Wii Play MotionWii Play Motion has come out, and this fun video will walk you through all of the new games. For those of you who like simple and fun entertainment; this is the game for you. This game will have you twisting, turning, and laughing out loud. It even comes with a Wii Remote Plus controller, so you get your money’s worth no matter what. The guys help explain how they play as they go, which I find really helpful to see how they are creating new control ideas.

I am probably going to get this game, but for a my own reasons. I babysit, and like to bring my Wii since it’s normally in the evenings and outside fun isn’t an option. The families I babysit always love it, and the little kids love this game. Not only that, but I have fun with my own family as well. It’s a prime example of a family fun game, and you must understand that not everyone in my house is a video game fan. My father can’t even turn on a computer, and only knows how to turn on the Xbox because he uses it to play his workout DvDs. Yet, he has fun playing these sorts of games.

Like always, I’d love to see what you guys think. These two are entertaining, and I think it’s a rather fun way to get a more in depth look at the game.

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