Horseback Archery Range

The Legend of Zelda series rarely disappoints on providing plenty of gameplay once the main story is over. There’s sidequests, and of course, a wealth of mini-games. A few weeks back we asked our Facebook fans the question of what their favorite Zelda mini-game is, and the responses were varied with lots of great stories amongst them. Now we open up the question to all our our viewers; so, what’s your favorite mini-game?

Personally, I’ve got to say that Ocarina of Time wins out for me here. I remember spending a whole Saturday trying to outdo my time on Malon’s course, hours and hours trying to get a perfect score in the Gerudo Horseback archery, and days were spent at the fishing pond catching bigger fish and eventually the Hylian Loach.

Ocarina of Time also has Bomchu bowling, the Running Man and plenty more for your entertainment. Majora’s Mask isn’t bad in this regard with things like the Goron Race, the Honey and Darling’s Shop, Shooting galleries just like in Ocarina of Time, and more.

In my opinion it’s the 3D Zelda titles that stand out at mini-games. The Wind Waker has Salvatore’s classic Sinking Ships, but Twilight Princess tops that, coming second to Ocarina of Time when it comes to my favorite mini-games. Although I can admit my disappointment that sumo-wrestling wasn’t a full-blown mini-game, the Fishing Hole along with Iza’s Rapid Ride provide some great times.

So what are some of your favorite mini-games from The Legend of Zelda series; let us know in the comments below.

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