Since Breath of the Wild came out, thousands of fans everywhere have come up with amazing cosplays and makeup looks inspired by the new game. One cosplayer has even created something so intricate and outside the box that it perfectly represents what Breath of the Wild is about. This gifted makeup artist known as Alexa Poletti has combined a Link cosplay with Sheikah designs — as seen on the slate and the many shrines around Hyrule — into an astounding look.

During her makeup tutorial video, Poletti provides viewers with excellent instructions and even lists the Zelda clothing she is using in the description. Most of the look uses a variety of color to bring out the essence of the new Zelda game, so there is a variety of products Poletti uses, including some facial rhinestones. In addition, Poletti uses both body paint and liquid lipsticks to achieve her look and encourages viewers to find what works best for them. In addition, much of the makeup used by Poletti are from the NYX cosmetic line which are not only great products but quite affordable as well. Although Poletti’s final result is not a traditional Link cosplay, it is still a remarkable way to spice up one’s look and a great way to stand out at events.

What did you think of the makeup tutorial? Think you might try this out? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share your cosplay looks with us on social media!

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