Having been running successfully for

two years is an achievement, but it’s nothing unless you’ve made an

impact. It’s nothing unless, over those two years, you’ve come to mean

something to the community. Over the last week, we’ve armed ourselves

with the question, “What does ZeldaInformer mean to you?” We’ve asked

forum members, the staff, and other Zelda websites to find out what we

represent to the community. Read on to see what everyone had to say.

“ZeldaInformer is, and always has been, living proof that hard work

pays off. Even if you don’t know how the site initially formed, not a

soul can deny the persistence of ZeldaInformer and its will to evolve

and move forward. Young sites everywhere should take a page from

ZeldaInformer’s book of success, because nowhere else will you find a

site that has not only matured so much within two years of existence,

but also has fostered unprecedented growth within the community. We’ve

all grown a little bit closer, thanks to ZeldaInformer.” – Jason (Webmaster of Zelda Universe)

ZeldaInformer to me represents a place of like minded individuals with the goal of

not just having a site, making content, and presenting news, but doing

it differently then everyone else. As the age ol’ saying goes, we exist

to Inform people about the franchise that has been a part of our life

either through game experiences or experiences in this community. Many

ups and downs, internet drama, and Zelda fanboyism, it all culminates

in creating what we like to think is one of the better Zelda sites on

the net. ZeldaInformer just feels like home, and that’s right where I

want to be.– Nathan (Staff)

“ZeldaInformer is paradise with all of the good things of other theorizing communities and none of the bad.”

Triforce of the Gods (Member)

“While ZeldaInformer has many great qualities, the provision of excellent and

interesting content for the fans, as well as unique and

thought-provoking articles for the theorists stands out to me as what

defines this website. No other Zelda community can claim to hold the

attention of its readers and inspire them like ZelaInformer can.” – Erimgard (Staff)

“ZeldaInformer is a place for me to browse through Zelda theorizing stuffs without having to suffer through the torment that Zelda Universe gives me. ZeldaInformer is filled with theorists who actually have a brain and a half, and can still take the piss out of themselves when necessary. I love ZeldaInformer.”chibimoon (Member)

“For me, ZeldaInformer is the home of amazing articles, fantastic theories, mature

discussions and lovable members. From the insightful Bombers, to the

hard working staff, to the community as a whole, the site provides

everything a Zelda fan could want, and much more.” – Viral (Staff)

“To me ZeldaInformer is the place to get all the Zelda news and info I need, and some I don’t, but it’s all good stuff.” – Rae (Member)

“ZeldaInformer means, to me, what XeroGaming means to LegendofZelda.com: that in the face of

discontentment, rather than be forced to sit down and be quiet, we are

able to stand up and exist together, which is to say, the spirit of

community.” – Xizor (Webmaster of LegendofZelda.com)

“If ZeldaInformer was a girl, I’d get her drunk and take her home to my apartment.” – nick (Staff)

So, what does ZeldaInformer mean to you?

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