MajorLink is back with another Zelda fan animation. Actually, given its 20 minute run time, the animation is more like an animated short film. MajorLink uses the characters and mission style format of Hyrule Warriors to tell an original story within the Zelda universe.

In this instance, Link teams up with Keaton from Majora’s Mask to defend Kakariko Village from a Moblin invasion led by Volga. MajorLink does a good job of keeping Keaton’s identity a secret, and he also adds more human elements to Link. The viewers are able to see Link be actively afraid for his life, and he seems to detest killing the Moblins.

In the end, Keaton helps Link realize what true courage is. Link goes off on an adventure shortly after his mission, leaving MajorLink with an opportunity to continue the story. Check out the short film above, and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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