Bombchu Hovering

Ocarina of Time, on both the 64, GameCube and Wii, has a lot of glitches. Just check out the list over at Zelda Wiki. While “glitches” are overlooked by most people because they’re ultimately problems with the programming of the game, they can also be extremely fun. A few years ago I became a bit of a Zelda-64 glitch junkie, and I know I’m going to miss some of them in Ocarina 3D.

Glitches can be bad – like the cannon room glitch from Twilight Princess, but are also awesome, such as flying Zora in Majora’s Mask, or playing as the Fierce Deity anywhere. Ocarina of Time has a number of classic glitches which the players have come to love, but Ocarina of Time 3D is likely to get rid of them, and maybe even have some new glitches – although new games are debugged far better than back in those days.

While not necessarily a typical glitch, I for one sure hope that an empty bottle still works just as well as a sword when it comes to hitting back Ganondorf’s attacks. Without that, it just wouldn’t be Ocarina of Time.

While I won’t miss little glitches like the “infinite sword” glitch where Link’s sword always causes damage, “Bomchu hovering” (the harder/alternate bomb hovering is pictured above) is one that I will most certainly miss. (And yes, I know the infinite sword glitch is a prerequisite to Bombchu hovering.) Bomchu hovering allowed Link, through using Bomchus, well timed shielding, and some backflips to hover in the air, and climb his way to unreachable places. Such as over the Gerudo Valley Gate as a kid. You will be missed Bomchu hovering.

Sequence breaking probably forms the most popular of all glitches. Will we still be able to get the Golden Scale and Silver Gauntlets early? Will we still be able to enter the Ice Cavern as a kid, enter the Water Temple anytime or skip the Deku Tree? Unfortunately folks – I doubt we’ll be able to anymore.

There’s so many glitches. There’s “swordless Link” and the ability to use items on Epona. There’s “Zombie Link” where Link just gets up and keeps living after he dies and you get the game over screen. Who could forget the glitches where you can play any item like an Ocarina, trap Navi and make the lens of truth not consume magic? There are so many. Infinite Skulltula tokens, swimming on Land, Epona on the island in Lake Hylia. There were so many, but no longer.

It would be such a tremendous nod to gamers who have played the original Ocarina of Time if Grezzo deliberately kept some of these glitches in the game, but its unlikely. I mean, all they are in the end is us exploiting faulty game coding. So while we may loose all of our beloved glitches, there may be some new ones. They are unlikely to be as awesome though.

As well as glitches, I hope the new version keeps classic little things. Like how Nabooru’s second in command always wears the same color clothes as Link. We will all know within a matter of weeks.

Glitches may very well be the only reason why some of us won’t be able to accept Ocarina of Time 3D as the definitive version of the game. Because we came to love the original for all its exploitable faults. What glitches are you going to miss, if any? Let us know below.

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