Zelda Challenge is our show where Kevin and Gooey debate a topic relating to The Legend of Zelda. Then we ask our fans to vote in a poll and let us know who you thought won the debate!

It’s OG vs Iconic! Kevin believes that the Boomerang from Link’s Awakening is the best trading sequence reward while Gooey is a supporter of the Biggoron’s Sword. Which one of these OP items will be the victor? We want to know who you thought made the better argument! If you click the icon in the top right corner of the video you can participate in a poll and let us know who you thought argued better. Let us know in the comments what they said that won you over. Let us know what reward you would have picked as well! If you enjoyed this video, please head on over to our Youtube channel and give it a like, and subscribe for more fun videos!

To find us when we are not locked in heated debates, you can check out Gooey’s Twitter and Kevin’s Twitter.

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