Do you ever wish you could go back to when you played The Legend of Zelda for the first time? The closest I have ever been able to recapturing that feeling myself is when a new game is released, but it never has that same magic. One other way to try to relive such joy is to share Zelda with a new friend. Seeing people with fresh eyes on the game having fun with some of the simpler things is such a great feeling. Cutting grass, playing with animals, and truly exploring the land are all great things to witness people experiencing for the first time, that is to say you have recommended the proper game to them.

In this week’s entry into the Hyrule Compendium, Mases and I talk about what games we would recommend to people with the goal of getting them into the Legend of Zelda series. There are a couple of variables that go into this of course. What type of game do they like? What era of gaming do they come from? We also discuss a couple of games we would not recommend to new players. For example, one of the first games in the series to hook me was Majora’s Mask. I don’t think I would tell anyone to try that game for their first Zelda, but who knows!

We want to know what you think, though. If you have had any success stories please share them with us. That would be really fun to see. Let us know if you agreed with our choices, or if you have any more of your own. If you enjoyed this video, head on over to our Youtube channel, give the video a like, and subscribe for more!

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