Wii U and GameSpotThere has been a lot of doubt instilled by Nintendo fans, and other gamers, that Wii U simply wont be good enough. It’s too little to late most claim, and since we have very few details on the online aspect most feel Nintendo is going to drop the ball again. Very understanding sentiments. Than you toss in Nintendo of America’s blatant disregard for 3 high profile “core” gaming experiences, and things look a bit bleak.

However, that doesn’t mean Nintendo on the whole isn’t getting it right for the next generation. At a recent investors meeting, Nintendo went as far as to say they would help financially supporting 3rd parties efforts to bring games to their platform:

We think it very important to make several hits from the third-party software publishers within the first year from the release of the platform, while offering Nintendo software seamlessly. In order to achieve this goal, we have shared information about the new hardware with the software publishers earlier than we did previously and built a cooperative structure, and we are developing several titles in collaboration with these publishers. I cannot talk in detail about the names of the titles, or with which publishers we are currently collaborating, because we have not announced this information yet, but what we are aiming for with the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U is, platforms which have much more software and a wider variety of software than the former Nintendo DS or Wii. Therefore, we are thinking of creating an environment where software from other companies will become hits. Please understand that Nintendo is prepared to invest in order to make this a reality.

Is Nintendo finally hitting a home run? We are well aware they have been working with 3rd parties in major ways, but offering financial assistance is definitely a major sign of how committed they are to getting 3rd party support. Where the line is drawn is unknown, but I would be willing to bet a large portion of the funding would be for advertising. After all, no one knows how to advertise to their own market better than Nintendo. Of course, it may not stop there, as Nintendo could offer financial assistance for ports.

This is just the latest sign from the big N that they are getting it right with the Wii U. They wont be abandoning their casual market and they are not saying that HD graphics are extremely important, but they also want this system to clearly be their most robust to date. They want the memory of the Wii U to clearly be the “platform with the best variety of gaming around”. Truly, a platform that supports and pleasing everyone. From my mother to the die hard Call of Duty player.

We tend to give Nintendo of America a lot of flack in recent weeks for not doing the obvious choice that is in the best interest of everyone, including themselves. However, that doesn’t mean we have lost faith in Nintendo’s future. Nintendo’s Wii U looks very promising, and there has yet to be one bad thing said about it’s online system. In fact, 3rd parties are suggesting it’s actually a lot more flexible, which is offering new avenues for online play you can’t get elsewhere. What do they mean by this? Who knows, because everyone seems to be passing off the question. 3rd Parties say ask Nintendo, Nintendo says ask the 3rd parties. As the system approaches it’s final build and gets ready for production, it’s like Nintendo will finally lift their silence on it.

There are opportunities to do this at a major convention – specifically Gamescom or even drop the big hammer at GDC 2012, along with a release date and start really hammering the hype train. Nintendo only truly needs 2 to 3 months at most to build the anticipation for the consumer.

All signs point to an exciting Wii U generation. If the recent post about HD Nintendo games is any indicator, bottom line is that Nintendo’s future is bright. Nintendo games in HD? Hell yes. Oh, I can get Darksiders, Assassin’s Creed… the good versions of Call of Duty and Madden… and maybe even something like Mass Effect 3? Keep it coming. My need for the Xbox 360 vanishes the moment Wii U hits store shelves.

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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