Hey there guys! Got a new discussion video for you! In order to keep something of a Zelda Wii theme this week, I’ve made a Zelda Wii video to go along with the Zelda Wii themed mailbag earlier this week. This video is a list of things I’d like to see in Zelda Wii, and in some cases I discuss the merits and the likelihood of seeing these come true.

It’s quite packed, actually. Some of the subjects I cover involve the storyline, style, presentation, world and gameplay, even delving into concepts like sidequests and collectibles. I’m sure I forgot some things, so who knows, maybe I’ll end up making a follow-up sometime in the future.

E3 is sure to be an exciting prospect, because we’ll finally hear more about this game and get more confirmation on our theories!

Be sure to tell me what you think of this video and the things I talked about in the comments below, as well as tell me all your expectations and desires for the game!

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