After seeing the beautiful Zelda tech demo at E3, fans have all been waiting for this; and Miyamoto has satisfied us all by confirming an HD Legend of Zelda title on the Wii U. While this is no surprise -a modern Nintendo console without a Zelda title? yeah right! – this is still great to hear. Especially the words “new Zelda title”; meaning this won’t just be a remake of 2006’s Twilight Princess, like so many have speculated.

Miyamoto’s team has already began some work on the title, but I have little hope it will be ready as a launch title for the Wii U, with the console itself already confirmed with a 2012 release. Over 2 years ago, we were hearing our first bits of news regarding Skyward Sword; and with this being developed for a not yet released console, even mid-2013 is rather hopeful. Still, hearing anything about a new Zelda game is great news for us fans.

This being said, EB Games has already added A Wii U Zelda title to their site, ready for pre-orders. But what will we see in this new title, exactly?

Well, the inventory screen on the controller shown in the tech demo was extremely intuitive, and I would be highly surprised if this was not included – though it surely will be adapted and updated. This controller could also be used for mini-maps, and gyroscopic aiming such as what Ocarina of Time 3D has used. However, nobody knows for sure this early on.

We will all have to wait for more information regarding the new game and how it uses the Wii U’s hardware, but the least I can say is I’m excited.

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