Wii_Play_Motion_trailer.jpgWii Play: Motion‘s first-ever full-length official trailer showed up online tonight. The trailer shows off some of the new and returning minigames. Players can experience a wacky balancing game, some kind of diving game, a stone-skipping challenge, a Wii Motion Plus evolution of Pose Mii and the Shooting Range, a space exploration game, as well as many other brand-new games and modes not seen here.

I remember being pleasantly surprised by the fun factor of the original – particularly the Tanks! minigame, which has potential to get fleshed out into a full-length title. Unfortunately we haven’t spotted any tanks in the trailer, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo doesn’t have a future planned out for the minigame. Either way, this may be the only major Wii game to hit before the end of the summer, so check out the trailer in all its Wii glory below.

Source: GoNintendo

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