wiiu2.jpgIt’s really a simple question: Why are people hating on the Wii U? I’ve looked at it every which way, and frankly I don’t fully understand. Likely that is because I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I know I personally game more on non-Nintendo consoles than I do on Nintendo’s, and that’s purely because they are usually just too under powered, so they don’t get all the great games out there. So, Nintendo responds with Wii U, and impresses everyone that touches it. Yet… it’s not enough. People claim it will be obsolete in just 3 years when the PS4 and Xbox 720 arrive. It only has one Wii U controller, so now multiplayer is ruined (I know it was my reaction, but further reflection shows maybe I was overreacting).

What about online? Some people seem to think there are still friend codes, and that Nintendo “let” Ubisoft stop using them for just their games. Of course, a lot of this is based on the bitter taste many of the gamers this console is targeting got from the Wii experience. It debuted with videos showing epic battles and awesome motion controls, and really we never got to that level of flexibility and freedom until Wii Motion Plus, with games like Red Steel 2 and now Skyward Sword.

Like Zelda fans, hard core gamers (as they are called) are never happy. Nintendo makes a console for them, and now it’s bad idea. It’s as if Nintendo can’t do right by anyone. I mean, if you own a PS3 and the Wii U exists, why are you mad? No one said you have to go buy a Wii U. So… what’s the problem? Why complain about something you wont even play? Often times complaints are founded in jealousy. I can easily see how Sony and Microsoft fans, who only just now got into the motion craze, may be a bit upset that Nintendo got ahead of the game yet again.

What surprises me more is the reaction of Nintendo fans. You guys have been a big mixed bag. Some are so excited they can’t find anymore clean pants. Others are skeptical, and others have nothing but disgust. So tell me folks, why you be hatin’?

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