While all of our news and editorial work has shifted over to Zelda Informer, we are still upgrading and churning out game guides here at Zelda Dungeon. Earlier this year we completed our Twilight Princess Walkthrough, which is now fully upgraded to the HD version of the game. While we still have a few months to go before we begin to work on our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough, there are plenty of other guides here at the website that need some work.

We are looking for writers to help with a variety of some of our older games. In addition to writing, we are also looking for volunteers to help capture images as well as editing custom maps and artwork. If you are interested in helping out at the website, go ahead and send in an application to webmaster@zeldadungeon.net with the subject, Zelda Dungeon Volunteer Application.

Note: All positions are initially just volunteer positions. However, users that make considerable contributions are often rewarded and are also given opportunities to attend various live Nintendo, Gaming, and Zelda Dungeon related events. More information available upon request.

Also, if you live in the Chicago metropolitan area, or are willing to relocate, further opportunities are available and you can inquire about them within your application.

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