Zelda and Link flying in Skyward SwordSince the beginning, Link and Zelda have had a definite relationship: Zelda gets captured, Link is told to save her, Link defeats that captor, Zelda is saved, and things go on as they normally do. Link and Zelda, despite what many would say, have never shown any signs of having a special relationship with each other until now.

According to Infendo, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will show Link and Zelda in an open relationship. Zelda Universe‘s owner, Jason Rappaport, has spoken about Link and Zelda’s romance, stating that Link is openly smitten with Zelda and Zelda shares his feelings. Rappaport claims that “There’s this little romance going on. It’s cutesy. It’s very Pixar-ish. It’s actually adorable.”

In the beginning, Link joins a ceremonial competition and wins a trophy. After Link wins the trophy, the caption states, “You got the Bird Statue! It proves your victory today. Wait till Zelda sees this!”. This caption from the game shows that Link and Zelda have more of a relationship than the generic damsel in distress-savior relationship. So, why the sudden romance in the Legend of Zelda?

Link has had many women “suitors” (Saria, Malon, Ruto, etc) in the past that many fans wish were a couple. However, romance was never the main target of the Zelda franchise. The entirety of the game was about the holders of the Triforce, keeping the Triforce from evil, preserving the peace and sanctity of Hyrule, etc.

Why would the developers of Skyward Sword suddenly think that Link and Zelda need to be a couple? Perhaps, the developers were just tired of the same-old song and dance that were Link and Zelda and wanted to bring about a change to coincide with the changes that Skyward Sword has brought up to the bat. Either way, Zelda and Links’ relationship makes the story of this new game. After Link wins the competition, he and Zelda go on a date that ends up going wrong. Zelda gets captured and Link has to save her, as a result having to enter the first dungeon. Talk about a bad romance. We will see more of Zelda and Links’ real relationship as the release date of Skyward Sword draws closer.

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