Wii Rule Motion Control

Nigel Kendall of Pocket-Lint brings us an interview with our beloved Shigeru Miyamoto. According to Miyamoto, Nintendo’s motion control capabilities are still going strong. Here, he states:

“Of course, I am happy that motion is fashionable now. But when we make games, we are not trying to produce trendy products. It needs to be an experience that’s meaningful, and the motion control needs to add something. So our new Zelda game takes motion control and adds something to the game to make you feel like you’re part of the adventure. I think our rivals need to find what it is they have to offer that’s new.”

Sure, Sony and Microsoft may have “technically superior” products, but Miyamoto doesn’t even break a sweat. To him, games are all about how one can submerge into the experience. Nintendo is constantly looking for new, cutting-edge features, not for being “trendy”, but for that very experience. Miyamoto is a man who truly loves his video games for that reason and wants to share that love with us through all his hard work on Skyward Sword. Also, with the amazing new Nintendo 3DS around the corner, gamers are also met with a profound new world of actual 3D. Now we know that the 3DS can even play 3D video content; you can enjoy your favorite movies on the go and in a brand new way! Read more on the interview here.

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