Master Sword - Can Tell Us All About Fitness

Most Zelda fans agree that the Zelda series is much more than just games. They see it as inspiration, as moral lessons, as something to apply to your life. We’ve all heard it before; we’ve read Hylian Dan’s renown articles, but never before have we thought of The Legend of Zelda as the perfect advice for getting fit. Never had we thought of Zelda as the perfect basis for your gym session or the inspiration for your morning jog. Steve from Nerd Fitness believes that applying Zelda to your health is a great way to ‘level up your life, every single day.’

I really can’t help but agree. It may seem strange and remote to pull fitness inspiration from Zelda, but Steve makes a good case. He writes about things like not taking shortcuts, burning every bush and bombing every wall, rewarding yourself and knowing that your goal is possible. If nothing more, this article reminds me that I should probably be getting back into that jogging regimen of mine – been a slack couple of days. Head on over to Nerd Fitness for the article.

Source: Nerd Fitness [via: GoNintendo]

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