Welcome to my first weekly videocast! Every week I will take a topic, do the research, and present it to you guys in video format. As time moves on, the videos will get better and better, with some gameplay footage among some comparison charts and much more. What I’ll do from this point on is take suggestions in the comment area for next weeks topic. So feel free to discuss away, and if there is a topic you wish me to cover next week be sure to mention it!

To give you an idea of how this videocast came together: I started recording this two weeks ago, and recrecorded it a day or so ago. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it or not, and it was mostly to create a change of pace from constant articles. Now once a week I will physically talk to you guys, and there is always the possibility of future live videocasts down the road. In either case, I hope you enjoyed the video.

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