Wii 2 Controller Fears

Andrew Dyce from over at Game Rant (not a bad name, perhaps we should rename ZI “Zelda Rant”) recently wrote an article about his “8 Biggest Fears For Nintendo’s Wii 2”. Why eight, I don’t know. Nevertheless, I hadn’t really had any great concerns over the Wii’s successor. I’m just hoping that Nintendo does a better job with its release lineup than for the 3DS, and that they time the release well.

Andrew’s concerns are:

  1. Uncertainty over taking Mario into the realm of HD.
  2. Worries that backward compatibility won’t be included.
  3. Can Zelda pull off the move to HD?
  4. Whether it can keep up when the next X-Box and Play Stations hit.
  5. What we’re going to end up getting for a controller.
  6. Will motion controls make a return?
  7. Will the online features be enhanced?
  8. Will it’s hype exceed what it actually delivers?

Give the feature a read for more specific details. But personally, I don’t see Mario or Zelda’s journey into HD to be cause for concern. Likewise for backwards compatibility, that should be expected from Nintendo unless there’s some unlikely turn of events. The controller and motion controls don’t seem like worrying about, and from what we’ve heard, the online play is going to be like never before. The best points he makes are as to whether Nintendo will be able to keep up when the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft are released. By releasing their’s first, Nintendo risks falling behind, especially for third party developers.

And then there’s the fact that everything so far is really just rumors. It’s all just hype. Whether it can live up to and deliver on that hype is yet to be seen. In writing this, I have actually come to realize my biggest concern, and that is that we’ll have to wait until the end of the consoles lifetime, just as the next one is being announced, to get the next Zelda game. I think Zelda are best suited for mid-life of the console, not end. Let us know what your concerns for Project Café are below.

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