Spirit Tracks GIVEAWAY!

Thumbnail image for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks US Box ArtSo I got a surprise in the mail a couple days ago: A press release retail copy of Spirit Tracks that I requested be here by last week Saturday. Of course, I already bought the game figuring it wasn’t coming. So after contacting my PR rep, I have been allowed to give away said copy for free! The competition is limited to the US only, this is all we’re allowed since press release copies were only given out in the states. Still, if you have been waiting to buy the game, hoping for Christmas, or you’re simply broke: Now’s your chance!

So what do you have to do to get a hold of this copy?

You have to beat people at Zelda! We’re giving away this copy via a Phantom Hourglass online tournament. So, fire up Phantom Hourglass and get some online multiplayer practice, because now is your chance to win!

Here are some simple rules:

  • The number of entrants is limited to 64.
  • Tournament format is Single Elimination, rounds Best-of-3.
  • Map selection will be random.

Signups begin now, and you can do so by sending a email to webmaster@zeldadungeon.net, or using our contact form. Make the subject “Spirit Tracks Giveaway”, then tell us your username and preferred email address.

The tournament itself will be held next week Saturday, 12/19/2009, at 12:00 midday, on IRC (irc.lessthan3.net, #zeldainformer). It shouldn’t take any longer than an hour, but allow 2 hours just in case.

Just in time for the game to reach you for Christmas! Excited yet?

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