NintendoBlackCrisis has uploaded a video that examines Link’s affection in Breath of the Wild. The YouTuber has presented the idea as a counterpoint to the fact that Zelda has feelings for Link that are present in the game in a number of ways. He argues that while Zelda loves Link, Link may not, in fact, return those feelings of love. The evidence for his argument is rather evenly divided between his non-romantic view of things and the counterargument.

NintendoBlackCrisis does a good job of analyzing what goes on in Breath of the Wild. At first, he brings up the fact that Link, though being protective of Zelda, could just be doing his job as her knight. On the counterpoint, NintendoBlackCrisis notes that Link actually fails in his job to listen to Zelda’s concerns and feelings. He also points out that Link may not remember having feelings for Zelda, but he also points out that Link may remember his feelings for Zelda after regaining his memories.

Ultimately, NintendoBlackCrisis decides that Link’s feelings might be a reflection of how the player interprets the situation between the princess and her knight. Watch the video for yourselves, and, as always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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