nintendo-ditching-friend-codes-for-wii-u.jpgIn a classic case of good news bad news, we get a nice piece of good news with a nice reminder of what were going to be leaving behind in upgrading our consoles next year. We’ll start with the bad news: Gamecube support is completely removed, including support for the GCN controller. This is actually semi big news, because the GCN controller is also usable in some Wii games. Of course, the classic controller is a perfect substitution, but unless they release a wireless version that doesn’t need a wiimote attached, it’s going to be a tough break for many gamers.

That being said, Nintendo has upped the ante with game discs, and clearly listening to what the developers want. 25GB discs? Yeah, safe to say that is a massive jump from the 4.5gb discs the Wii uses and the dual layer 9gb discs the 360 supports. 25GB capacity is on par with the 25gb capacity blu-ray discs are providing for the Playstation 3. This means you likely wont have to worry about dual discs at any point in the near or distant future on the Wii U, and with that sort of size it shows blu-ray isn’t the only direction one can take with optical media. Of course, DVD support has not been confirmed yet, though it’s highly likely it will support full streaming from Netflix and maybe even a place like Vudu. Time will tell.

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