toon link 1With the release of the second wave of amiibos just right around the corner vendors such as Amazon now have the products available for pre-order as well as Wave three Amiibos including Toon Link, and Shiek. Considering how quickly some of the wave one figures flew off the shelves it would be a good idea to go ahead and pre-order the ones you’re looking forward to. If you want more details on pre-ordering an Amiibo then click the jump to find out.






Nintendo recently stated that certain Amiibos would be hard to find but did not give any details on which amiibos. With that being said it’s a really good idea to take advantage of this option to pre order the ones you want just in case they become hard to find. There are options to ship to a store and pick them up there, or you can have them shipped directly to your home for a little extra charge at certain vendors. So now that you can pre-order your amiibos, are there any figures in wave to that are a must have? Or are you waiting for another character? Comment below!

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