Stone Tower Temple

Destructoid’s recent top ten underwater dungeons article has made me think of what my favorite dungeons in Zelda are. There are such a range of different dungeons throughout the Zelda series: some of which are excellent, and others not so much.

Personally, the Ice Palace in A Link to the Past is on of my favorites. To me, it encapsulates the perfect difficulty level of the game where you get plenty of game overs, but still progress each time. In Ocarina of Time The Water Temple and Spirit Temple are my standouts, but nowhere near as much as The Stone Tower Temple in Majora’s Mask.

I wouldn’t say any Zelda dungeons have ever been extremely bad. My least favorite are probably the repetitive ones that serve as hubs that you revisit. Of course, there I’m referring to The Temple of the Ocean King and Tower of Spirits, and slightly Forsaken Fortress by extension. I also tend to dislike final dungeons like Ganon’s Tower in The Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time where you simply recap the different areas, slowing down the game when you want some final boss action. I much prefer the final dungeon, Hyrule Castle, in Twilight Princess, and also A Link to the Past.

Another final good mention has to go to the Arbiter’s Grounds – mostly because of the spinner and “skate park”. So what about you? Let us know your favorite and least favorite Zelda dungeons in the comments below.

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