What I Love About Twilight Princess

So this video is about things I liked about Twilight Princess. Yes, finally! For all the times I’ve complained about the game and nitpicked it, they really are only nitpickings. The overall game is still excellent, way above the grade of most video games. I’ve only been holding it to ridiculous “Zelda standards”. So this video is dedicated to what I loved about Twilight Princess, and it’s one hell of a list.

From the introduction of the game to the first dungeon and even the game’s climax I’ve found loads of things to love about the game. Mini-bosses, polished game-play, good storytelling, the Cave of Ordeals, Zant… There all all kinds of things on this list, all of which are elaborated upon.

But what about you guys? Do you like Twilight Princess or hate it? Or do you love it overall but are bothered by a few things like me? How about my specific points? Are you a fan of these aspects of the game? Got any other things that you loved about it? Tell me in the comments!

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