Perhaps two of the greatest mysteries in the Zelda franchise are the origin of the demons, and their intentions. Multiple games feature demons in some capacity, but perhaps the two most informative examples are Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks.  Dr. Wily has provided a wonderful video that explains these topics to us.

Skyward Sword features both the Demon King Demise as the game’s final boss, as well as a demon named Batreaux. Batreaux wishes to be human so people won’t be terrified by him. By gathering Gratitude Crystals, pure emotions generated by humans, they cancel out Batreaux’s demonic aura and transform him into a human. By doing so, the monsters stop appearing around Skyloft, and this is confirmed by Batreaux himself. Demise, however, wishes to subjugate the world around him. It is highly possible that Din, Goddess of Power, created the demons since they crawled from the underground and Din created the land itself.

Spirit Tracks gives us another Demon King in Malladus. Malladus came many years after Demise, and it is extremely like that the demons went to war with each other to decide their next king. This would account for the numerous Demon Fossils Link can find.

Personally, I think this theory is very well thought out. Dr. Wily is usually pretty agreeable, in my opinion, so this is something I have no objections to.

What do you think of the theory? Let us know down below!

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