amiibos outThe Amiibos are flying off the shelves so quickly that it’s difficult to find your favorites even on release date. Unfortunately for those who have been pondering whether or not to order any of the wave 3 Amiibos because as of right now GameStop is sold out of them. Find out more after the jump.

The set of Wave 3 Amiibos include Shiek and Toon Link, and if you look at GameStop’s website currently they are unavailable. It is uncertain when or if a new shipment will arrive. Some Amiibos have returned to GameStop’s website after being unavailable for awhile, so it’s possible that you can still pre-order some of them before the release date; however, with wave 3 coming out next month it’s hard to say. So are the Amiibos being bought in the masses or is Nintendo simply not making enough of them? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameStop

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