With Breath of the Wild out for a few months now, Zelda fans everywhere have already formulated their own opinion on its design, story, setting and of course its characters. Some of these characters have made their way into the hearts of fans and players alike, and have been embedded into Zelda history forever. Of course with a variety of new characters available, numerous fans have already formed their perspective on which characters are the best in the game.

Recently, Dr. Wily has uploaded a video on his channel where he talks about his standpoint on the best characters from Breath of the Wild. In the video above, Dr. Wily describes the NPCs he has chosen and the role they play in the Zelda game. He continues to mention some of the best characteristics these NPCs have and how they are expressed throughout the story of the game. Finally, it comes down to what exactly makes them so memorable to begin with and how we’ll always remember these NPCs for the years to come.

Do you agree with Dr. Wily? Which characters do you think should have been included? Check out the video above and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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