Do you ever bring up a Legend of Zelda game just to relax? Maybe you listen to the background music, maybe you do some idle task, or maybe playing the game itself chills you out. There is no shortage of quaint moments, beautiful scenery, and classic soundtracks that all help create a world that makes it easy to unwind. In the newest episode of the Zelda Challenge, Kevin and I have a friendly debate over what game makes us feel nice and cozy. Kevin believes that Ocarina of Time is more relaxing than The Wind Waker, and we need you to help us decide who’s right!

If you want to let us know who made the better argument, click the “i” icon in the top right corner of the video to bring up our poll and let us know! Tell us who you voted for and what about their argument convinced you. Also feel free to let us know what games you would have made an argument for. If you want to see more from us, head over to our Youtube channel and subscribe.

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