Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

The Zelda series is home to a vast variety of engaging enemies. From Skulltulas to Octoroks to Stalfos to Redeads, there really is no shortage of bad dudes for Link to slice to pieces. Many classic enemies from the 2D Zelda titles have found their way into 3D titles, most notably with this year’s Hyrule Warriors, which reintroduced classic 2D bosses Manhandla and Gohma. This has had me thinking – what other 2D Zelda enemies are ripe for slaying in a 3D environment?

Two that immediately spring to mind for me are the Hinox from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds, and Horse Head from black sheep title Adventure of Link. The Hinox are cyclopean enemies that hurl rocks and mash Link with their massive fists. They can be very dangerous foes, often taking quite a bit of damage before finally falling. It looks like Death Mountain may make a return in Zelda U next year, so perhaps we’ll have the Hinox hurling boulders at us from its volcanic slopes?

Horse Head was a boss enemy in Parapa Palace and a mini-boss in the Palace on the Sea in Adventure of Link. Like its name suggests, it had a horse’s head on top of a very tall human body. Wielding a massive spiked club and sporting heavy armor covering all but its face, Horse Head was a tough competitor that could empty Link’s life bar in just a few blows. I could see this guy returning as either a mini-boss or strong enemy in Zelda U or beyond. With that game’s focus on archery, maybe you’ll have to shoot it in the head, or there might be a way to knock off parts of its armor to be able to attack more freely.

There are tons of enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses that have yet to be translated to the 3D space, making this a really ripe area for the Zelda creative teams to mine for ideas. What kinds of 2D Zelda enemies would you like to see in a 3D Zelda game?

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