What’s the Best Zelda Song… Ever?

When I’m not writing video game news, I’m a part-time musician, and

recently joined up with a new band that’s forming on the East Coast; a

band that will play only metal, and only music inspired by the Zelda

series. This meant that I had to go back through all the old games and

look through the music, sit down, and really think about which songs

from Zelda are… well… the best—the ones that are truly good songs.


is hard for me, because as most of you likely know, there are a lot of

emotions wrapped up with each and every single song in the Zelda series,

memories of long nights and entire weekends spent with a controller in

hand, lost in the land of Hyrule. I have a hard time completely

divorcing myself from those emotions and viewing the music completely objectively, but that’s what I’ve attempted to do in this article.

So I’ve narrowed down the entire list of Zelda songs to three entries; and I’m certain you will have your own opinions, but these are mine.

Wind Waker: “The Great Sea”

What can I say about this song? It completely encapsulates the entire Zelda franchise for me; light and free, but there is certainly that hidden depth in there. The song calls out to adventure, demanding you leap upon your boat or horse or simply your own two feet and strike out into the unknown, with who knows what ahead of you. This song is Zelda.

Majora’s Mask: “Song of Healing”

It was a tough call between this song and Ocarina of Time‘s “Zelda’s Lullaby.” The reason I chose this is simple: it’s just a better song. Say what you will about the gameplay itself, but the music of Majora’s Mask was transcendent, and I feel that “Song of Healing” effortlessly demonstrates another side of Zelda—the dark, emotional, haunting moments. The deeply intense element to these games I feel is perfectly presented in the slightly tense but still waltzy-lullaby of “Song of Healing.

A Link To The Past: “Sanctuary Dungeon”

And finally, the third side of every Zelda game; the dungeon, the boss fight, the tense, fervent dashing, the repetitive dying and failure. The frustration, the self-reflection, the fear—oh yes, even the fear. I dare you to try to tell me that you weren’t scared of any of the bosses even at twelve with the shadow of a Skulltula hanging in front of you. With the laugh of Ganon ringing in your ears. Yes—you were afraid. That’s what Sanctuary Dungeon is about. Your fear.

Now, if I were going to post more than three songs, I might include “Oath to Order” for its amazing songwriting, or “Tal Tal Heights” for what it accomplished with the limited technology. I might include “Last Day” for the scary, intense moments of Zelda it represents, or “Fairy Fountain,” because damn if that isn’t a good song. Or even “Dragon Roost Island,” because there isn’t any better pirate killing music out there. I didn’t even include any songs from my favorite Zelda game…

So I ask you all – what is the best Zelda song? The single best song ever written for any Zelda game? Sound off in the comments!

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