Hey folks! So during E3 I started a bit of a new series called Zelda Informer Plays. Zelda Informer Plays is a video series that features folks from Zelda Informer playing Zelda games. How original, right? It won’t be a traditional let’s play type of series or even a video walkthrough. Rather it will be clips from the Zelda games we’re playing at the time that show off something we find interesting – be it boss fights, item uses, or just interesting stuff in general. What better way to kick off Zelda Informer Plays than with us playing Breath of the Wild?

Today we’re showing off the Steppe Talus fight, something I commented on previously. My first kill of Steppe Talus I was lead to believe was the first one to happen at E3, even before Treehouse employees took him out later the same day. This isn’t footage of that kill, as the Nintendo rep holding my camera forgot to hit record (seriously, they were so pushy about recording even though we were the only two people that rep was responsible for and we told them point blank we didn’t want advice, just a camera holder), and the second time I used my phone and forgot to turn on airplane mode, so a call interupted the footage two minutes in. Pain in the butt considering that fight was probably my best and favorite encounter with him.

Rather, this footage comes from kill #3, which occurred in Nintendo’s VIP area that we were granted access too on day three. I do overall make the fight look rather easy, but I also figured out all the various mechanics of the fight by this point. It is still a lot of fun even if I have taken most of the challenge out of the fight. Believe me, the first time I fought him definitely felt challenging. Like all things that are hard at first, once you figure it out you can take it down rather easily. Still a really fun fight that I can’t wait to do “for real” when the game releases.