Zelda Side Quests

We’ll be honest. If a delusional orphan claiming to be royalty asked us to find two dozen rare insects for her, most of us at Wii Potato would start dialing social services before she could even ask, “Am I bugging you?”

We don’t try to be heroes, especially not when it requires effort. We just make awful puns, instead.

When we’re playing a Zelda game, though, our attitudes change. For whatever reason, tasks like collecting bugs for a ribbon-haired fruitcake and peddling masks for a maniacal salesman just feel right. Perhaps it’s the respite these optional chores provide, lighthearted diversions from the strenuous business of saving the world. Maybe it’s the personalities they reveal around us, adding a human element to our virtual surroundings.

Or maybe it’s because we can complete them from the couch. Either way, they’ve been a crucial part of the series since its inception, and menial as they can be, we love Zelda side quests. Especially these ones.

5. Hunt insects for Princess Agitha (Twilight Princess, 2006)

4. Fill the merchant store at Windfall Island (Wind Waker, 2003)

3. Expel the curse from the House of Skulltula (Ocarina of Time, 1998)

2. Acquire the indestructible blade of Biggoron (Ocarina of Time, 1998)

1. Reunite Anju and Kafei, Clock Town’s lost lovers (Majora’s Mask, 2000)

You can see what they had to say about each one at WiiPotato.

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