We can’t get enough of ridiculous stipulations in the latest campaign of Zelda Warfare. Since we bought the Giant’s Knife in the last episode, we thought why not get the most out of it? Bombchus also had not seen much use in a while, we also decided it deserved to get some love. These rules of engagement created some pretty unique challenges in this episode and caused it to have one of the most exciting endings in the whole series.

I’m looking to try to tie the game back up and end this losing streak I’ve been on, while Mases is hoping to start widening the gap between up. Let us know who you are rooting for! We are only a couple campaigns from taking on the Water Temple, so you are definitely going to want to head on over to our Youtube page, subscribe, and stay tuned for more Zelda Warfare!

You can find both of us not engaged in combat on Mases’ Twitter and Gooey’s Twitter.


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