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It’s nice knowing the hard work we do is noticed, and at the 2nd annual Lozzies over at Legend of, they clearly have taken notice. We are one step closer to having an internet award named after us, taking the award both years it existed. Last August, we told you about The Pulitzer and gloated, just a tad, about how awesome we are. What a year we have had since.

In part, I like to think we have inspired the community. That may be going too far, but when I look back, maybe not. Since last August, Zelda Dungeon, one of our affiliates, has taken to posting one news update a day, which is also a minimum goal for us. It has worked out masterfully. They have a very active comment section and naturally, news updating is becoming an important aspect of their site. On the other side of the woods, Zelda Universe has slowly become much more consistent in their news postings. They have a full time news editor that approves and edits every post before it goes live, and as of the last few months, they have been very consistent at getting a post out a day, sometimes even a few. Zelda Chronicles had a nice Zelda News inspired run and even The Hidden Triforce got into not just the news posting, but the article production aspect as well in that time span. Naturally we are not the real reasons any of these sites went that route, but we do like to think we helped set a new precedent in the community, and showed there really is a place for constant news and editorials even in a single game franchise, even if that news is nothing more than the Zelda theme played on piano for the 9 millionth time.

We were not the first site that did the constant news pushing. The Hylia, formerly operated by TSA, use to have a constant push in news on a daily basis. That is what actually inspired our push for news at Zelda Informer. We were simply an article site that had a new article pop out randomly here and there, so we wanted to strive for a more interesting style on a daily basis, hence the introduction of constant news.

In the last year, there has been many ups and downs. For what we consider extremely efficient coverage of Spirit Tracks, to our treasure trove of Skyward Sword news, we have been wanting to improve and provide more and more each day. We had our problems, namely a bit of “oops” with some rumors and our “lies” there after, but as points out, one mistake, even a big one like that, can’t diminish a years worth of healthy production. Love us, hate us, loathe us, you can’t deny that we are one of the most consistent sites for finding Zelda related news, even if it does occasionally suggest Link on Link action or show a bit of girl boob. If it’s remotely related to Zelda, we’ve got it covered.

While I could spend all day talking about the good, and bad, of our news in the past year, I think I’ll let the small Lozzie blurb do the rest:

Last year, Zelda Informer took the Pulitzer and they’ve taken it again this year. There is a reason for this. As you are probably already well aware, Zelda Informer is the number one source for the most current Zelda news. Their team of news posters is diligent and vigilant. The Zelda Wiki Mastermind feed always seems to have at least one piece by Zelda Informer on display, and if it doesn’t, it will soon.

The thing about Zelda Informer’s news posting is that it doesn’t discriminate. They will post about anything related to Zelda, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be to the rest of us. This is something that works out in their favor, as what appears to be irrelevant news now may end up being the big hit later.

Some of you may cry foul because Zelda Informer posted rumors that ultimately proved to be false. However, they picked up on rumors and did not really misrepresent them as fact; the rumors just ended up not being true. That isn’t to say that maybe they could have done some better fact checking; however, one mistake does not invalidate a treasure trove of accomplishments.

Almost all Zelda sites update on Zelda-related news. However, still none does it better than does Zelda Informer. Congratulations to them!

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