood of evil.

Please now, rescue every one of the Seven Sages, my young hero!

I hope that this evil will be defeated so I can return to my people. They must be frantic without their queen.

Thank you, my young hero. You have saved all seven of the Sages.

You have displayed great heroism in crossing the worlds to rescue us. So this is your just reward.

The Triforce of Courage is yours.

It will be essential in your battle with Yuga, though always remember, your courage is what inspires us all…

You have my undying gratitude, young hero. You are truly among the very best of your people.

Now there is more for you to do, if I am to get back home to MY people. The Zoras are surely worried.

Racing Bro:

Step right up, and try your feet at Hyrule Hotfoot! It’s a mad dash for the finish!

Put those feet of yours to the test, fella. I can tell you’re fleet of foot. I bet you’ll burn up the tracks!

The entry fee is 20 Rupees. If you make it to the finish, you’ll get an excellent prize.

Ready for this?

Born ready

The finish is behind the miner’s place. I’ll mark it on your map with a flag.

My brother is standing at the finish, so talk to him when you get there. OK, you have 75 seconds!

All set?



No worries. Come back when you feel like a run. I’ll be here.

Uh, you know you’ll run out of time if you don’t hurry, right?

Time’s up…

Hey, don’t take it too hard. No doubt you’ll nail it next time, buddy.

Look at that determination. You want to try again right away, right?

You got it

That’s the spirit. Let’s get those feet of yours back in action.


Oh, all right. Rest up and try again later.

How about you give it another try? Check in with my little brother at the starting point.

What, unless it’s too much trouble to hightail it all the way back there? Yeah

You tell it like it is, don’t you?

OK! Off you go then! Show us your best shot! Take it to the limits!


Oh, sorry. Thought your dogs might be complainin’ there. My mistake. OK, can’t wait to see you try again.

Congrats! You made it! And with a time of (x) seconds!

The prize you’ve been waiting for is…THIS!

You should try the intermediate challenge next!

Ready for some Hyrule Hotfoot? I bet a primo racer like you can handle a tougher challenge!

This time we’re bumping up the challenge-6 5 seconds!

Those are some fleet feet you have there, buddy-put mine to shame.

I bet if you really go all out, you’d knock the socks off my little brother and me. Can’t wait to see that!

Ready for some Hyrule Hotfoot? Come on-time to show my brother and me what you’ve got. Pour on the speed!

This time we’ll give you an advance challenge-(x) seconds!

You’re really something else. No way we could ever touch your times, Link. Whooeee!

Runaway Item Seller:

Eeeee! I didn’t do it! Or maybe I did! Whatever. I’m just sorry either way!

Who are you? Did my wife send you to find me?

I sealed up the opening nice and tight. There wasn’t even a crack, so how’d you get in here?

Y-y-you’re not here to bring me back to the village, are you?

Uh, then how about h-h-helping me out with something? I mean, if it isn’t t-t-too much trouble?



S-so here’s the thing: I run the item shop in Kakariko Village.

Or, uh, I did. Until I wasted almost all of my profits on something dumb. Well, it didn’t SEEM dumb at first.

I bought an apple from the street merchant outside my shop.

It looks so tasty, I gave him almost every Rupee I had. B-b-but you’d do the same thing too, right?


What? You would?

Anyway, about that apple… I ate it right away, right? And it was the best apple EVER.

Worth every Rupee for sure.

Unfortunately, my wife didn’t see things that way. She really let me have it.

And wow, how my wife can yell when she thinks she’s right.

Er, I guess she WAS right. It was most of our savings, after all.

So, uh, and I’m not proud of this…but when I took a lunch break, I just sort of didn’t come back.

See? That’s my sad story. Could happen to anyone, right?

Only you

…You sound just like my wife.

You seem like you’re really sure of yourself there.

I’ve been thinking that I’ve got to hide myself away until I really sort it all out.

Maybe in some secluded dungeon! But I know those places are dangerous without the right gear.

Like a Scoot Fruit! Yeah, I need one of those before I go. Please get me one!

Whoa. I see you’ve got yourself a Scoot Fruit!

Could you let me have that? I really need a Scoot Fruit!


Thank you so much! Here- take this as thanks.

With this, there’s nothing to be afraid of… There’s not, is there?

Or is there?

Er, first I’ll need to gather up the courage to even go into a dungeon… Breathe in… Breathe out…

Breathe in… OK, all better.


Y-y-you’re not as cool as I thought!

Of course

R-r-really? To anyone? That makes me f-f-feel a little better.

You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you?


OK, OK. Th-that’s cool.


Yeah, I don’t blame you. I…uh…I wouldn’t help me either.

Huh. M-m-maybe I should just stick around here. Or maybe I’ll go to a dungeon after all.

I don’t know! But at least I have that Scoot Fruit of yours now. That’ll be my backup plan.

Bouldering Guy:

Whoa, buddy! Great job. Not the easiest thing getting up here!

Who, me? Just out here bouldering. You know, climbing mountains. Sounds cooler to say bouldering.

Whoa! What’s with that weird, smudgy glow around Hyrule Castle?

What’s going on over there? Can’t be good, whatever it is.

What happened down at the castle? It’s so far down there. I just can’t make it out very well…

Ugh, how embarrassing…

I was bouldering along just fine when I slipped and fell. I twisted my ankle. Now I’m stuck.

Ha! No way! You really found my letter in a bottle?

I threw that out to the lake! Yeah, always had a good arm. But wait. Didn’t you read it?

I’m desperate for some tasty premium milk up here.

I gotta get some of that, or I’m never going to get off this hunk of rock.

Not a bad way to end my days, being a boulderer and all.

But still, what I wouldn’t do for a drink of premium milk from the Milk Bar.

Hey, guy. W-w-wait! Is that what I THINK it is?

Milk?! Ice-cold milk!

And not just any milk, but some premium milk? GIMME!


That really hit the spot-best milk in the kingdom, right? Uh, wait. Oops. Did I drink the whole thing?

Sorry, friend. And after you came all this way. Well, how about doing me another favor?

Here, take this garbage away.

Don’t want to leave trash on the mountain, right?

OK, my ankle’s all spiffed up now that I’ve had some premium milk.

Still, going to take it slow before I head back down. Thanks again! You’re a boulderer’s best bud.

Hey, you there. Thanks for your help before!

I really gotta say thanks. I wouldn’t have ever tasted this creamy milk without your assistance.

Mother Maiamai:

My, oh, my! What business have you with Mother Maiamai? Forgive me if my spirits aren’t flying so high.

We were on a great voyage through all the worlds, my tykes and I…

Then I lost sight of my little Maiamais! All 100 of my babies, by and by!

Could you find all of them? You’ll hear my children crying-calling for their Mother Maiamai!

       Of course

Can’t do it

I’d search for them myself. I swear that I’d try. But in this world, I’m just too large to find my little guys.

Why, oh, why? Mother Maiamai would be in your debt forever, if only you’d try!

I’ll do it

Thanks! Mother Maiamai finds you quite a kind child.

Here-take this. It will help you know if my tykes are nearby.

Oh, yes-upon the Maiamai Map you can surely rely!

Go on-tap the Maiamai Map icon on your Touch Screen!

Those numbers tell you how many of my little Maiamais are in each area.

At least until you rescue some, and then it will tell you only how many more you have yet to find!

Now please, go and search for all my Maiamais!

They call out with such cute, chirping sounds. Yet they must be so sad, missing their Mother Maiamai.


My babies are so shy. You might not even see them when you walk by.

You can hear them cry, so please find out where they all hide!

I knew you’d be able to help me. Thank you-oh, thank you!

If you bring me your items, I’ll give you a nice reward-yes, oh so nice!

But I can’t work my magic on items you don’t own. Nothing lent-only your true possessions!

Oh, I can make something of yours nicer! Please give it to Mother Maiamai!

I can make something of yours nicer! Please give it to Mother Maiamai!

The bow?



The boomerang?



The Hookshot?



The hammer?



The bombs?



The Fire Rod?



The Ice Rod?



The Tornado Rod?



The Sand Rod?



You found all of my babies! Please take this from Mother Maiamai!

Mother Maiamai can’t thank you enough. You found all my Maiamais! You’re nice, child, very nice.

You came just in time!

It’s a bit sudden, but we must bid you good-bye. I’m off to a different dimension with my Maiamais!

Oh! But Mother Maiamai doesn’t even know your name!


What a nice name. There’s nothing more I could do to make it nicer, oh, good friend of mine.

My darling tykes owe you their lives. May we see you again, by and by.

Good-bye! Good-bye! And thank you, Link!


Hello there, Link!

I’m the 72nd Maiamai you saved! Thanks for all your help.

Mom and the others have gone off. But I-? I stayed behind. Time for me to be my own Maiamai.

Hopefully I’ll learn to be as good of a mother as my Mother Maiamai. Wish me luck, Link!

Bird Lover:

Wh-what gives? I was playing with those birds! You don’t like my feathered friends?

I like birds

The joyful way they fly around always lifts my spirits. I’d love to fly just once.

I don’t like them

Hey, come now. There’s a lot more to birds than you might think.

They look so carefree, but who knows what’s REALLY going on inside those little noggins of theirs? I love that.

You need something?



You came to such an out-of-the-way place for no reason?

You know, this bottle washed up here a little ways back. And now you come on by. Exciting day for me!

TOO much excitement. I gotta admit. I like things to stay nice and simple. Just me and the birds here.

So do me a favor. Take this bottle with you. It’ll do my nerves good.

Let’s talk

Hmm... You came to such an out-of-the-way place to chat with me?

The world above, up on the bridge…? I’m glad to let it all go right on by. Less I have to do with it, the better.

Rumor Guy:

Heh. I know you. You’re that little Link, right?

I saw that shooty chain thing you used to get in here. Looks fun.

Heh. Looks like you’ve gotten used to swinging a sword around, Link.

Huh? Going home? That’s a shame. Lots of stuff I could tell you. Interesting stuff. Heh.

Heh, heh! Want some gossip?

Tell me.

Forget it.

Well, pardon me for existing. Am I in your way here? Do I need to move? Is there anything I can do for you?

So you like to know other people’s secrets! Whom do you want to know about? Ask away.

The witch.


You’ve heard about the witch, right?

That old crone used to have a little bit of a thing for the fortune-teller. And you know how THAT goes.

It just wasn’t in the cards…or the crystal ball, I guess.

When the fortune-teller got sick, she brewed him up a potion. Nothing better than homemade stuff, ya know?

But she dropped it off in his mailbox on the sly. Bashful, that old girl. Warms the heart. Truly does. Ha!

So then, later on, the witch actually goes and visits the fortune-teller to get her fortune, right?

Well, I’m not one to gossip…

What happened?

So, the witch is at the fortune-teller’s place-you’ve been there, yeah?

So, he does a show with his hands and says, “But I see… I see…a man that you fancy! His face is cloudy…

“He does not return your affections! There is no future for the two of you.”

You believe that? What a fool! He couldn’t even tell that he was looking at himself! That poor woman…

Never thought I’d feel bad for a witch! Now you’ve heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain’t gonna spread itself!

I don’t care.

Princess Zelda.

Oh, that princess… She’s quite an interesting one, let me tell you. You wanna hear something juicy?

When we reach a certain age, even the princess comes to a point where she has love on her mind, right…?

Of course!


You didn’t hear it from me, but every night the princess goes on a little excursion inside the castle.

Her maids say that she’s secretly meeting someone. Apparently, she’s not very good at the “secretly” part.

So, one night, someone gave in to the delicious temptation of curiosity and decided to follow the princess…

And guess what happened!

What happened?

The princess stopped in front of a large painting on display in the center of the castle.

And she stood there just staring up at the painting for 10 minutes. And then went back to her room. Just like that!

So when the person following her went to inspect the painting… You’ll never guess what happened!

That painting…?


This painting was of a hero and princess from several generations ago cuddling in one another’s arms…

This person following her-it wasn’t me, I swear-continued to follow her every night! Creepy.

And it was the same thing every time! Princess Zelda would just stare at that picture night after night…

Not a very exciting end, I suppose. Maybe that’s not so juicy after all. Oh well. They can’t all be overripe fruit!

The painting brought out a look of such admiration that had never been seen before in the princess.

Now you’ve heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain’t gonna spread itself!

I don’t care.


Eh. Don’t care.


You wanna hear about ol’ Gramps, eh…?

Well, this one isn’t a rumor. It’s something I actually saw with my own two peepers.

But I probably shouldn’t say anything. You know me-I’m not one to gossip.

I might get in trouble if I told you. But on the other hand, If you really want to know, I mean…


So, Gramps in Kakariko Village? Near the town square? He’s 80 years old, or so he says.

I don’t think he’s just some ordinary old man who’s just hangin’ around…

So, this one time, I saw him at the crack of dawn. You’ll never guess what he was doing!


Well, he’s always doing that.

I don’t know how you knew that, but that’s not the weird part…


Yes! Handstands!

So you saw him too, Link?!

Eating dirt.

Yeah! Isn’t that, um…odd?

NO! He was not doing that. That would be so bad for you teeth, I think…

He was doing handstands! Not any ordinary handstands.

One-fingered handstands! Really! I saw it!

Either he’s doing a sort of intense physical training or he’s got some secret abilities he’s hiding.

But I don’t want to be on that guy’s bad side, so I didn’t tell you nuthin’!

Now you’ve heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain’t gonna spread itself!

Lost Woods Poes:

Hree hee hee! Welcome to the Lost Woods!

These woods will trick you into going back the way you came!

But all hope is not lost! If you can follow me, then you can walk a little deeper into the woods.

Watch carefully!

Oh, well done.

That was fun, but now we’re going to MISLEAD you. Now two of us will bounce around.

So don’t follow the two of us, or you’ll wind up back at the start!

Hree hee hee! Think you can get it right?

Oh, very well done! Hmph. I guess it’s time to REALLY stump you!

Now three of us will bounce around. Don’t follow us!

Hree hee hee! Think you can get it right?


Oh, Hero of Hyrule, I can hold the beast at bay for only so long.

It should prove enough time to bid you a most sorrowful welcome to my kingdom. Welcome to Lorule.

My name is Princess Hilda, and I have failed you in every way.

I knew Yuga planned to slip into your world to abduct Zelda and the Sages. I…I couldn’t stop him.

Now he has used them to summon the Demon King and siphon his power.

Yuga’s appetite will soon consume our worlds. Hyrule and Lorule-the beast’s for the taking.

I cannot hold him back much longer. So… I must see you to safety. Ah, here we are… A moment more of safety, Link.

Though Yuga is slipping his bonds, I will try to keep you safe from him as long as I can.

I’m afraid I must ask you to do what I cannot-defeat the beast.

To do that, you must awaken your full potential, Hero of Hyrule.

I sense that the paintings of Hyrule’s Seven Sages are being sent to the far corners of Lorule.

You must steal those paintings back. The secret to Yuga’s defeat lies in uniting your friends!

Farewell, Hero of Hyrule… We shall meet again…

Can you hear me, Hero of Hyrule?

It is I, Princess Hilda. I wanted to warn you about the kingdom in which you’ve found yourself.

My Lorule may remind you of your own home. But, in fact, our kingdoms are as different as night and day.

Worlds apart, as they say.

But Yuga’s scheme has forced our two kingdoms close together.

So close, they are now connected.

What’s more, the Seven Sages you seek are spread across my land, locked away in dungeons.

But because parts of Lorule have long crumbled away, you cannot get to them from where you now are.

To reach them, you must first find a way back to Hyrule.

From various parts of your world, you can reach the same parts of mine.

Now, one more thing.

I have welcomed you to Lorule, but my kingdom…? It ISN’T so welcoming to strangers.

Farewell-and be careful out there, Link.

Welcome back to Lorule Kingdom, Link…

You are in the area where the Skull Woods strike fear into the hearts of the living.

Not that there are many who live her for long. Within the woods are being no longer of this world.

But brave them you must, if you are to recover a Sage who is pure of heart. Gather your courage.

So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

Welcome back to Lorule Kingdom, Link…

Not far from here is a maze built to contain the power of fire. You must find a way to control the flames.

I also sense a strong presence in this vicinity. No doubt it’s a Sage.

Go now. Only you can help. So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

Welcome back to Lorule Kingdom, Link…

You find yourself near a swamp that is a dread and rotting place.

Within it I sense…the very faint presence of a Sage.

And, how odd…I sense also desert sand near this Sage. But there is NO desert in Lorule!

Furthermore, I forsee that you must bring an item into a temple there that will give you control over sand.

I say again that there is no desert in Lorule. I do sense the start of your path is here though. How baffling.

So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

Welcome back to Lorule Kingdom, Link…

You have entered a truly evil place.

You must find the Dark Palace. There you will discover a Sage in desperate need of your help.

Please…go quickly to the rescue. So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

You are nearing the Dark Palace. It is home to the followers of a great and terrible beast.

They were once soldiers from Lorule Castle. How they revere a foul being and cower here in this temple.

I accept the responsibility. I was too weak to protect them. They were all good people…my people.

If they find you, they will imprison you. Please be careful. So say I, Hilda of Lorule.

Welcome back to Lorule Kingdom, Link…

Where you stand now was once a holy place. Now it could not be further away from such a thing.

However, nearby sleeps something that will help you on your journey. A thorough search will behoove you.

So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

Oh, lovely Zelda. What is it like to be a princess from a kingdom blessed by so many happy endings?

Once upon a time, Lorule was such a place. Once, but no longer.

Lorule was just like Hyrule. So very beautiful. So very…promising.

We have need of a hero-and your Link is superb.

We all deserve a happy ending, don’t we? I can only hope that Link is victorious.

Welcome back to Lorule Kingdom, Link…

This is Death Mountain. Here it is always winter… Somewhere buried under the ice is a ruined hall.

A Sage with a soul as formidable as a boulder awaits your help there.

You must hurry, though… His spirit will not last forever with such accursed ice everywhere.

So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

Oh, lovely Zelda. Can you begin to comprehend how lucky you are? Such legends! Such heroes!

We had legends. We had heroes. Lorule had hope.

But all that is gone. Lorule has only me now. And YOUR hero, of course.

And if the Hero of Hyrule fails me…? Oh, but I must have courage! He will succeed, or all is lost.

Oh, lovely Zelda. Can you sense it? Our brave hero almost has the Triforce of Courage. Lorule WILL be saved, thanks to him. And one princess to another…? I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

Can you hear me, Hero of Hyrule?

You have arrived just in time, for Yuga has escaped my bonds, and his minions are loose in Lorule Castle!

Give me a moment while I remove the barrier that protects my castle. Then make haste, Link!

You have done well to come so far, Hero of Hyrule. I trust you now have the Triforce of Courage?

Perhaps it’s only fair that I share a story with you.

It’s the legend of how Lorule fell to its…current condition.

Long ago, Lorule possessed a sacred golden treasure. It could grant the wish of anyone who touched it.

It was known as the Triforce in our world, as it is in yours.

Many sought to control the Triforce, plunging Lorule into endless war. Our kingdom was on the verge of ruin.

My ancestors got rid of the Triforce to stop the war-by destroying it. Utterly and absolutely.

It was done with good intentions. But it had disastrous consequences.

The Triforce was the foundation of our world, and without it, our kingdom crumbled.

Chaos has since reigned in Lorule.

We NEED a Triforce. So imagine my surprise when I learned of the existence of another one.


A Triforce based on such virtues as Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

To that end, I have guided your destiny, Hero of Hyrule.

As the Princess of Lorule, it is my duty to save my kingdom. So I know you’ll understand it when I say…

I must have your Triforce of Courage!

Yuga! I command you! Seize the Triforce of Courage from him! Lorule shall be reborn!

Give me your Triforce of Power, Yuga!

We mustn’t be defeated! If we are, Lorule will be lost forever!

Come now, obey me! Give it to me at once!


Wh-what more can I do…?


You understand nothing!

Your kingdom has been under the protection of your Triforce…

This isn’t over! I must have it!

You vanish on me and now come crawling back? Why?

Another betrayal?! This hero has proven useful to me, but you-! You wanted him to defeat me?

You’d rather see Lorule crumble?!


That’s not what I…!

Oh, no…

You’re right.

Princess Zelda, I have been led astray, tempted by the power of your Triforce. But I swear…

I did it for my people.

No, please, let me finish. You are so fortunate to have a hero like Link.

What courage he has displayed! That alone proves that Hyrule deserved its Triforce.

Now I will ensure that you leave this dark kingdom of mine safely-and with your Triforce.

Please, follow me. I know of a way that you can go home.

Welcome to Lorule’s Sacred Realm…

Yuga discovered that there was a strange crack in this grim slate…

Through it, we could sense that there was another world beyond ours… a place where the Triforce still existed.

He and I devised the scheme that imperiled your kingdom. But I alone will set this right.

Please now, if you will give me your bracelet, Link.

I should be able to use the last of its power to send the both of you home to Hyrule.

It’s been a pleasure, my friend. I got to meet a real, live, genuine hero.

Ha! Who knows? Maybe some of your courage rubbed off on me. So thanks, Link.

Thank you, Princess Zelda… Oh, thank you.

And to you as well, Hero of Hyrule… Thank you, Link!

Blacksmith’s Wife (Lorule):

How does this kid expect to survive two seconds in Lorule if he’s-?

Well, well, well… Lookit this! Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you?

How was your nap?!

Don’t even know why I brought you back. Shoulda just left you there passed out in the middle of the road…

Now that you’re awake and I see you’re OK, you can see yourself to the door. Go on now. Scoot!

Whaddya want this time?! Here I am, taking all this time just to help folks out… Since when did I get so…nice?!

The nerve… Passing out right in the middle of the road and then mumbling that name… What was it? Gulley?

Whoever heard of such a name? Even if I had kids, I would never name one Gulley! Now go on! Scoot!

Yeah… You were collapsed in the middle’a the road. AGAIN. So I brought you back here. AGAIN.

I’d appreciate it if you could quit collapsin’ all over the place. Think you could manage that?!

Try to help someone, and they just end up in yer way again! SHEESH!

What is this sudden mood change? He’s really worked up! You wouldn’t know anything about this, would you?

That expression he gets on his face once he starts smithin’… It’s a special look. I fell for that look, y’know?

Once my husband sets his mind to something… Now I remember why I married him lo those many years ago…

Sorry if I’ve been a little crabby lately. But you’ve helped remind me of the good in people. Thanks, kid.

Craftsman (Lorule):

You’re the kid the boss’s wife picked up, eh?

I don’t know what I can do for ya. I just work here, y’know what I mean?

I say “work,” but it’s not like we’re all that busy here, y’know?

Wow! I haven’t seen the master fired up like this for a while!

OK, let’s do it! My arms are itchin’ to start smithin’.

Yaahaa! Lookit that! It’s a fine piece of work. A fine piece of work indeed!

We don’t call him the master for nuthin’, ya know? It’s nice to see him back in his old form. Thanks, kiddo!

Blacksmith (Lorule):

Are you really running around with a sword like that? Sheesh…

I pour my heart and soul into crafting fine weapons, and folks still just battle with whatever they find lying around…

Hey, you there! Kid!

Th-that sword you got there, kid! Lemme see it for a second!

Let me take a look…at…?

This is really a fine sword. Excellent craftsmanship! Just excellent. Whoever made this was very skilled!

Not as skilled as I am, of course. Wow. I mean, I am the top blacksmith in the world, y’know…

But whoever did this might just be the second best.

Ah, this is getting my blood running!

Hey, boy! Follow me!

If you can find two chunks of Master Ore, I’ll temper that sword of yours.

And I won’t just temper it, I’ll make that sword of your sing! It’ll be the envy of the whole world!

I just need two chunks of that ol’ Master Ore, and you’ll see what I mean!

If you want your sword tempered, bring me two chunks of Master Ore. And do it before I lose steam!

Here I am. I finally found the motivation to do some smithin’, and we don’t got any Master Ore!

What’s that…? You’ve got a piece there, eh?

Well, to make the sword I’m thinking of, you’re gonna need one more piece.

You bring me that, and I’ll give you the most beautiful blade this world has ever seen!

I don’t often get this worked up, y’know? Get movin’ and bring me one more chunk of Master Ore!

Here I am. I finally found the motivation to do some smithin’, and we don’t got any Master Ore!

Without that, I can’t power up your sword, no s- …Huh?



Look at what you’ve got! Just look at it! With that Master Ore, I can strengthen your sword!

How about it?

Yes, please!

Oy! Come now, let’s get to temperin’ this guy’s sword! Give me a hand!

Maybe later…

Oh come on… I finally got up the gumption to do some smithin’ here!

You’re not gonna find anyone else who can strengthen that sword of yours! Bah! Suit yourself.

OK! I talk a good game. But now it’s time for me to back it up!

Mm-hmm… There we have ‘er.

Whaddya think?

Told ya I was number one! This here is the mightiest sword there is! You’re gonna be unstoppable now, kid!

Ahh, that was good work I did. Best one in a good long while.

…Thanks, kid. It means a lot to be able to work on a piece like that.

Hey, strike down some monsters for me with that beauty, will ya?

Witch (Lorule):

I don’t mean to boast about my spicy darling here, but why not? Not everyone’s got a fellow like him.

He’s handsome AND talented.

Of course you are, darling, and I’m the MOST fortunate witch around!

Don’t you dare nitpick my darling’s fortunes. He’s always right.

What now? Who’s Irene?

Does this have something to do with my darling? If not, I don’t give a wicked fig!

What is it? I've got a lot on my mind. My darling read my fortune...

It said that I'll have good luck if I make some purple potion.

I'd do anything for him, but do you KNOW what that potion is made of? Ack...monster guts!

Fortune-Teller (Lorule):

Oh, c’mon, Mapes. You know how I can’t stand compliments…

Unless you say them right.

I’m the MOST handsome and talented. Why, I’m the foremost fortune-teller in this world or any other!

I am a reader of fortunes, and I see your future. I’ll tell you what’s to come for 20 Rupees.

Tell me

No, thanks

Are you saying you have no interest in having your fortune told?

My fortunes can be worth their weight in gold. Especially when you’re feeling particularly stuck in your adventures.

How may I be of help?



But if you don’t want to hear, maybe that’s all for the best…

Oh! So much fortune to tell! It’s like a buffet of fate. I see seven paths before you…

Which path would you like to ask about?

Dark Palace

I see a place strewn with rocks, east of Hyrule Castle…

And I see something odd on a pillar there. I suggest that you investigate.

I see…that you were lost in the Dark Palace!

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it.

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Swamp Palace

I see an enormous bomb…one that will…follow you?

It is south of Thieves’ Town.

Lead it to a shrine surrounded by water, south of Lorule Castle.

I see a tree stump in front of the shrine surrounded by water…

I suggest that you go there with your Hookshot.

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it.

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Skull Woods

I can see Sahasrahla’s house in Kakariko Village…

And I see something strange on the wall in the back of the house… I suggest that you investigate.

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it.

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Another path

These are the other paths. Which one would you like to ask about?

Ice Ruins

I see an area due east of the Tower of Hera…around the very top of Death Mountain…

Something strange is going on with the stone wall of Rosso’s ore mine. I suggest that you investigate.

I see the snow-capped summit of a mountain and frozen…statues?

I sense that you need something that produces fire to blaze your way through.

I see…that you were lost in the Ice Ruins!

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it.

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Desert Palace

I see a strange feature on a wall, far south of Hyrule’s Blacksmith.

It might be a long way, full of detours, but that’s where you should go.

I see…that you were lost in the Desert Palace!

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Turtle Rock

I see…Lake Hylia to the southeast of Hyrule Castle…

Ah, I see more now… There’s one of those strange fissures. I’d suggest that you investigate it.

I see Turtle Rock in the southeast lake in Lorule.

And I sense that there is a way to cool and harden the lava there. So take an item there that does that.

Once you have saved all the turtles, you will find a way forward.

I see…that you were lost in Turtle Rock!

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it.

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Another path

This is the last path.

Thieves’ Hideout

I see… What? No, I hear…! I hear people singing a password around Thieves’ Town.

You would do well to walk around there and listen to these words carefully.

I see…that you were lost in Thieves’ Hideout!

I can see no further, but I’d suggest using those Hint Glasses you’ve got there to make your way through it.

I see a portrait in a house east of the Thieves’ Hideout.

Why don’t you try heading there?

Strange. So very strange. The path is clouded… Oh, I see. That isn’t your future. It’s your past.

You have been there…and done that. No, keep your Rupees. But feel free to inquire about a different path.

Another path

I see an enormous structure in the middle of Lorule, a place of great evil… But what else do I see there…?!

Aghh-! Nothing more! My crystal ball cannot see any further into your future at present!

I sense incredible danger. Yet you must face what is there.

Dungeon Bro:

Us brothers will be taking this here treasure! ‘Less you be dashin’, you may as well go home now!

Pant…gasp…*hurk*… I don’t… Howzit that I’m not bein’ fast enough? I’m never not bein’ fast enough!

That’s a nice dash you got there!

With those wee little legs of yours… there’s nowhere you couldn’t go!

I don’t buy that! This little twig of a boy, faster than my big brother? That sounds like a cheat, if you ask me!

Derby Girl:

If you hit three pots in a row, you’ll see a bird cross the field. Hit it for an extra 20 Rupees, kid!

Here’s a pro tip, kid: the pots reset if you hit one of the crabs.

Move the Circle Pad up and down to change your batting stance. Your distance depends on your stance!


I may not look like much, but I’m aiming for the big leagues, pal! Remember that!

What’s up there, buddy? You wanna take me on? That why you’re staring at me like dat?! Let’s do it!

Whaddya think of my hat? It’s official big league apparel! It suits me, yah? Say it suits me! …Please?

Think you can handle the heat I bring? Then step on up to my kitchen plate! …I’m still workin’ on that one.

Derby Boy:

Hey, batta, batta, batta! Welcome to the Octoball Derby!

It’s 50 Rupees per game. How about it, kid? Wanna give it a swing?


Attaboy, batta boy! Yer on deck. Here we go! 30 pitches comin’ at ya!


OK, let’s see…you got (x) Rupee(s)!

You fall asleep out there? You gotta swing if you wanna hit anything?

Watch where you’re hittin’ those balls, pal! You almost knocked out my Octorok pitcher!

You wanna play again? You know the drill. It’s 50 Rupees per go.



Hoo-wee! You hit the 100-Rupee mark! Nice job, kid!

Gimme a quick second, and I’ll grab ya something special for that effort!

OK, here’s your prize for hitting the 100-Rupee mark!

I’m fresh outta prizes, but come back and play whenever you want!

Hey there, slugger! Welcome back to the Octoball Derby.

It’s 50 Rupees per game. Your best score so far is (x) Rupee(s)!

Wanna give it another swing?



You set a new record! Congrats!

Rupee Rush Guy:

Ready to…rush? Nah, not my style. To roll? To…? Eh, whatever.

So look here. This is Rupee Rush. I’m not gonna sell you on it.

I will say this, though. It’s not a bad way to make some good loot.

I’ll give you 30 seconds to grab as many Rupees as you can.

If you come back and talk to me before your time is up, you get to keep all your Rupees.

It’s not THAT easy, though. Because there’s no timer.

Play some Rupee Rush? C’mon, it’s only 100 Rupees for one go.


If you don’t speak to me within 30 seconds, there’s no payout. Got it? OK then, go!


Fine. No skin off my nose. If you change your mind, I’m here.

No Rupees… Hmm. If you don’t care about Rupees, you’re in the wrong place.

If you think you’ve got the timing down pat, come again.

Not gonna wait forever, though…

This game’s all about coming in as close to the nick of time as you can. So, sorry, but you forfeit.

Wait until you’re at LEAST within 10 seconds to speak to me!

And the results are in!

I like a greedy go-getter, but you forfeit. Sorry.

Sorry, but you were over by…let’s see… (x) second(s).

I admire your greedy gusto, but sorry…you forfeit.

You call that just on time? I call it early by a mile!

Lookit that! A new record! Looks like you figured out the secret to rushing!

The current high score is (x) Rupee(s).

Hmm. Not too shabby…

I mean, that was some OK work with the whole just-in-timeness there.


Just in time?!

Er, sorry. I don’t usually get so, uh, excited. But thanks. Nice to see someone do really well here.

That’s a towering achievement! Here’s your reward!

Bomb-Shop Man:

(eighth note) Yo ho ho! Who is that who goes? Friend or foe? Who is it? Do I know?

(eighth note) For bombs you seem to be searchin’. Well then, leave me to my researchin’!

(eighth note) What I can sell ya now is n-n-n-nuttin’! Sorry I ain’t got more for your mutton!

(eighth note) Buh-buh-buh-buh! Want the Big Bomb Flower?

(eighth note) Lucky you-I’m lendin that power! For a one-time fee, use it for hours and hours.

(eighth note) Oh yeah, the Big Bomb Flower. Wanna n-nuh-know about its power?

       (eighth note) Wanna know

No need

(eighth note) So quiet! Y’know silence glistens. That’s fine with me-I’ll just talk. And you just listen!

(eighth note) The flower bloomin’ in the garden is really a bomb. And it’s a total bargain!

(eighth note) Just go on and touch it. It’ll be a following bloom.

(eighth note) Big Bomb Flower gonna make big boulders go boom!

(eighth note) But be careful, ya know. Just the slightest scratch will make it explode!

(eighth note) This big flower is only found here! If you’re interested, kid, you’ll wanna get near!

(eighth note) Wanna use the Big Bomb Flower? For just 200 Rupees, you can stop lookin’ so sour!

(eighth note) Bo-rro-rrow

(eighth note) Go, go, go! It’s growin’ outside. Try it on out, and take it for a ride!

(eighth note) And don’t gimme any flak. Big Bomb Flower always grows back!

No need

(eighth note) Well, that’s just how life goes! I’m here if your mind changes clothes.

(eighth note) Sorry to say, but I ain't got time for folks who ain't got a dime!

(eighth note) And don’t go beggin’ for my pardon. Just don’t go headin’ to the garden. Authorized personnel only, ya know?

(eighth note) Usin’ the Big Bomb Flower? Watch your back! That’s a whole lotta power!

Milk Bar Owner (Lorule):

Whaddya want?! Scram, brat!

What with all the monsters running around, more and more folks are taking refuge in here.

Customers everywhere…


I just want to drink a little bit of milk in peace! Why can’t everyone just leave me alone and scram?!

Woman (Lorule):

Uh, hey. Think I look strong?


You lying? Cuz your ears twitched real funny there. Mine do that when I lie. They twitch ALL the time.

Anyway, I may not look it, but I’m a regular at the Treacherous Tower.

Whaddya mean, you’ve never heard of the Treacherous Tower?!

No way

You call it like you see it, eh? I’m sorry to say you’re right… I’m weak. So…so weak…

I’m training, though. I’m trying to become a regular up at the Treacherous Tower.

What, you’ve never heard of the Treacherous Tower?

Well, you know Death Mountain? It’s right on top of that. The place attracts some tough customers.

Be careful about going around judging people by their appearance, boy. If I were stronger, I’d teach you a lesson!

Got faith in your sword arm, boy? Go to the Treacherous Tower, and put your money where your mouth is.

It’s up on top of Death Mountain. Just getting there is something of an achievement, if you ask me.

Captain (Lorule):

Here I am working for the royal family. As if it weren’t their fault things have fallen apart!

Look around, kiddo. It’s all thieves and creepy masked folks in this village. There’s nothin’ royal about this place.

Bard (Lorule):

Met the boss of our little village here? Heh heh. Yeah, he wouldn’t waste time on someone like you.

He’s busy stashin’ away that new painting he’s got. Thing must be worth a fortune…

If that theif girl knows where it is, she best keep her trap shut! Unless she wants to tell me where it is! Heh heh!

That whole thing kinda inspired me, actually. Wanna hear my latest ditty?

(eighth note) Oh ho ho! Wrong place, wrong time, and the boss will be glad to put you back in line!

(eighth note) A smart thief fears the boss’s wrath! I’d rather be on a cliff walkin’ a narrow path!

Young Woman (Lorule):

Poor little Cuccos. Their coop got all smashed up.

All that’s left is these eggs… Don’t worry little eggies, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.

Masked Follower (Male):

Those statues at the north edge of town are entrances to some sort of hideout.

It gives me the chills just looking at them!

I once knocked on the door, but they told me to make like a piece of fruit and scoot!

Ohh, I wish I had the strength to leave this terrible place entirely!

Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo…

Masked Follower (Female):

I can’t see a thing in this mask! Just what kind of monster are you supposed to be?!

You’re not that thief girl, are ya?! I heard you were supposed to be locked up inside a cell somewhere!

What a mask you got there! Being a monster is so calming, ya know?! Don’tcha think? Well, don’tcha?! EH?!

The only way to get saved is to become a monster! C’mon! Get saved! Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo…

Masked Granny:

Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo-OUCH! Argh, I bit my tongue again!

I’m the guru’s housekeeper. If the guru says that this is part of the job, then who am I to complain?

You’re a tight-lipped sort, eh? Well, if you don’t have any business here, scram! I’m tending to…business.

Masked Elder:

Though we have seen the world crumble before us, we must not give in to the corruption of thievery!

Monsters can keep you strong! They are your only salvation, my son! You must don the mask! Don the mask!

We are corrupt. CORRUPT! Do not be deceived. Only monsters will save us now! Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo…

Veteran Thief:

(eighth note) Many years ago, I felt so free… Thought I chose the thief’s life, but it really chose me.

(eighth note) Every time I say I’m a-leavin’, this accursed life sets me right back to thievin’!

Oh! Hey there, little guy! Sorry. I was just singing out loud. It’s an old tune. You probably wouldn’t know it.

Whaddya think of this place? Little too rough for ya, eh?

I don’t mind it so much. At least there’s still a strong musical culture in this town. It’s a tradition with us!

Fortune’s Choice Guy (Lorule):

If yer lookin’ for some easy treasure, yer in the right spot. I call this Fortune’s Choice.

For 200 Rupees, you can open any three treasure chests. Your choice. Maybe fortunate. Maybe not.

Might even be a piece of heart in one of ‘em. Heh heh heh…

C’mon, don’t Cucco out on me. Wanna try your luck for 200 Rupees?


Heh heh. That’s the spirit!

Go on now-open up any three! You can’t go wrong! Heh heh heh…

I’ll pass

What are you doing wasting my time then?! Get outta here!

How about it? Test your luck for 200 Rupees?


I’ll pass

You’re back again, eh? Some people just can’t get enough.

Wanna give it a go for 200 Rupees?


I’ll pass

Thanks a lot! Come again.

Bag Guy:

(eighth note) Boss went and hid my thief girl away where no one could hear what she had to say.

(eighth note) Sometimes it hurts too much t’care. Ya think knowledge is power, but it’s really despair.

Huh? Whadda you starin’ at?! Look, I don’t know nuttin’ about that thief girl, OK?! It’s just a song!

Boss locked her up somewhere and threw away the key! Why’d he gotta go and do that…? Why…?

Item Seller (Lorule):

You buyin’ or what?

You don’t have enough Rupees.

You don’t have an empty bottle.

That’s a bee. It’s 88 Rupees. Do you want to buy it?


Don’t buy

That’s a golden bee. It’s 9999 Rupees. Do you want to buy it?


Don’t buy

That’s a fairy. It’s 77 Rupees. Do you want to buy it?


       Don’t buy

That is a shield. It’s 50 Rupees. You buying or what?


There ya go!

You have a shield, don’t you?! I don’t have time for this, kid!

Don’t buy

…Window shoppers…

Spear Boy:

Who’s there?! Nobody gets past me ‘less you know all the words to the ultra-secret-thief-password song.

I’ll start the lyrics, and you finish ‘em! That is, if you can! Here we go. Ahem…

(eighth note) A smart thief fears the boss’s wrath! I’d rather be on a cliff walkin’…

the precipice.

a narrow path.

a virtuous path.

(eighth note) Sometimes it hurts too much t’care. Ya think knowledge is power, but it’s…

really a snare.

really a bear.

really despair.

(eighth note) Every time I say I’m a-leavin’, this accursed life sets me right back…

to thievin’!

to adventurin’!

to deceivin’!

…Wait a second! You don’t even know the song, do ya?!

Get outta here before I call the boss!

Never seen you ‘round here before… You one of the new recruits, eh? Perfect timing!

You can take over here on guard duty for me. Have fun. And don’t do nothin’ that’ll get me in trouble, fresh meat!

I’m gonna go get me some fresh air. (eighth note) Fresh meat, fresh air… Hmm hm…hmm hm…

Say, that’s kinda catchy! Maybe I’ll see if the bard can put a tune to that. (eighth note) Fresh meat, fresh air…

Mysterious Man:

So…they finally sent a rescue party, eh? Wait…you’re no party-you’re just a kid!

Lemme guess, you came in here looking for some extreme fun in the great outdoors, huh?

Yeah, I’ve been running crazy in these woods, running till I got dizzy. Trunking, I call it.

I trunked and trunked ‘round these trees until I finally lost my way. Been sitting here ever since.

But I found a great treasure in the woods. Maybe you’d care to take it off my hands…?

It’s a little something I picked up when I got stuck. I just decided to keep it.

How’s 888 Rupees sound? It’s a steal of a deal.


I can’t sell it to you if you don’t have an empty bottle, man… C’mon. Help me help you.

That’s too bad… If only there was some way you could suddenly make a bottle empty…

Aw, c'mon, man. You know you don't have enough Rupees. In the end, cold, hard currency is what matters the most. I found that out the hard way.

Really? You’d just buy an unknown thing and blindly trust some stranger like that?!

You shouldn’t be so trusting , man. That’s how I got like this…except minus the whole buying part.


Nice call!

Only a fool would buy an unknown item from a stranger! You’re gonna turn out just fine, man. Just fine.

A-ha. This treasure of mine has piqued your interest, eh?

So…888 Rupees? Buy it off me?



Sure was nice talkin’ to someone… Good luck out there, kid. I got a feeling you’re gonna need it.

I used to think love was the most important thing in the world... When I was young, my favorite love song was a tune called "You're All the Rupees I Need." Nobody remembers that one... Shame.

Lakeside Item Seller (Lorule):

Hello! Welcome, welcome!

Some believe that chanting the worlds “Ay lliw nihtemos yub” is the key to being saved.

Saved from what, I ask? High prices?!

Still, it’s a catchy incantation. I sort of hope if I say it enough, it’ll transport me out of this world.

Speaking of, have you heard of the Maiamais? They say they can travel between worlds.

But until I can hitch a ride with one of them weird squidlings…?

Ay lliw nihtemos yub…

Ay lliw nihtemos yub…

Sir, what can I tell you? You have impeccable taste! This is our famous bee. It costs 88 Rupees.

Why not snap it up now and save?


It appears that you don’t have enough Rupees. What a pity! A true pity!

I’m sorry, mister. Unless you have an empty bottle. I can’t sell this to you.

…Ay lliw nihtemos yub…


…Ay lliw nihtemos yub…

Sir what can I tell you? You have impeccable taste! This is our famous golden bee. It costs 9999 Rupees.

Why not snap it up now and save?



Sir, what can I tell you? You have impeccable taste! This is our famous fairy. It costs 77 Rupees.

Why not snap it up now and save?



So the shield will run you about 50 Rupees. Would you like to buy it right away and save?


You…you have a shield already, don’t you?


Bird-Masked Man:

I’m happy as long as my feathered friends are with me… Well, that is before they got turned into monsters.

In which case, I should have been changed along with them…I thought, so I put on a mask and chanted. A lot.

I tried to admire the yellow-winged monsters that live nearby, but…

As soon as they land, they spit out these bomb-like things, and I can’t get anywhere near them!

I think I might be able to get closer to one if I had a shield…

Lorule Soldiers:


Mama Turtle:

Oh no! I got separated from my little turtles. You have to help me look for them-you just have to!

Thank you so, so, so much! But there are still two of my little babies out there! Oh, you have to find them!

You found all of my babies! Thank you so much! I’m sorry I don’t have anything I can offer you as a reward.

If you need a ride somewhere, you can go ahead and hop on, though!

Baby Turtle:

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so stuck! I didn’t know what to do! Everything was upside down!

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! That was so terrifying! I didn’t know what I was going to do!

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! That wall was so sticky! It wouldn’t let me go!


Nobody bothers coming to this place anymore. But even I must wonder, have we abandoned the gods…

or have they abandoned us?

Ah, light…! How long has it been since I knew such a comfort?

Three years…? Or an eternity…? The world outside has long darkened with the menace of the masked.

  • sigh* What is a little light against the rising dark?

No one honors the gods anymore. So beware, child. The end is at hand.


C-can it be? You can see Dampe?

Not a soul has spoken to Dampe for so long. Dampe’s old bones are near to falling apart-it’s been so long!

Dampe used to be the gravekeeper here, but now there aren’t any graves to keep.

Was there something the graves were protecting…? Dampe can’t even remember.

You gonna join Dampe here on the other side? It’s not so bad. Monsters never bother Dampe.

Ha, you know. Dampe is just pulling your leg!

Thief Girl:

Who are you supposed to be?! And how did you get in here?!

Hang on a second. You wouldn’t happen to be looking for some kind of painting, would you?

I knew it! That thing must be pretty valuable if the boss went to all that trouble just to hide it.

And now folks are searchin’ for it. Hm. Well, I may have “accidentally” learned where the boss hid it…maybe.

That’s why the creep locked me in here! Can you believe that?! Say… we could help each other out here.

If you could get me out of here, then maybe I could help you find what you’re looking for. Maybe.

So get going! I don’t wanna spend any more time than I have to down here! No maybes about that one!

Well, first things first. You gotta do something about the door. I want to get out of here already.

Ohh, thank you very much! You saved my life. Please take me outside.

That painting you’re looking for is hidden on the outskirts of town. I’ll take you to it.

By the way, where did you learn how to slide in and out of the walls like that?! That’s a little bit creepy.

Maybe you can teach me how to do it!

We’re locked in! Check that northern door. See if we can get out that way!

Hey! What are you doing?! You can’t just leave me behind like some sort of monster!

There’s more where that came from.

I’d help you fight, but they took all my gear and armor and…y’know, all my other stuff.

Plus I’d just be getting in the way, I’m so hungry. Starving, actually. So I’m weak and feeble and so on, ya know?

Hey! What do you think you’re doing?! Take me outside!

We’re cut off! That big door is our only way outta here! Hope you got a key for that, kid!

Gyaaah! What gives?!

Wow. Looks like you got him… Good riddance.

Let’s go. That door will lead us outta this place.

You’re looking for that painting, yah? That one of the kinda younger…elder-looking fella?

I’ll show you where it’s hidden. C’mon. Follow me.

This is the one, right? Don’t see what the big deal is. What’s so special about this painting?

Hm… Actually, now that I look at it, it is kinda interesting. I really like the whole…flat kinda look going on there.

It almost looks like he just walked right in the painting and got trapped there, ya know…?

Listen to me! Getting’ all wrapped up in a painting! Anyway, thanks for getting me out of that dungeon. See ya.



Devilish Girl:

Well, boom boom, sword boy! Welcome to the Treacherous Tower!

You look pretty fit there! Wanna play a quick game? Only 100 Rupees!


That’s the spirit, sword boy! The rules are super simple! A bunch of baddies are gonna attack you. Just beat ‘em!

You look like you can take care of yourself, but since it’s your first time, just stick to the Beginner course.

Just five stages, so it’ll be a piece of boom-boom cake for you! That’ll be 100 Rupees. Please and thank you!

All right! Have fun in there! And do come back in one piece.

I forgot to tell you…

Returning alive is NOT guaranteed! Enjoy!

I love your foxy moxie, sword boy! So you know the drill!

The course has five floors. Should be easy as Scoot Fruit pie for you! That’ll be 100 Rupees. Please and thank you!


I’ll pass.

Wha-? Wait a second. Really? Well, that’s just…lame. You better play next time! I’m watching you!

Boom boom in the room! Glad to see you back there, sword boy!

C’mon and give your luck a try! What’s 100 Rupees these days?

Boom boom!

I’ll pass.

Wow! You made it back! That’s, like…crazy!

Your clear time was… (xx) minutes, (xx) seconds!

Tell ya what-if you can beat that time on this course, I’ll add some extra Rupees to your reward stash!

And since you cleared this course, you can try the Intermediate course next time if you want to!

The Intermediate course is 15 levels! Lots of baddies AND a piece of heart waiting for you at the end!

It only costs 200 Rupees to try it out! Have I sold you on it yet?

Just lemme know if you want another go at it! I’m not going anywhere!

Promise me you’ll come back, OK? Please and thank you!

Well, boom boom! Check you out! I was wondering if you were going to give it another try!

Wanna give the Intermediate course a shot? C’mon-you can’t take those Rupees with you, ya know!


YAY! That’s the spirit! The Intermediate course has 15 floors!

That’s tons of baddies for your entertainment at the low cost of only 200 Rupees! Please and thank you!


So far it looks like your best time is (xx) minutes, (xx) seconds! See if you can top that, sword boy!

I’ll pass

A new record! Boom boom all around! Here’s an extra bonus for you!

Just lemme know if you want another go at it! I’m not going anywhere!

I can’t believe it! Well, I CAN believe it, but…I CAN’T believe it! Amazing!

Your clear time was… (xx) minutes, (xx) seconds!

If you can beat your time on this course, I’ll give you some extra Rupees for your pockets!

And since you cleared this course for the first time, I have something special for you…

You know what? You should really take a crack at the Advanced course next time!

The Advanced course has 50 floors! You can beat up baddies to your heart’s delight!

It costs 300 Rupees, so give it a try next time!

Just lemme know if you want another go at it! I’m not going anywhere!

Boom boom! Lookee who just walked into the room!

Sword boy is gonna be the next contestant on the Advanced course, right?! Ya ready for this?


Well, well, well! Double boom in the room! I’m so impressed! The Advanced course has 50 floors!

Beat up baddies to your heart’s delight for the bargain price of only 300 Rupees! Please and thank you!

Silly me! Sorry. Sometimes my mind just goes boom boom! I forgot to mention one teensy-weensy thing…

The number of folks who have returned

...a big, fat ZERO!

Have fun!



I’ll pass

Boom boom! Let’s get on with the-Wait a sec… Oh, come on, sword boy! You don’t have enough Rupees!

Sorry! No Rupees, no game! I got an idea-go out in the wild, collect a bunch of Rupees, and come back!


P-p-please spare my life…

Here. I’ll give you this. Just leave me alone!

Now please go!

Not quite yet.

Fine! Here! Just leave me be…

Surely that’s enough?!

More! More!

Take this too. Just leave me be!

Surely that’s enough?!

More! More!

Have this! Just spare me, please!

Surely that’s enough?

Not even close.

Please! This is all I have to spare…

This will do, right…?

Keep going…

Why would you take all mah Rupees?

What kind of monster would do that…? *sob* *sniffle*

I can’t… I can’t take this anymore…


       It’ll do. 

That’ll do.

That’s plenty.

That’s plenty.

I’ll go.

Safe… I’m safe… Thank you so much!

Please don’t tell anyone I paid you off. I have a reputation to protect. Let’s keep this a secret to everybody.

Game Text:

This is the energy gauge. It depletes when you use Ravio's-Icon.png's items and recharges over time.

If your energy runs out, you can’t use Ravio's-Icon.png’s items until it replenishes.

Try it out using the Bow-Icon.png you just got.

Want to hear the explanation again?



Do you want to throw the smooth gem into the pool?

Throw it

Don’t throw it

Captain’s Sword/Forgotten Sword:

You got the captain’s sword. Now deliver it!

You got a sword! Sort of, anyway. The captain won’t mind if you borrow it. Swing it with (B button).

Hint Glasses:

You got the Hint Glasses! Don’t hesitate to use them when you’re in trouble!


Restores one heart. Perfect for a little pick-me-up!


A container that can hold many things. You’ll need one to buy potions.

You got a bottle! You can put all sorts of things in it!

Letter in a Bottle:

There’s a letter inside…

I was up on the mountain doing some bouldering…when I lost my grip. And fell. And sort of hurt myself.

Eh, all in the day of a boulderer. Going climbing without equipment isn’t for the faint of heart!

Anyway, I’m stuck on the mountain way past the Tower of Hera, and I could really go for some premium milk!

Yeah, that’d really get me up and going again. So if you’re at the Milk Bar, pick some up for me!


You got the lamp! Equip it on the Touch Screen.

A little light makes it a little safer…right? You can also use it to scorch enemies!

Small Key:

You got a small key! It will open a locked door!

Ravio’s Bracelet:

You got Ravio’s bracelet! Pretty old, but a gift’s a gift!

Ravio’s bracelet saved you? But how? Anyway, it seems that now you can merge into walls!

A bracelet Ravio gave you that now gives you the ability to merge into walls!

Scoot Fruit:

A mysterious fruit that takes you to a dungeon’s entrance. Essential for any adventurer.

Lets you escape a dungeon in the blink of an eye!

Foul Fruit:

A seriously sour fruit. One bite will make you squeal so loud you can stun nearby enemies.

Knocks out all the enemies in your vicinity. They’ll never know what hit ‘em!


A tough shield that will defend you from all sorts of attacks. Hold it up with (R button).

A must-have for any adventurer. Raise it with (R button) to block arrows and stones.

Hylian Shield:

A shield that’s based on Hylian design. Raise it with (R button) to block flames and beams.

Master Sword:

You got the Master Sword-a blade for a true hero! It fires a beam when you’re at full health.

The sword of evil’s bane! It will shoot a beam if you have full health!

You’ve increased the power of the Master Sword! You can really feel the difference!

Master Sword Lv2:

The Master Sword, made stronger! Now it’s even fiercer in your hand!

Master Sword Lv3:

The Master Sword is now at its maximum strength! This is a true hero’s weapon!

The Master Sword, made ultimate! Now it’s the fiercest blade imaginable!

Great Spin:

Incredible! You’ve mastered the Great Spin! Build power by holding (B button), and then let loose!

Master Ore:

You got some Master Ore! The blacksmith can use it to improve the Master Sword!

Take these to the blacksmith so that he can strengthen the Master Sword.


Restores five hearts. Straight from the noted Lon Lon Ranch.

You got some milk! The lid seals in the freshness, so you can enjoy it anytime.

Premium Milk:

You got some premium milk. It looks delicious!

Pendant of Courage:

You got a special charm from Princess Zelda!

What? You got the Pendant of Courage? Good thing the princess thought ahead!

A pendant you got from Princess Zelda, needed for claiming the Master Sword.

Pendant of Wisdom:

You got the Pendant of Wisdom!

Keep your mind sharp!

A pendant you found at the House of Gales, needed for claiming the Master Sword.

Pendant of Power:

You got the Pendant of Power!

It makes you feel…well, powerful!

A pendant you found at the Tower of Hera, needed for claiming the Master Sword.


You got the bell! Now you can call Irene anytime!


You got the pouch! Now you can set items to (X) as well!


You rented the bow. Don’t forget you can aim on the go!

Arrows fly straight to take down enemies! You can also move while aiming!

Fires an arrow in the direction you’re facing! It’s perfect for hitting foes from a distance!

Nice Bow:

Nice! The bow is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

Don’t worry if your aim is a little bit off. You can fire three arrows at once now!

Power Glove:

You got the Power Glove! Now you can pick up small rocks!

A glove that makes you feel strong! Pick up small boulders by pressing (A button).

Pegasus Boots:

You got the Pegasus Boots! Press (L Button) for a short time to dash!

Boots that let you dash incredibly fast when you press (L button).

Smooth Gem:

This beautifully polished gemstone is eerily smooth.

You got the smooth gem! It’s so irresistibly smooth!

Zora’s Flippers:

You got the Zora’s Flippers! Time to jump in with both feet! Press (A button) to dive, and press (B button) to swim faster.

Flippers given to you by the Zoras. Dive with (A button), and swim with (B button)!

Sand Rod:

You got the Sand Rod, but you’ll have to return it to Ravio. At least then you can find it at his shop!

You rented the Sand Rod. This should be helpful in the desert!

Raises a towering pillar of sand with tremendous force. Only effective on sand.

You bought the Sand Rod!

Nice Sand Rod:

Nice! The Sand Rod is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

Ice Rod:

Unleashes an icy blast! Instantly freeze even the toughest of enemies!

You rented the Ice Rod. Cool!

If you wave it, you can freeze all sorts of things.

You bought the Ice Rod!

Nice Ice Rod:

Nice! The Ice Rod is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

Freeze lots of things in a wide area with four icicles!

Fire Rod:

One wave of this fearsome rod unleashes a pillar of flame. Don’t get burned by it!

You rented the Fire Rod. That’s some hot stuff!

Handle with care! Attack enemies with a burst of flame!

You bought the Fire Rod!

Nice Fire Rod:

Nice! The Fire Rod is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

Caution! You’re wielding bigger fire now!


Throw it to stun enemies, snag Rupees, and flick switches. And it comes back, of course!

You rented the boomerang. This is designed to be easy to throw!

Returns when you throw it. It can also hit switches and stun enemies on the way!

You bought the boomerang!

Nice Boomerang:

Nice! The boomerang is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

You can now throw three in a row! Speed and flying distance are also improved!


Sink the hook into a distant object to go flying toward it. Handy for crossing chasms!

You rented the Hookshot. Try latching on to all sorts of things!

Hooks on to anything made of wood. Can help you travel across treacherous gaps.

You bought the Hookshot!

Nice Hookshot:

Nice! The Hookshot is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

The Hookshot got mightier. Its attack speed is faster, and it inflicts damage!

Tornado Rod:

A staff that can lift you up in the air and blow enemies and objects around!

You rented the Tornado Rod. Use it to blow things around, including monsters!

Fly up and hover in the air! Also gives nearby foes a whirl!

You bought the Tornado Rod!

Nice Tornado Rod:

Nice! The Tornado Rod is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects.

Use a powered-up tornado to snare your enemies in one fell swoop!


Boom! You can throw them or place them on the ground. Be careful not to hurt yourself!

You rented bombs. Use them on any suspicious-looking areas…

Use these with caution! You’ll get hurt if you’re caught in the blast!

You bought the bombs!

Nice Bombs:

Nice! The bombs are more powerful now! Try them out to see their stronger effects!

Caution! Twice as big for twice the oomph! Set ‘em and RUN!


Smash obstacles and brittle-looking objects with this hammer.

You rented the hammer. It’s as heavy as it looks, so it should really pack a punch!

Bang down any pegs that block your way! Enemies too-wham!

You bought the Hammer!

Nice Hammer:

Nice! The hammer is more powerful now! Try it out to see its stronger effects!

Titan’s Mitt:

You got the Titan’s Mitt! Now hoisting even large boulders will be a snap!

A powered-up version of the Power Glove. Pick up large boulders by pressing (A button)!

Stamina Scroll:

You got the Stamina Scroll! Your energy gauge has increased!

Sage Osfala:

The portrait of Osfala.

Sage Irene:

The portrait of Irene.

Sage Gulley:

The portrait of Gulley.

Sage Seres:

The portrait of Seres.

Sage Impa:

The portrait of Lady Impa.

Sage Rosso:

The portrait of Rosso.

Sage Oren:

The portrait of Queen Oren.

Stamina Scroll:

Contains the secrets of great stamina and expands your energy gauge.

Piece of Heart:

You got a piece of heart! Collect three more to get heart container.

You got a piece of heart! Collect two more to get a heart container.

You got a piece of heart! Collect one more to get a heart container.

You got a piece of heart! You’ve earned a heart container!

Collect four pieces of heart to gain another heart container.

Green Tunic:

Clothing made by the blacksmith’s wife. It’s a perfect fit for you!

Blue Mail:

You got the blue mail! This mail cuts damage by half!

Sturdy mail that provides great defense.

Red Mail:

You got the red mail! Damage from enemies has been halved again!

Triforce of Courage:

You got the Triforce of Courage!

Bow of Light:

You got the Bow of Light! Its light banishes evil! You can use it only when you’re a painting.

A bow imbued with the light of the Triforce.

Heart Container:

You got a heart container! Your maximum hearts increase by one, and your hearts are replenished!


You got the compass! Now you can see the locations of the treasure chests and locked doors!

Big Key:

You got the Big Key! Now you can open the dungeon’s huge door!


You caught a bee!

What do you want to do?

Put in a bottle

Let it go

That guy who’s fond of bees will buy these from you. Time to earn some Rupees!

If you keep a bee in a bottle and then release it, it will fight foes alongside you!

You got a bee! Wow! Their faces look really scary up close like this!

Golden Bee:

This bee will fight alongside you with triple strength when freed from a bottle.

You caught a golden bee! It’s so bright and buzzy!

What do you want to do?

Put in a bottle

Let it go

You got a golden bee! It shines so bright and beautiful. Still…”bee” careful!

This rare bee is bright gold and sells for a high price.

Bee Badge:

You got the Bee Badge! Now those pesky bees won’t pester you anymore!

No more stings! This badge makes you the friend of every bee!


You caught a fairy! It should come in really handy!

What do you want to do?

Put it in a bottle

Let it go

But you don’t have an empty bottle to put it in. Better let it go.

A being of pure love and kindness. It wants to be your friend forever!

You got a fairy! If you fall in battle, it will restore five of your hearts automatically!

A welcome friend in times of need! Restores five hearts and will revive you too!

Red Potion:

You got some red potion! This will help you through some scrapes.

Restores eight hearts! This will definitely come in handy.

Blue Potion:

Restores all of your hearts. You can’t go wrong with one!

Yellow Potion:

Drink it to make yourself invulnerable for a short time!

Purple Potion:

Drink this to damage all surrounding enemies.

You got some purple potion! Use it to unleash an attack that will deal big damage to surrounding foes!

Unleashes a great attack on surrounding foes!

Energy Potion:

You got an energy potion! It refills your energy gauge!

Monster Guts:

You got some monster guts! Eww, they’re a handful!

The witch will make you some purple potion if you bring her 10 of these.

Monster Horn:

You got a monster horn! Ouch. Watch that you don’t hurt yourself on that thing!

The witch will make you some yellow potion if you bring her 10 of these.

Monster Tail:

You got a monster tail! Ugh, it’s a bit smelly.

The witch will make you some blue potion if you bring her 10 of these.

Lost Maiamai:

You caught a lost Maiamai. Take it to Mother Maiamai, won’t you?

Maiamais on hand: (x) Return the lost children to their mother, OK?

Weather Vane:

A new weather vane has been added to the map.

Save your progress?


Don’t save

Saving. Please do not turn off the power.

Saving complete.


You got a Green Rupee! It’s worth just 1 Rupee, so collect lots of them!

You got a Blue Rupee! It’s worth 5 Rupees. What a find!

You got a Red Rupee! It’s worth 20 Rupees. Don’t spend it all in one place!

You got a Purple Rupee! It’s worth 50 Rupees! Now how about that?!

You got a Silver Rupee! It’s worth 100 Rupees! Lucky you!

You got a Gold Rupee! It’s worth 300 Rupees! Unbelievable!

Hyrulean currency. Needed for buying items and playing games.


It seems to be locked.

It seems to be locked. Someone inside is raising a fuss over what to wear today. How peculiar!

Seems like it’s not opening time yet.

The doors are locked.

The doors are shut tight.

Soldier Paintings:

It’s a painting of a knight with a spear. He looks really burly!

It’s another painting, and he looks way tougher than Hyrule soldiers!

It’s a painting of a knight. He looks pretty intense.


Welcome to the Cucco Ranch, home to the cutest Cuccos in Hyrule.

Do Not Enter! Do Not Blow Up Wall! Very Strange Creature Inside!

If you grab and shove the graves, you’ll get an earful from me! – Dampe

The path will open to the one who lights the way.

It’s too dark to read.

Not in right now. -Rosso

Hey! Are you the adventuring type? Then have I got the ITEMS for you! Visit me south of the castle! – Ravio

(Up arrow) This Way to Zora’s Domain

Deep water nearby! Stay in the shallows!

Danger! Don’t fall!

Rosso’s Ore Mine ->

Rosso’s Ore Mine (up arrow)

<- Rosso’s Ore Mine

(arrow down) Rosso’s Ore Mine

Way Out ->

You can’t read it from this side.

Gone to mine ore on the mountain. -Rosso

Welcome to the Octoball Derby!

Hit a crab to reset the pots. If you hit three pots in a row, a bird will fly across the field.

Get at least 100 Rupees to earn a healthy prize!

Bomb Flower Store

(up arrow) To Miner’s House

-> Death Mountain Path

O ye fool who seeketh the Ice Ruins, travel north.

Oh, what fools dare to approach the dreaded Ice Ruins just ahead…?