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So today marks the start of our 2nd poll, having received a great response to our first one. However, this new poll is a bit different than most, in that it’s helping us decide what the next great feature is that we add to the site. Given that the poll only has the limited ideas I came up with on the fly, there is a high likelihood several of you out there may have some new, fresh, ideas that we never thought of before.

In the last poll we asked what your favorite features were at the site, and not surprisingly Articles and News took the cake. Articles won notching 138 votes. News wasn’t far behind, notching 122 votes. Nothing else even topped 20 votes. What this tells me is that you guys all love us for news and articles, which is a staple, but see little other reason to be coming here. We want to fix this by expanding into a whole new area, or further expanding into an area we have briefly touched upon in the past. We want you guys to have more than just two reasons to come ZI on a daily basis, but really have and infinite amount of reasons. Be it the community forums, fan art related, game content, or whatever else we can think of.

So, what ideas do you have? Don’t have any? That’s fine! Just give your opinion in our new poll in the right navigation. Wait though, I’m not done yet!

I Want You to Join Zelda Informer

We are also looking for some dedicated new staff! Are you an artist looking to get your work out there to the world? Do you enjoy writing thought provoking articles? Do you like to be at the edge of Zelda news and wouldn’t mind sharing it with the world? Then Zelda Informer is just the right place for you! Of course, we take applications for practically anything you can think of, as we are always looking to expand. Video editors, translators, cosplayers, etc. If your talented at something and want to work for or share it with us, then apply!

So you’re interested in working for one of the premier Zelda fan sites on the net, but you’re not sure exactly how to go about contacting us? We have you covered. You can head on over to our snazzy Contact Form and drop us an email with the subject “Staff Application”. If you prefer to use your own email provider, you can also email us directly at

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