Weekly Community Round Up?

Well it appears that community round ups have been occurring so often that I thought I’d make them a weekly thing. They won’t really be on a exact schedule since some weeks are a bit slower than others. Nevertheless, to the update.

First and foremost and I’d like wish Zelda Dungeon Alliance member, North Castle a happy birthday. Just the other day marked the 11th birthday for their impressive website. 11 years, wow! It is getting to the point where the site might even be older than some of the youngest users of North Castle. Great job Juliet and everybody who has made North Castle what it is today.

We have a brand new Zelda affiliate today, Zelda Portal. They aren’t your typical Zelda fan site to say the least. Their goal is to bring the community closer together using a variety of different methods. One of which is to create an aggregate listing of all the Zelda sites that are online. They also plan on hosting some sort of site award system sometime in the future. Zelda Portal also has a section under construction that helps new Zelda sites in getting free layouts and free hosting. Most of these sections have not been started just yet since the site is still relatively new, but they should be popping up sometime in the near future.

One of the sections that has been started at Zelda Portal is the site reviews section. In here, the staff of Zelda Portal will take a look at various Zelda sites and critique them on a variety of issues ranging from their community, content, design, uniqueness, and more. They currently have reviewed two of Zelda Dungeon’s affiliates, Zelda Adventures and Zelda Temple. While my personal views might slightly differ, I think both reviews are nicely done and are fair.

Zelda Portal obviously is not a site made for the average Zelda fan, but it is a great resource if you are a fan of the online Zelda community and go site hopping from time to time. If you are a fellow webmaster it is a great place to get your own site reviewed or just see what others are doing in the community. Be sure to check out Zelda Portal and voice your opinion on what you think of their critiques.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that we have added two new affiliates to our listing this past week. These include Abyssal Chronicles and Final Remnant. Be sure to give these two sites a visit.

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