Difficulty can be a trick to navigate when designing a game. As a player, I always want the challenge to increase as my understanding of a game and it’s mechanics increases as well. If it ramps up too quickly, the game can become frustrating. While if it rises too slowly, or the player becomes too overpowered, the fun turns to boredom. This can be especially challenging in a series like The Legend of Zelda in which some of the games tend to be more open ended. If dungeons or areas don’t have to be reached in a specific order, finding a balance of difficulty isn’t as simple as making “level 2” harder than “level 1”.

In the newest entry into the Hyrule Compendium, Mases and I discuss the difficulty progression of the original Legend of Zelda and how very few games in the series have matched it. What do you think? Are we totally off? What game do you think has the best sense of progression in difficulty? Let us know in the comments below. We also have a lot of other fun series over on our Youtube channel including Jamie Plays Zelda, Zelda Warfare, and more! You are going to want to head on over there and subscribe to get in on the action!

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